Kio’s Howl To The Earth Was Fierce But Tamed, and This Saves The Federation: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 33


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 32]

I approached this episode anticipating a rage-induced warpath from Kio after the death of Shanalua. I wasn’t mistaken but the key thing here is how his aggression was restrained, and notably not by Flit, but by his unit commander Abis. We know Kio was going to be an incredible fighter, but this episode showed us how he can be a good soldier. Never mind the tremendous latent powers, and the X-Rounder skills that detected the plasma bomb. The takeaway here is how Kio can function well under command and deliver results.

The thing that makes this even more notable is what Kio had to be restrained from doing.


He was so close from destroying Zeheart Galette, or at least his mobile suit evoking Char’s Z’Gokk. That duel between the AGE 3 Fortress and the Wrozzo is one of the best I’ve seen. It was fast, exciting, and brutal. Mind you I’ve just come from watching Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode Five from the theater, and while the duel in this episode can never match the animation quality of the OVA, it gave just as good in terms of choreography and intensity. Maybe Gundam AGE doesn’t get enough credit for its duels, because they’re really pedestrian for long stretches. But in a set-piece like this one, it was very good.

Kio did win, as the Wrozzo fell apart after the AGE-3 Fortress pulled out. And yes, it still had enough juice to go around hunting for the plasma bomb and throwing it where it can explode without damaging the Federation HQ.

Yes, it’s not lost on me at all at how this battle was the Zeonic assault on Jaburo, where Char in his Z’Gokk fought Amuro in the Gundam. I’m also glad at how this episode did not pull out the stops at all, bringing out the flamingos. There was a lot of love remembered here. And yes, “God lies in the details.”


Next episode, PIRATES!

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51 Responses to Kio’s Howl To The Earth Was Fierce But Tamed, and This Saves The Federation: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 33

  1. Shinmarizu says:

    A positive, constructive comment from Char? *looks outside, no apocalypse*
    More evidence that Kio’s arc is the best arc of AGE. I need next Sunday to be NOW.

  2. senshi says:

    I think the take away piece of this episode is at the end where the purple twin tail hair chick shows that might not turn out to be a heroine in distress character which she looked from the OP alone. Her remark about how much a man Zeheart is has got some hints of either Harman or Katejina seeping through, if she turns out to be the Harman/Katejina of AGE (considering Kio arc has lots of homeage to ZZ and Victory) it would be freaking awesome.

    Also Flit was pretty awesome this episode too, he keeps dancing between a cold-ass bastard who only worries about getting shit done and a person who indeed cares about those around him, him giving the moe captain a lift in confidence and the huge for Kio at the end was interesting (especially after the hug for comfort he basically told Kio to suck it up). Flit just has so many layers and personality to him, I think he’s going to rank amongst my top 5 favourite Gundam protagonist ever.

    • Blacknoah says:

      It helps that her voice actress has voiced a well known Tsundere who has the hots for men older than her.

      Haman’s legacy is in good hands.

    • I don’t have much to work with, with regards to the new character. I never thought she’d be a heroine in distress though.

      Flit is awesome. Here’s my list of my favorite Gundam characters right now:

      1. Char Aznable
      2. Flit Asuno
      3. Jerid Mesa
      4. Haman Karn
      5. Bright Noa (biggest climber)
      6. Mineva Zabi
      7. Anavel Gato
      8. Bernie Wiseman
      9. Four Murasame
      10. Kamille Bidan

      Only Kamille shows up as a lead pilot (aside from Flit). Sorry Amuro. Good job Flit from taking the 2-spot from Jerid.

      • Reid says:

        oh boy oh boy oh boy I love lists (except that favorite anime series one I never finished…). Of note: there are no female characters on this list, because Gundam is not a show that cares about women very much. The ones it does have are either fodder for the Grim Reaper that is Plot Considerations or just plain old bee-hatches.
        1. Char Aznable – Such gigantic potential to do lasting good squandered by giving into to pettiness. Flawless victory.
        2. Flit Asuno – Best granddad ever. Stands up for what he believes in. Competent in all circumstances. Great pilot. Helpful. Caring (in his own way). All this in the shell of a hate-filled, ultimately vengeful person. Flawless victory.
        3. Harry Ord – Trustworthy above all else and a very honorable, respectable guy. Also a pimp with stupid glasses and a dumb-looking robot that nevertheless kicks major arse. Flawless victory.
        4. Anavel Gato – Patriotic zeal given human form. The living, breathing Lost Cause. We’ll just pretend that whole thing with Nina never happened…doesn’t matter anyway.
        5. I’m holding out this place for Riddhe Marcenas. I think he has the potential to amaze me with a spectacular failure as a human being.
        6. Kamille Bidan – The only Gundam character other than Char and Shiro Amada I ever really, really cared about in the sense that I want them to be happy. I like to believe that the movies’ version of his story is the real one. Also, this does away with the ZZ Abomination, so that’s always a plus.
        7.Norris Packard – How do you steal a show based on a single shining moment of awesome in which you die at the end? Ask this guy. He’s too down-to-earth to ever exclaim “This is no Zaku, boy!” even though he easily could have, which says a lot about him.
        8. Chibodee Crocket – AMERICA F*** YEAH. He’s silly, I know, but I love boxing, western movies and hanging out with hawt women, and so does Chibodee. He’s my efil4aggin.
        9. Obright Lorraine – He hasn’t done a dang thing in a while, but I can’t help but feel like he’s going to, and soon. He’s the Boba Fett of Gundam AGE. And I love Boba Fett. “God of possibility” indeed…
        10. Zechs Merquise – He’s a Char-lite, but I have to remember love for my roots.
        9. C

        • Reid says:

          lol I have no idea what happened with that last “9. C” so please disregard it entirely.

        • Haman Karn is not a plain old bitch. She is one of the greatest characters ever — made fascinating because of how she was ruined by her own show.

          Aina Sahalin is badass, never forget this.

          Riddhe over Jerid? C’mon!

          • Reid says:

            I did not forget about Aina. She is indeed an amazing woman. I also like Emma Sheen and Rain of G Gundam fame. And you’re right, Haman is not a plain old bitch, but she is dastardly…and her hair is awful.


          • Reid says:

            lol so now I know what really gets at you, Ghost! Har har har…in all honesty, the hair jab was a low blow. It’s more like when snotty girls will say “she’s ugly/she’s fat/she’s a slut” when some other chick looks better than them. It was a petty thing to say on my part…but seeing as I’m feeling petty today I’ll continue to hate on poor Haman.

  3. mechafan2040 says:

    Well judgeing from the intro the purple haired Quess girl will pilot the Vegan Gundam(what ever it will be called)

    • senshi says:

      Please don’t let her be based on Quess D:

      • mechafan2040 says:

        Well if Yurin was part Four and Lala. Then Fram will more than likely be a mixture of Quess and Rosamia. And they better come up with a really,really,really good explation of why Asemu joined up with the pirates.

        • senshi says:

          I don’t see any Four in Yurin – she was pure Lala.

          Fram doesn’t look like Quess nor Rosamia, from the dialogue she doesn’t give off any psychotic or bratty vibe right now despite her appearance, if anything she looks more like Sarah right now – reeking confidence of one graduated freshly from an elite school with top score and eager to prove her worth on the battlefield for the first time, but I’m hoping more Haman or Katejina in the end so that she doesn’t turn out to be such a joke like Sarah.

    • 2. Forms a love triangle with Kio and Wendy.
      3. FLIT KILLS HER.
      4. Gundam AGE becomes the best anime of all time.

  4. ces06 says:

    Natola is so moe. Flit was great. Kio was great.

    What perfect timing to suddenly increase the production values. The fight against Zeheart, the mobile suits, the flying flamingoes, the inner parts of the base, not to mention the awesome scenery and explosion porn.

    And speaking of details, I flipped when Zeheart’s Wrozzo punched a hole through that MS.

    That’s love, right there.

    I swear, the only thing that’s missing here is an awesome insert song like Ai Senshi.

    Overall, an awesome episode.

  5. Dat face when Fram realizes that Zeheart isn’t into little girls, or into women in general.


    • Laziness says:

      LOL, he’s a Char all but in loli loving ;D
      Arguably, that’s all Char has going for him in the personality department :O

    • sadakups says:

      Zeheart isn’t into little girls or women in general… HE WANTS THAT ASEM ASS.

      Seriously though, some shit’s gonna happen with him and that girl.

  6. sadakups says:

    Damn, that was a sick episode. Kio is being set-up to be the strongest X-Rounder. Not to mention he is a better soldier than his father was, considering that Kio did not have to endure the bullshit Asem had. Also, Kio had the better support team with Seric’s crew. Of course, there’s a lot he’ll have to endure.

    Now, when Algreus mentioned that the AGE-1 Flat is still around, imagine the smile on my face. I KNEW Flit is not done piloting that 60+-year-old relic and still kick ass with it (and die with it later). And of course, that Asuno Gundam triad fighting the Vagans needs to fucking happen.

    Oh Zeheart. I feel bad for this guy. He definitely needs Asem to step his game up. He almost got fucking creamed by his kid.

    Oh yes, I’ve been waiting for them pirates. I won’t be surprised to find out who pilots *that* Gundam.

  7. We got Flit as a leader in the Diva, Asemu better come back soon and teach his son how to be a SUPER PILOT, then we get Kio as a SUPER X-ROUNDER PILOT. Those vagans won’t know what hit them.

  8. does that mean Kincaid will be on the panel next week?

  9. Matt Wells says:

    So wait, they’re doing Crossbone Gundam with Asem as Seabrook? YESSSS… I need to catch up with this show like yesterday.

  10. CVPhased says:

    Haha! Personally. I found it difficult to watch this episode of AGE without the blatant quality comparison as I’ve also watched Unicorn #5 in the theater Sunday morning, but I digress.

    Zeheart is starting to become the loser villain of the series (though not on the Jerid-level), makes you wonder why Ezelcant picked him to lead the assault. And that talk with Algreus about the AGE system getting Feddie support seems to reinforce this theory of a mass-produced AGE-3 (i.e.

    • Man, Sunday was made of Gundam awesomeness. Unicorn in the morning and AGE in the evening. Perfect.

      Mmmmm… mass production…

    • Rusty says:

      re: Zeheart, I think it’s also necessary to ask why Ezelcant chooses him of all people to execute that questionable tactics (leaving the Feds some time to detect the bombs). Probably because he’s blind enough to carry it out thoroughly, disregarding practicality and all. That also means he’s always the target for criticisms for failure as the episode shows though.

  11. widGet says:

    Ghostlightning – you are a great blogger dude, keep it up 🙂

  12. Rusty says:

    I tipped my hat in respect of your productivity. I’ll have to catch up with Unicorn to appreciate your posts on it.

    With regards to the latest episode of AGE, yes, it was satisfying. Besides the fighting eye candies, I thought it was a nice touch that Kio puts all the blame of the Shanalua incident on the Vagans that they exploited her weakness. It really shows how young he was.

    • AGE is pretty easy to write about, especially now that I’ve got a rhythm to my routine: watch show streaming, write immediately after. The whole experience takes about an hour from my Sunday afternoon.

      Having been writing about Gundam for years helps a good deal I think (99 posts over 3 years).

      Great observation on Kio blaming the Vagans. It’ll be a great conflict with what I assume to be a sympathetic stance from Asem and then Flit being Flit.

  13. Reid says:

    Even though there have been many many more “super robot” Gundams than there have been truly “real robot” Gundams, I think the Age-3 really takes the cake as the one to have nailed the super aesthetic the best. I knew it for sure when I realized in this episode how much in-fighting it does without beam sabres. That’s a Gundam first…or second, if you count Amuro punching the bejeezus out of Char’s Sazabi. Overall, though, this episode was darn good. A lot of things keep on being terrific and very little sucks about Gundam AGE. I don’t understand the poor ratings in Japan.

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