Live Exercise: AKB0048 Episode 03

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[AKB0048 Episode 02]

Ok, this episode, this show is real dumb… but it’s the right kind of dumb. This episode was genuinely really fun for me. Yes, the girls are as dumb as they look. They actually believed 2 things:

  1. They would be put in a combat situation as child soldiers with the barest of combat training and no live-fire tactical exercises.
  2. They will be fighting combat mecha, as unsupported infantry only armed with AK-47s (0048s) assault rifles.

Seriously. But it should be clear by now, that this is something that any viewer of this show must get past. This is a show that is committed only to present a feel-good spectacle featuring the hopes and dreams of teenage girls. Everything else is just collateral that supports this. It cares little about logic, and even adherence to the tropes it appropriates from other genres or traditions (shounen/shoujo, mecha anime to name three).

Some of you may be like me who need spectacles to follow certain guidelines to remain interesting if not entertaining. Either relax this need now, or drop this show. It will only enrage you. I can get behind a faux sci-fi version of the “friends let’s accomplish our dreams together” story, but that’s me. With that out of the way, let’s talk about some things I personally found interesting.

[NemDiggers] AKB0048 - 03 [720p] [H264 AAC MP4].mp4_snapshot_01.49_[2012.05.16_11.02.18]

Whiners unite. There were a group of girls who protested how they are being required to do combat training, and eventually fight in battles. They are stupid because they should have known that coming in, if they were truly fans of AKB0048. They should at least know that there are parts of the galaxy where the Entertainment Ban isn’t lifted yet and concerts can be raided, posing physical risks to both the band and the fans. They actually thought they could be successors without being able to do everything the current generation does?

Nagisa and co. (except Chieri) are also as ignorant, which is quite unforgivable given how they saw AKB0048 in combat twice. Of course, Nagisa was already shown to buck authority by running away from home and defying her father – she will only be shown to buck the authority in the wrong. She will obey anything the AKB0048 organization tells her at this point.  All this ignorance will be forgiven after the live fire exercise wherein our protagonists will shine the most among their peers.

[NemDiggers] AKB0048 - 03 [720p] [H264 AAC MP4].mp4_snapshot_16.27_[2012.05.16_11.05.06]

This means that the selection process is serious about making cuts. And if I understand correctly, this was the first, final, and only cut. The selection round is over, and these friends who met on the cruise ship (including Sonata who didn’t even pass the preliminary auditions) would now be official understudies.

This also means that the selection is more about friendship powers (or core team values LOL) than it is about talent: combat or performance arts. But like I said, I’m going to relax and not think about this much at all (which I can and did – almost to the ruination of my experience; I am a Human Resources professional after all where competency, talent, and performance evaluation are all part of my tools). These girls will be talented and competent enough after the training they do as understudies.

This training will probably involve a number of silly tasks that don’t seem to directly involve singing, dancing, and combat – as chop saki kung fu flicks (and The Karate Kid) showed us in the post-Bruce Lee era.

I’ll be watching.


Dumb Lacus too dumb to give a rating. No one is rising up to Ranka idol power-levels.

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10 Responses to Live Exercise: AKB0048 Episode 03

  1. Jay says:

    Impressive, Lacus. Like you’re the only one who enjoys this. LOL

  2. r042 says:

    I’m finding this show an interesting experience; on the one hand I’m actually of the mind that a future where popular entertainment has become one with anti-statist activity is interestingly topical and could have been taken further – the idea of cutesy bubblegum pop with subversive lyrics, playing on the idea that idol pop and mass media dumbs down and controls the thought of the population rather than encouraging thought would have been an extension of the weirdness into something more interesting – but at the same time that’s not the intent of the series. As you say it’s really just a “friendship through adversity” story with sci-fi trappings, and I’m quite OK with this – it’s just when considered in light of the Macross series it becomes more interesting.

  3. Myung forgot something, all you had to do to have a concert on a planet is a small ship to display the hologram of the virtual idol, and some robots to protect the ship.

    And seriously? Using AK-47s to protect a AKB0048 concert? Are they trying to make a subtle pun?
    That song that starts the concert is… catchy.

  4. SQA says:

    Best Band-Vehicle-Anime ever. Is there any others in the genre? 🙂

    It’s not intelligent in its characters, but it’s actually pretty well plotted and treats its audience far nicer than it treats the characters. Or, you could think it fairly honest to 13-year old girls that want to be idols: highly perceptive intelligence is going to be a rare thing. Which, for all of the hearts in eyes/hair, might suggest these are the most “normal” middle school aged girls in anime in ages.

    It also dawns on me this might be what would have happened if Kawamori directed K-On. Okay, maybe I should leave that scary thought somewhere else.

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