I’ll Show You(But You Knew I’d Do That)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 8

Eureka Seven AO Fleur AO Walking Proudly

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 7]

Truth has left, and life at Generation Bleu is returning to normal. Much to the frustration of Ao, they wont be chasing after him to find Naru, and figure out what Truth really is. Thankfully this week, the writing and directing decided to keep th focus narrow. And interestingly enough, we get to see just how our young pilots family’s, and especially their fathers, play into who they are and why they do what they do.

As a result of Ao trying to run off to find Naru, he get’s himself in a little bit of hot water. While being chastised, President Blanc comes down for a personal visit. While determining Ao’s punishment, he refers to Ao as one of his children. This brings a surprised look on Ao’s face, as well as a bit of jealousy and frustration from Fleur. As we know nothing about Ao’s father, what would this mean to him to have another pseudo father figure in his life, along with Ivica?

Eureka Seven AO Ao Getting Punished

In the meantime, the team is ordered to the Middle East to destroy a secret and deactivate a Scub Coral. As politics delay their attempt at stopping the secret, Fleur and Ao get some time to talk family. Here, we learn a little something about the each of them and their relationships to the their fathers. As expected, Fleur’s relationship is strained. And more than just because she’s the president’s daughter. When she was young, her father had to choose between saving her, and the wife/mother. And he chose to save Fleur. As is the typical meme, Fleur is upset that he did save her mother. Honestly, as sad as I would be, I’d be happy to be alive. As for Ao, he hates his father. What? So does he actually know his father? and why no mention or picture of him to this point?

Eureka Seven AO Fleur Ao Talk Fathers

What I’ve seen building until now, with this episode reinforcing it, is a strong sense of family, and family bonds. There is a constant struggle between the ‘children’, and their parents. We have Gazelle and his dad at odds, Fleur rebelling, Ao with a hatred of his, and people like Ivica and President Blanc acting as pseudo parent. It will be interesting to see where this theme of family will go.

Eureka Seven AO Fleur Ao Laughing Together

As strong as the family theme was, let’s look at the Secret this week. Every week, I keep getting this Evangelion vibe every time a secret comes crashing through the scenery, looking for a Scub Coral burst. But the one interesting fact they through out at us this week is that the Scub Coral bursts, and secrets, have existed for hundreds of years. And, not every secret is unique each time. This weeks secret was first spotted in the 1700’s. So what are they? How long have the cycle of burst and Secret taken place? And if fusion blast follows when a Secret reaches a burst, what is the world landscape like after all this time?

Eureka Seven AO Swan SecretEureka Seven AO Past Swan Secret


LOL lightning and geopolitics aside, I enjoyed how these kids found their “victory” over their fathers. Still, where the fuck is Renton? I sure wish he’s not in some weird Adroc space or some shit.

[Eureka seveN Astral Ocean References]

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12 Responses to I’ll Show You(But You Knew I’d Do That)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 8

  1. sadakups says:

    I just find it funny that the Secrets have been around in this universe for centuries and it only took them until the current timeline to do something about them. I mean, if they were supposed to screw up the world, they could have done it long ago since the technology to fight them probably did not exist yet.

    Just to screw things up, what if we find out that Renton and Eureka are with Truth and the Secrets? And that the Secrets aren’t meant to be destroyed and are actually doing the right thing for the world? Sounds horribly farfetched, but just imagine Ao’s reaction if something along these lines became true.

    • SQA says:

      We’re not sure the Scub Coral and the Bursts have been happening that long. Those might be only in the last 30-80 years. The Secrets might be something more akin to Ball Lightning in the AO world. A real but rare phenomenon that just isn’t understood. But when the Scub Coral showed up, the Secrets appear to have suddenly become inter-dimensional moths to them.

      • Tenryu says:

        every watched Doctor Who ‘the girl in the fireplace’?

      • JoeAnimated says:

        True, we don’t know if there is a direct relationship between the two. But if the timeline is accurate in this show, the ‘current’ year is 2025. The last time that swan like scub coral was seen was 1752 in that timeline. It at least means that something has been happening for almost 300 years or more.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      Someone pointed out on the Lost in Anime blog that the year referenced in this episode for the previous observation was the same year that Ben Franklin made his electricity discovery. There is definitly something going on with the secrets, and who knows, we could end up teaming with them by the end of this show

      • ZabiLegacy says:

        Really, with a name like “the secrets” it would be weird if they weren’t at the center of a bizarre conspiracy

  2. megaroad1 says:

    Ao seems to have moved on from a kidnapped Naru to Fleur (now without the -san at the end of her name) quite easily.

    And I get the feeling that sooner rather than later, some big player is going to come in and take the Nirvash away from Generation Blue.

  3. JoeAnimated says:

    Fleur has something for Gazelle, so even if Ao is interested, I don’t think she wants anything like that with him. The conflict over ownership of the Nirvash should make for some good stuff later.

    • Myst says:

      I can’t help but wish that wasn’t the case and that Fleur and Ao would end up at the end of the series. They have great chemistry together and it would be a nice change of pace. That said, if Ao and Naru are going to end up together (which the show has been pointing towards) then I am absolutely okay with Fleur having no interest in Ao. The last thing I want to see is Fleur become yet another third-wheel. She’s better off just staying good friends with Ao.

  4. foshizzel says:

    Interesting episode and I couldn’t help but laugh when Ao’s plan to steal the Nirvosh fell through! Usually these things happen and everyone is left to watch, but not this time! Besides this isn’t a Gundam series and not every main character can do as they want.

    At least we had some team bounding with Fleur and Ao I know at the start those two characters were kind of cold to each other and I was shocked that Elena didn’t play the jealous card! Because you know they could have easily thrown that in…then again Elena seems to be fine on her own not a clingy girl ahahah

    Lightning monster was like lul wut? I always laugh when they reveal the various secret designs and yes it has a huge EVA feel to each monster of the week and this one was lol-paper-crane-monster.

  5. squaresphere says:

    Yurika said it best. Though I think Fleur and Ao have different cases. Fleu is faux hate, I’m sure her mom TOLD the president to save their daughter because I’m sure most mothers would say that. Ao, well his dad was apparently never around so that’s completely legit hate.

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