Bad Way to Start a War, Interesting Way to Start an AGE: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 30

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 29]

A victory was won and the city of Oliver Notes survived the Vagans genocidal attack on the civilian population. However, the defense and organization of the forces is very far from the ideal when Flit Asuno was still commanding the Earth Federation Forces. Now a retiree, he has to be put in his place as he tries to boss his way around, bending the Federation Forces to his will in giving Kio and the AGE 3 Gundam backup support.

You get an obsolete ship (It’s the ancient Diva, fighting another fight), with a captain given a battlefield promotion as a joke/out of spite, and a crew of misfits and losers. This is how you’ll have to fight this war, Flit, and you’re not calling the shots anymore. Good thing the Abis MS Team seems to be filled with able/veteran personnel.

And yes, you got the heir of the Madornas working the AGE System.

This yielded a super gun which should be just under the power level of the Diva’s photon cannon, safe enough to use in the atmosphere. It’s a great touch how long it takes for an MS powerplant, even if it’s a Gundam, to charge such a weapon. Still, it was more than enough to hose the Vagan capital ship. Straight out of cryo-sleep Zeheart loses his first battle, and Kio gets to beat an X-Rounder AND shoot down a Vagan capital ship in his first fight.

How’s that to start a career?

Sure he got lots of help, but this is all according to plan (except the crew and commander of the Diva) as far as Flit is concerned. It’s funny how Zeheart made the mistake of standing in front of his capital ship, making his evasion’s success a lethal mistake at the expense of his ship. This is precisely what gave Asem’s first space battle less than full marks. At some point he put the Diva in danger this way.

Asunos 9999, Galettes 0

Who’s counting anyway? I’m sure the score won’t matter when Zeheart gets reunited with Asem. That’s for later. For now I think I’ll enjoy the story of our young captain forced into this terrible role with the worst of resources in a losing war.


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46 Responses to Bad Way to Start a War, Interesting Way to Start an AGE: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 30

  1. Shining_Bard says:

    You know, if a Shrike Team reference ever appears during this arc I hope they’ll survive.

  2. schneider says:

    A boot on his face, Zinnerman is hilarious. I wish Ramius was in the panel instead of goddamn Fllay, lol.

    What’s interesting to me is that Flit is a retiree, and that people in the military really hate it when civilians give them orders. Good thing Algreus is still on Flit’s side, but I half-expect his support to be strained once they become embroiled in a conflict of interest. And old age has not been kind to Flit’s patience.

    The Gundam is a civilian’s machine again! Oh dear. There’s real potential for Natola (sp?) to grow as a character along with Kio, so you get a double helping of a green Captain and a Gundam pilot. Only that Kio has had a good head start already!

    • senshi says:

      considering that Flit must be in his 60s/70s and the Vagans are still around I don’t blame him for having little patience – since he would be thinking that he could kick the bucket anytime now even during his sleep and he still haven’t achieved his goal.

    • Ramius is too nice to say such stupid nasty shit.

      So it’s Kira and Murrue all over again!

  3. CVPhased says:

    Zinnerman’s face there is as funny as hell, hahaha!

    It seems like the pace for the 3rd generation is quite fast compared to the first and much more to the second (i.e. they’re already hinting the Fortress wear in the preview). But given that they’ll be introducing a lot in this arc (i.e. that pirate-themed group, the vagan gundam, etc), it seems that they’re preparing to cover a lot of ground in this one.

  4. Rusty says:

    The new captain has an unfortunate name (because I’m immature). On top of that, one must feel sorry for her, being thrown into fire like that just to spite Flit.

    I like the new captain of the mobile suit squad! He talks back to the legend Flit Asuno, but with respect and reason. It’s graceful of Flit to back down and hand over control to him in the end. Really classy.

    Why do you have to justify Flit’s belief and confirm to Kio that your side are bad, Zeheart? I cringe a bit when the capital ship fired at the city with abandon. Ah well… At least how the Vagan mobile suit attacks using its tail is lulzy.

  5. squaresphere says:

    I finally caught up in Gundam AGE and I just have to say Kio is pretty freaking baller already. Grandpa Flint has been guiding Kio to his destiny its seems, oh and Flint says THANK YOU LOSER VEGANS FOR ATTACKING THE CIVILIANS. Now Kio has his heart battle ready from the outset (unlike his dad).

    I’ll feel for the new Diva Capt (Notora Einus). While I did feel for the base commander’s predicament of staffing a battleship on short notice, putting a barely qualified officer in charge was a terrible idea. Even if it was for “hah payback”, a bad/insecure battlefield commander is a danger to everyone even their own side.

    Seric Abis… I like him, reminds me of Max Sterling from macross :3

    All in all AGE seems like it’ll wrap up with a bang.

  6. what the hell says:

    god my OH! this generation is gona faceroll


    vegans prepared to be facerolled as diva moves towards HQ.

    30 years left! fuck yea!

  7. reidjou4342 says:

    This episode was terrific. All-in-all I’d say these two episodes here (while feeling slightly rushed [here’s hoping the show’s low ratings won’t result in the show getting cut short like Gundam X was]) are the best intro episodes since the first era’s, and I’m referring specifically to the part where young Flit and Yurin watched the Vagans blow up his home colony after the heroic sacrifice of his mentor. I find several neat things about this episode, so I’ll handle them in a list…because everyone loves to read bulleted lists.

    1. There are several good characters introduced already in this final era.

    Newly minted captain Lt. Commander Natora is a character worthy of her own show (perhaps not a Gundam show, which should always be about mobile suits first and foremost). I like it how she’s completely out of her element and not very good at her job; though this certainly isn’t the best position for her to be placed in or for the Federation to try to fight a war, we, the viewers will get to reap the benefits. I’m very confident that, like Gundam AGE’s other illustrious redheads, Obright and Largann, she’s going to go on to be a person who tries their hardest no matter what. Hard work and guts, people.

    Obright’s back, and he’s going to be as stoic and grim as this show gets. This is the age in which the Genoace, now truly a one-off machine thanks to years and years of upgrades and customizations, will shine. He will have his revenge on the Vagans for taking his fiance all those years ago. I’m confident of it. Will a little more roundedness to his characterization, he too could be worthy of his own story…kinda like Largann had his chance to shine in that one manga side story where he fights the space pirates.

    Seric Abis (Sellick Abyss maybe?) is likely going to shape up into a good mentor for young Kio as someone who isn’t hot-blooded and fanatical like his grandpa. Seric’s a good generational foil to Woolf, who, while a super-cool guy and a capable pilot and later a solid team leader, was not really that much of a consumate professional. Seric, on the other hand, is a man all about business, and his crew of wingmen all seem to be just the same, from the brooding Obright to toughguy Derreck to the motherly Shanalua. Seric’s the kind of mature commander a Gundam show could have always used for a main character but we never got. These are competent people who genuinely care about doing their job and doing it right so that no one gets needlessly hurt. I hope the whole squadron will work together with Kio (and maybe Flit, which brings us to the next point…)

    2. Kio and Flit’s relationship is an interesting one. As others have pointed out, Grandpa basically raised Kio to be the baddest mobile suit pilot he could and built him what looks to be the most powerful of all this show’s Gundams – quite the indicator of our young hero’s skills as an MS driver. I think it’s good that Kio has already shown the resolve to defeat the Vagans, unlike his father’s own gray-area moping due to his best pal being the enemy commander, something that almost got him and others around him killed on several occasions. No, Kio is gung-ho for piloting his Gundam and doing his part to beat the bad guys…only time will tell, of course, if his impressionable young mind, shaped thus far by conditioning from Flit, will change after he experiences the horrors of war (though after seeing the way he totally owned that Vagan capital ship, who knows? He could really be mini-Flit all through the rest of the show) for himself.

    3. I think it’s brilliant that Flit is clearly shown to have a hard time dealing with civilian life. As a kid, everyone looked to him as the “savior” since the Gundam AGE-1 was pretty much the only thing that could take on the Vagan forces. As an adult, he was an esteemed commander of men and machines and an able, driven tactician who also turned the Federation around for what seems to be the better, having rooted out the traitors in the government. I hope he’ll come off his high horse a little bit and accept his new role and I also hope the new crew (lololol) of the Diva will give him some respect since he clearly brings a lot of experience and know-how to the table.

    • 1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves re Natora. Bright was thrust into being a captain (but he was an able one), but more relevant is Murrue Ramius, who was some kind of maintenance worker and became the captain of the Archangel along with the equally reluctant Kira Yamato as the god of the Gundam. It just so happens that the presentation so far in AGE’s 3rd arc is preferable to the more traditional falling into the cockpit and seizing the reins of history schtick in SEED.

      2. Yeah Asem was a child of peace, while Kio not only lost his dad due to a military mission, his town got attacked by alien invaders. He’s not going to be Asem-like at all.

      3. Flit will be far more interesting if he were a crotchety asshole full of himself. Seriously, this would make him a truly transcendent character rather than just the Gundam Jesus pilot lead he currently is.

    • leeboo1211 says:

      Natora is gunna FAIL cuz she can’t do the titty-shake like Murrue when the Archangel gets hit by missiles. Where’s the fanservice? XD

  8. Shining_Bard says:

    Why do I get the feeling the Federation is going to try something stupid like having someone other than Flit co-pilot with Kio at some point?

  9. Turambar says:

    It’s pretty interesting that for how much we assumed Flit will go full Ghiren, the time frame that would have given him the authority to pursue such a plan was lost in the time skip. Now he’s an old retiree who’s gonna have to shoot at his son.

    Also a mini Photon Ring attachment for the Gundam. I totally called it.

  10. In general the Constrast with the Seasoned Pilot(one via videoga..cofcofc Simulation) and other in the battlefield, with a old war veteran as their ‘sensei’ and advison, against a “Ragtag Bunch of Misfits” as crew and a greener than a zaku Captain was a new twist in the narrative… one generation later, comeon, that would have forgivable in the first generation, in the second even, but not now(Natori woyuld have been a good alt Miriala in either generation), and those kids… the ‘three kids'(who come from the original Mobile Suit Gundam), are now even dead weight(unless movie rumors are true), in the first generation of the three would have become a ‘Kazt the man’ but anyway.

    The whole Chapter was in the Shoulders of the Asunos(and a lesser degree Rody and the Mauve Shirts)… and they completly deliver the chapter for us, they save the chapter.

    (Who is feeling a Deathflag for Lagran 3.0?(the one with glasses))

    • Reid says:

      Don’t even say it! Seric is a cool guy! lol don’t you dare put that curse on him!

    • All these new things make AGE rather interesting, I believe. We have a look at the possibility of prolonged war/post war narratives largely absent in singular shows.

    • sadakups says:

      Seric does not give me Largan vibes despite resembling him. Obright is the one that I see death flags on. He has to avenge the wife he never had. 😛

  11. That crew of misfits might just be the perfect crew for the Diva, because “screw orders, we are misfits”, then they proceed to end the war in their own way.

  12. Natora probably woke up late since it was a public holiday thinking she didn’t have to work, dashed out of her house with toast in her mouth when Vagans attacked, picked up some kids from a blown up bridge, got promoted by her boss who hates her, assigned to an antique ship with a crew which can’t work properly, get a talking down from someone’s who’s arguably her peer (and technically a subordinate), receives a verbal smackdown from LEGENDARY WAR HERO Fleet Admiral (Ret.) Flit Asuno, not once, but TWICE, and now she has to bring the ship to Central HQ.


  13. sadakups says:

    Okay, let me get this out of the way, but your banner, man. 😛

    If anything, Flit has been fighting the war for a long time and he still does not want to just sit back and watch everything. The Feddies are definitely making fun out of him by giving him a group of misfits and a newbie captain, not to mention a very old warship. But Flit, being the BAWSS that he is, will definitely show the younger Feddies that he can make shit work. And despite being put in his place, I bet my ass that he won’t give a fuck.

    Abis and his new crew look way better than the former crew Obright had. And I feel bad for Natora. She got promoted, but has to deal with the worst subordinates and a nagging boss. I’d like to see how this new Diva crew will work. All that’s important is that they have the AGE-3. Everything else is moot.

    As for Kio, all I’m going to say is this: YO VIDEO GAMES!!!!!

  14. Luis Simões says:

    This generation continues to be more like victory than ZZ (Maybe Uso should be introduced to the panel?), which is not a bad thing. On the other hand, I predict lots of lulz commentary on the captain’s introduction beyond her name. Seriously, she can take her time, it’s not like there isn’t a WAR being fought right now.

    This Age does seem to have the most diverse cast out of all the others so I eagerly await any character development, although given the execution of the past ages I’m probably going to get disappointed.

    • I’m not terribly interested in the side characters. If they’re to have stories, let them be side stories away from the show. Sure I wanna know about Rackt’s career after Ambat, Largan not so much. Millais and Woolf must’ve rolled in the hay a few times in their youth… all good stuff that I wanna read about/watch elsewhere.

  15. rollover says:


    Jesus Flit, with that kind of attitude, combined with your purges, it’s no wonder you got impeached/removed from the EA command.

    • Reid says:

      I think he just retired. 50 years, give-or-take, is a long time to devote to KILLING ALL THE VAGAN ANIMALS!!! lol but yeah, Flit is Batman in his obsession, Bask Om in his urge to purge, Solid Snake in his B-A old-manliness.

      • squaresphere says:

        Lol I love this comment comparing Flit to Batman. It’s not even THAT FAIR! While there are similarities, Bruce Wayne is still a base line human. Flit is the BEST X-Rounder, and I’m guessing it’s a trait that doesn’t degrade with age. Holly cripes, Flit is the JESUS of gundam and not even in a fake broken way (RENOUCE THE FALSE JESUS YAMAMOTO, ALL PRAISE TO FLIT!)

        Hell Flit Prime would out tech, out resource plan, out command AND out pilot the whole cast of SEED in his off time when he can’t find any Vagans to crush.

      • sadakups says:

        War has changed for Old Flit.


  16. ces06 says:

    Noob captains and ragtag crews are always fun. I get a feeling this arc’s gonna be a lot of fun.

    Natola = Hot+cute. That she keeps a drawing book and crayons in her locker says a lot.

    Even if Flit’s a retired geezer, you’d think they’d have enough common sense to listen to the guy who single-handedly led a reform of the EF.

    Lol’ed at Algreus’s Flitstache.

    Obright’s gone all “guy who lost everything” lol. Now bring back Largan, damn it!

    Pretty good start. Looking for to the desert shenanigans next episode.

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