I’ll Make Drool to You-Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 8

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Tsubaki Smelling Bed   [Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 7]

Where you are at in a relationship with your significant other is never static. Things are always moving forward, whether for better or worse. And as the relationship changes, so do the people in it. As for Urabe and Tsubaki, they have been in a holding pattern, learning about each other in a slowly and steadily. What this relationship need was a good kick to get it moving a little faster. And what better than a quick steal to ‘second base.’

At some point in any relationship, things will get intimate. But with these two, things are a bit different. They have already be emotionally intimate on a level most people can never reach. They impart to each other’s their emotions so vividly that, at times, they don’t need words. But what they haven’t achieved yet is a level of physical intimacy. There is not experience of touching that other person in sexual way. This becomes all to apparent with look into Tsubaki’s dreams. He has a vivid dream of touching Urabe’s boob. As with any guy, a dream that real leave’s him a little bit  blue balled with pent-up sexual frustration. Now, the fantasies of men of lead to more trouble throughout history than can be recorded in books. And Tsubaki is not immune to the dangers of his own.

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X  Tsubaki Urabe Getting Close

A chance to get closer comes when Tsubaki end’s up alone with Urabe in her bedroom. From my own personal experience, being alone, with your girlfriend, in her bedroom, in an empty house, was always good for advancing through the bases. And these two get caught up in the same situation. The situation rapidly progresses to a point where Urabe is startled into Tsubaki’s arms.  Seizing his opportunity, he reaches to see just how accurate his dream his. As he begins to move his hand to see just what she feels like, Urabe darts to his feet and brings the scissors to bear. But as he explains himself, switches from angry to agreeable, and the entire situation flips on its head.

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe Scissor down the barrelSince their relationship began, Urabe has been quietly hinting that Tsubaki take charge more often. There have been a number of times where if he would have just step up, he would have got what he wanted. And this time is no  different. She gives him what he wants, first exchanging the feeling of touching her with a drool exchange, and then just letting him touch directly. The situation just overwhelms Tsubaki,  and as his hormones take over, he pushes Urabe backwards to the floor, and begins to lick her ear. At first she resists, but in the end it’s obvious she enjoys it. There emotions overwhelm them, and as Tsubaki leans in for a kiss, he misunderstands her pleasure for pain. And runs apologetically from the situation.

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe on floor

So as this situation resolves itself, we see the two of them reach a new level of both physical, and emotional intimacy. We see that Urabe, does in fact, want to be caressed, hug, and even kissed. We see Tsubaki take a small measure of control in this relationship, by taking charge, and also expressing his desire to keep Urabe from harm. I at the point with this show where the directing is taking way too many small steps like this. Since the format has been to jump around, and combine, manga chapters, I think we’re ready for a multi episode arc, maybe involving a certain cameo character we’ve already been introduced to. The relationship has proven is solidity, lets put it to the test. And as there is no guarantee of more than 1 season (much to my dismay), this show really needs to go out with a bang.

Nazo no Kanojo Mysterious Girlfriend X Steamy Oka

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4 Responses to I’ll Make Drool to You-Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 8

  1. animekritik says:

    I loved this episode. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if it kept this pace till the end, though of course it’d be tragic if they didn’t green light a second season. My sense right now is that 2nd season will be green-lit though 🙂

    • JoeAnimated says:

      I think this show will hit it’s pace right as the season ends. It would be a shame to not have a second season, especially since it would be the right time for one of the better arcs from the manga

    • Tzu says:

      I guess it depends on how well this is going in japan, if the blogosphere is a good measure, at least in the rest of the world it’s doing great. I have not read the manga but the pacing and ordering of events has been pretty good so far from my point of view.

  2. Reid says:

    That poor guy! That whole situation really sucks for the time being, but I think the two of ’em will come around and make things work out.

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