Bizarre Drool Triangle-Mysterious Girlfriend Episode 7

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe Tilted Head

[Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 6]

Balancing time spent with the person you’re dating can be a sensitive thing. When you first start dating someone, there is that euphoria of something fresh and new. You want to spend a little more time with each other as you begin to explore things about each other. But, what happens when you other people being to intrude on that time? They may not necessarily be rivals of the heart, but they are definitely competition for that special time. In the case of Tsubaki and Urabe, this scenario leads to situations that are anything but normal.

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Oka Interested Look

The latest MGX post at Lost in America brings up a good point. In this series, who really is the Mysterious Girlfriend? While it’s easy to respond “Urabe”, Oka is definitely just as interesting of a character. Since her introduction, every episode brings surprises on how open she is about her relationship and the things she does, with almost no feeling of embarrassment. This attitude comes into contrast with Urabe, who makes attempts to be flirty and seductive, but is held back at times by her own self-awareness.  Through Oka’s assertiveness, we are able to gain insight into Urabe’s feelings and thoughts. And when Oka share’s her experiences with Ueno, she influences Urabe and Tsubaki’s relationship. With Oka, we get a catalyst for relationship growth. If not for Oka’s prodding, you may see Urabe and Tsubaki’s relationship fall flat before it has ever really started.

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Track Team Invite

Oka’s defining moment this week comes as a dilemma falls into Urabe’s lap. As we’ve all seen to this point, Urabe is talented athletically. How could she not be and still be a panty-scissor machine. This week’s main plot focuses around Urabe, and because of her athletic talent, being asked to join the track team. While she flat-out refuses, Tsubaki, like any good boyfriend, encourages her to use her talent. But this puts her in a tight spot. If she joins track, she can’t walk Tsubaki home every night and do their routine.  And this too make’s Tsubaki sad. But all it takes is one little comment to put things in perspective for Urabe. With a comment not once, but twice of “Your golden legs may be Tsubaki-kun’s…”, Oka has helped Urabe make her decision.

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Oka Admiring Urabe Legs

Is it wrong to be possessive of your special someone’s time? The desire to want to spend your free time with the person who’s captured your heart can be strong. But in the case of Urabe and Tsubaki, who would you guess has it stronger. Up until now, It was always Tsubaki is was outwardly emotional, always trying to find ways to spend time with her. But with Oka’s influence, we are starting to see a completely different Urabe. One that is more open to showing just how she feels. And In the end, she’s shows Tsubaki just how she feels. She affirms to him that her legs are his alone, and she is more that happy to let him have them.

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Shoe Locker URabe Thigh

What makes this anime, and the manga as well, is that as abnormal as it is, it really isn’t. We have a normal relationship between a boy and a girl, who are just starting to feel one another out, and learn about their desires in this relationship. We have their friends, who may or may not be giving  the best advice. So while you’re thinking that show may be one of the weirdest on right now, keep in mind that it may be more normal than you think.

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6 Responses to Bizarre Drool Triangle-Mysterious Girlfriend Episode 7

  1. Tzu says:

    Something we may have left slide is the lack of technology in the series, judging by the camera and the trains, the series seems to be placed around the 80’s or 90’s (someone please correct me, I come from a third world country…), why do I bring this up? well, nowadays most teenagers are connected almost every second to their significant other through either cell phone or the internet, however for both Tsubaki and Urabe that brief walk from school is truly the only time of the day they can be a couple. They can’t talk in class or in recess, so if they loose that walk their relationship would be in serious danger. Points up for Urabe for noticing the importance of it.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      There is definitely an emphasis on going old school with this story. All aspects of their relationship has to be done in person. You can’t share your status on Facebook :). And how both Urabe and Tsubaki work to make their time count is where we’ll see some great moments

      • animekritik says:

        One of the neat things about the show seems to be this interplay between crazy absurd stuff and utterly normal, mundane life. The writer has really done a great job balancing the two!

  2. reidjou4342 says:

    With that one remark about the “golden legs” of our heroine, I believe you’ve now won me over, Mr. Joe. lol I am a sucker for such fine things as a lady with nice legs, so it looks like I’ve now little choice but to watch Mysterious Girlfriend X. If I do end up devoting time to it, this will be the busiest anime-watching season of my life, as I’ll be balancing four ongoing shows: Gundam AGE (GODLY), Accel World (FREAKIN’ SWEEEEEET [Kamen Rider meets Summer Wars meets Digimon]), Eureka Seven (beautiful to look at; makes me want to finish the original), and Zettman (better idea than Guyver? possibly…)

  3. lvlln says:

    The contradictions of this show makes it a fascinating watch. In some (many) ways it’s utterly bizarre, but, as you say, it’s a very normal show. In fact, the way the relationship between our 2 leads develop feels more normal than most other anime out there.

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