Can’t Stop Going(when the Truth is out there)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 6

Eureak Seven AO Ao Pilot Face

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 5]

Noblesse oblige: One must act in a fashion that conforms to one’s position, and with the reputation that one has earned.

It’s go time for Ao. He has been going non stop since the Scub Coral burst on Okinawa less a than a week prior. And now, he heads into combat to not only fight the Secret, but save fellow Generation Bleu members as well. Bones throws another fast paced episode our way, and in typical Eureka fashion, we get hit with symbolism and metaphor from every angle. Let’s start with some easy things and work our way from there.

Eureka Seven AO Rebecka

Rebecka is a cold-hearted bitch. And that makes things all the more interesting. She quietly puts Generation Bleu above all else.  We’ve seen a few previous examples, leading to another one yet again in this episode again. The first example is early on when she replaced Elena in doing karaoke with the official on Okinawa. Subtle, but a sacrifice of the pride. The second instance is when the smugglers were brought in front of Generation Bleu’s chief. As Gazelle begins negotiating, and somewhat blackmailing, you see her reach for her gun. The last example come from this episode. She puts rescuing the IFO’s ahead of getting the Goldilocks pilots back to a hospital. Now, I realize since the Triton is the only Bleu vessel in the area, that keeping proprietary technology safe is a priority, but what if one of the girls dies? I think we are going to see a conflict between Rebecka, and the rest of the crew at some point as Christophe Blanc makes his true intentions known.

Eureka Seven AO Chole Ao Hospital

Chloe is mature for being an 11-year-old. She acts as someone who has experienced quite a lot already. But she also acts with an air of Noblesse oblige. As she describes how the attack went against the Secret to Ao, we feel and hear the responsibility in her voice. She acts as some that has earned her role, and has a reputation to uphold. There is a lot of weight on these kids shoulders. But they are still kids. How well will they hold up if the pressure really begins to mount up?

Eureka Seven AO Nirvash Combat Ep 6

Let’s get into a little conjecture for the week. To rehash what we know, Generation Blue combats entities called Secrets. Secrets appear whenever a Scub Coral burst appears. But the secrets from almost from nowhere, as if to just appear. Each secret is a different form or function. They are deadly, but only when something enter’s their visibility zone or attacks them. As far as we know, Secrets run something akin to an instinct, without any sentient action.

And now we have an entity called Truth. Truth takes on four different forms in this episode. Truth is seen creating an instability, disrupting or killing those that are corrupt or seedy. But then we also see Truth momentarily combat the Secret. But what is really fascinating are the eyes; the yellow color, the split pupil. Truth’s fascination and excitement with Ao as he fights and defeats the Secret is almost creepy.

But who and what is Truth? How is Truth related to the Secrets, and conversely, Ao. Truth obviously contains an enormous amount of strength, but what is its goals? Is Truth trying to reveal or expose the Secret? And the attack on Generation Bleu, when in the past Truth had been more subtle, seems odd. Once again, I’m left with a lot of questions with little answers.

Eureka Seven AO Truth

The only thing I can safely say each week is that each episode moves way too quickly. I’m left hanging each time, wondering what is going to happen next.


Lovely stuff this week. I hear people talking about the Secrets being like Evangelion’s angels. Well I’ve called that out since episode 01. They’re like Dai-Guard‘s Heterodynes too. But this episode more than anything, the Secret reminded me of the Anti-Spiral automated weapons that were triggered on Earth in the second half of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Oh well.

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26 Responses to Can’t Stop Going(when the Truth is out there)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 6

  1. ces06 says:

    This episode clinched the show for me.

    In contrast with Rebecka though, you’ve got guys like Bruno and the sunglasses moustached-guy. That guy seems like a nice guy. And this episode establishes the feel of the organization into place. They know what they’re doing, but it doesn’t feel like a strict military organization or something. (Don’t know about the higher-ups though). It’s nice that they really look after the kids. Brings up the question though, why are the pilots kids? You’ve got military LFO’s that probably are piloted by adults.

    The new color scheme really looks better than the last one.

    Truth was way too out there at this time in the show, for me. I agree that the pacing’s a bit too fast. IMO, they should have put in a few more episodes to establish what Generation Bleu is, more Secret-fighting, and some worldbuilding here and there. They’ve got an interesting thing going on with the political tension between nations and how Generation Bleu fits in all of it, not exploring it seems like a waste.

    • SQA says:

      On the IFO issue, the Military-spec ones are quite a lot smaller. If we take E7 TV setup, the bigger the mecha, the more “mental strain” it causes. It’s possible that, in a NGE like setup, they need to use children to pilot them. GenBleu doesn’t seem like the type of organization that would use child pilots if they didn’t have a choice in the matter. (Though the point should probably be more clearly explained)

      Going by Naru in the OP and the pictures, we seem to be assuming the GenBleu base is going to survive. We might actually be getting a mass slaughter + base relocation story arc. Which might explain the lack of development on certain points. When you’re about to blow up the entire organization, explaining it all in detail is kind of wasting time.

      Oh, and Norb could do the exploding thing that Truth has done. So, it isn’t actually out of canon. Though it was one of those “DAMNNNN!” moments.

      • JoeAnimated says:

        Maybe it’s the destruction of the Gen Bleu home that triggers changes in the organization, leading it down a dark path. As for Child pilots, that’s just an anime meme that seems to exist in all mecha series (*cough gundam*)

      • SQA says:

        Because of the Canon from the first series and the way human brain physiology changes around age 13, you could construct a “realistic” scenario for why their IFOs have to be piloted by children.

        Yeah, it’s more trope, but in this one situation, they do have the ability to make the argument that it’s necessary. Though it’s “necessary” here for plot reasons. Though it would appear GenBleu isn’t the happiest about that.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      I think like any organization, you have a range of personalities. I just think that eventually, we’ll find that Rebecka will turn cold to the crew of the Triton, and go crazy with the leader of Gen Bleu. As for the pacing and exposition, lots of frustration to go around for everyone.

      • ces06 says:

        Range of personalities sure, but as for the organization itself, it’s just different. With child pilots especially, there’s a huge difference between this and any other robot anime. Take AGE, where everyone seems okay with Flit and Kio putting themselves on the line. The show’s first acknowledgement of “hey, he maybe a pilot but he’s still a kid” comes from Shanalua, and the show’s already into it’s 3rd arc by then. I just find the difference interesting.

  2. SQA says:

    Thanks for tossing up this post, as this is a point that you all should love around here:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but with using the “exploding arms attack”, has the Nirvash (between E7 & AO) displayed all of the Buster Machine 1’s attacks? Even got the pose in E7 TV Ep 50.

    Seems like a topic of discussion that would be liked around here. 🙂

  3. sadakups says:

    I died seeing Shinji’s creamy hand in the panel.

  4. megaroad1 says:

    Was very happy with this episode until the shape-shifters apparently true form appeared (generic silver haired shounen villain) and he came up with a cheeeeesy name like Truth (only basketball players call themselves that And it seems that next episode we’re about to get a bucketfull of him. However he might also be the only one who can actually reveal what is going on and what the Secrets are.

  5. Tenryu says:

    the timeline is corrupted and Truth is here to correct it. At least that’s what i got from his lines.

    • bumphgb says:

      Sounds about right to me, Eureka came back in time to stop the scub from taking over the Earth and Truth is here to stop that from happening. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we had a good guy/ bad guy switcheroo at some point because of this.

      • JoeAnimated says:

        So you’re thinking that we have gone back in time to when the scub first arrived, the 10,000 some odd years before the orignal? Possible, should be interesting should that be the case.

        • Tenryu says:

          That or we are seeing one of many worlds inside the Scub Coral

        • bumphgb says:

          It kind of feels that way, leaves it open for them to have a darker ending if it turns out they cant stop the coral or an emotional one if they do stop it meaning Eureka and Renton never meet in the future.

  6. reidjou4342 says:

    Shinji Ikari is a disgusting M-Fer. I don’t think Char would stoop to his level.

    • SQA says:

      Well, isn’t Asuka in Char’s age range?

      • reidjou4342 says:

        Age is irrelevant in this case, as Asuka, as a capital B b*tch, ought to be beneath consideration for any guy, regardless of his age or the relative age difference, barring some kind of major attitude adjustment on her part. I think Char gets a bad rap as far as the pedo jokes go. I mean, he was 19 in Mobile Suit Gundam and Lalah Suhn was what? 15? 16? Most US states (to say nothing of other countries) have “Romeo and Juliet” clauses in their legal statutes that prevent a consensual relationship between people in that age range from being considered a sex offense. My own sister dated a guy who was 19 when she was 16 and it wasn’t that big of a deal, even for my super strict parents. I don’t even think Char and Lalah did the deed, and Haman Karn shouldn’t even be taken into account because it’s never been explicitly stated what went on between her and Char in between the time of First Gundam and Zeta Gundam. For all we know she could have been madly infatuated with him, a handsome war hero, and all that. The Char pedobear jokes are funny, but I don’t really see how there’s any “proof” to back it up.

        • zetatrain says:

          I’m pretty sure the whole “Char is a pedobear” is, for the most part, a joke, though that’s just my take on it. And your right, Lala was either 16 or 17 though I thought Char was in his early 20s during the OYW. If anything Char’s relationship with Haman prior to the events of Zeta Gundam would give him a worse rep than his relationship with Lala.

          Come to think of it, wouldn’t Char be considered a Ephebophilia instead of a pedophilia? Pedophilia goes up to age 14 and Ephebophila ranges from 15-19 though I’m sure there are different definitions and interpretations of the two words.

          • Yes, Char as a lolicon is something I pretty much treat as a joke. I like the joke because I think Char is the most fascinating character in all anime. This just makes him more interesting.

      • zetatrain says:

        Well Asuka is 14 yrs old if I remember correctly so I guess so.

  7. Shining_Bard says:

    I’d like to say Ao/Truth will be the Dominic/Anemone of this series, but Truth would probably have to be a girl for that to happen.

    • SQA says:

      I’m not sure Truth is rocking a gender. Either that or it’s one of the best trap/reverse trap characters every.

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