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[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 33]

I think pirates are cool, even fake pirates like the Crossbone Vanguard and the Bisidians here… at least on paper. I never did get into Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam though, and am highly ambivalent now with how things are turning out with Gundam AGE. I haven’t made up my mind at all about it, but I’m glad that there are many episodes to make sense of this… because I don’t get it.

So Captain Ash(em) SahalinAsuno is the expy for Seabrook Arno/Kincaid Nau while Kio will get to play Tobia Arronax (what a bunch of fucking Gundam names). Um, yay? I think half of the fans of Crossbone are like “fuck yeah Pirate Gundam finally animated,” and the other half are like “fuck this now Crossbone Gundam is never going to get an anime.”

I got no dog in this fight. I don’t hate Crossbone, but I’m no fan either. I do have some questions that I want the story to answer sooner than later.


Why piracy? Especially why target the Federation? Why would Asem who distinguished himself serving the Feds start attacking them? Were all those attacks recruitment drives? They took the soldiers, pilots, crew from their lives and families to join the Bisidians? After all, that’s what happened to Asem! Or did they kill them? Flit said forces disappear never to return. Why would Asem participate in this kind of thing?

Did the Federation turn into the Titans under Algreus? How much and how far? Was Oliver Notes so insulated from such developments? Who are the Bisidians really fighting against? What kind of relationship do they have with the Vagans?

These questions wouldn’t bother me so much if the the three-way battle was actually any good. Sure, it was Kio’s first sortie into space, but it was such a big regression. Suddenly he’s the least skilled pilot among the Asunos judging by their first sorties into space with Asem having the best showing. Sure, Kio had to fight an ace immediately… and it was a super pilot after all, but he should’ve acquitted himself better. Also, the animation and choreography were both ass.

  1. Flit’s first sortie into space became more the debut of the AGE system, and he wasn’t fighting anyone special.
  2. Asem’s first sortie into space featured Zeheart’s soldiers, which featured at least one skilled pilot in a non-grunt MS.

Kio had to fight a super pilot, and then a team of veteran Vagan pilots, shooting down at least one (three?). The challenge per generation did escalate. Still, Kio looked like a n00b. Instead of using dynamic movements, he adopted a fixed gunnery position and got strafed, and Yazan’d/Hammarabi’d before Capt. Ash rescued him. So much for Shanalua’s lessons!

Interesting though, Flit recognizes Asem immediately. I can only wonder how he didn’t take out a mobile suit himself and whip his prodigal son. I suppose he has had a lot of time to think about this, and he’s built up a healthy respect for Asem and his choices. He didn’t second-guess him immediately, and at the same time figured out that Kio wasn’t in mortal danger against the Black Pirate Gundam.

Back to Ash. They were going to plunder the Diva for the AGE System, but having discovered that Flit, Kio, and the rest of the crew weren’t weaklings, he’d let them be. Now how about that? I’m back to questioning what the hell they’re up to. I guess I’ll find out over the next few episodes.


In other news, Natora Einus is still a mess, but Tomino’s wig she is goddamn cute. Also, Wootbit talks to the Gundam.

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33 Responses to Mobile Space Pirate Gundam AGE 34

  1. sadakups says:

    Just like you, I have a lot of questions as to why Ashem (yes, I’m calling him that) became what he is in this episode. If his words are to be believed, Bisidian are after those Feddies who are linked with the Vagans. However, the only explanation I can give as to why Ashem attacked the Diva was just to troll his father and son, and show us the he’s still a SUPER PILOT. That’s all there is to it. Otherwise, let the show explain Bisidian’s actions, because obviously, one episode ain’t enough to do it.

    If this was Flit from 25 years ago, he’ll definitely would have went out and kicked his son’s ass for joining the pirates. However, being an old fart that he is, he probably downloaded the situation in his head and left everything to Kio, except that he never thought Kio would degrade after being so badass in the last episode. It’s more of a plot device so that Asem saves him, just like what happened, and so that Flit’s revelation to him about the pirate leader being his father would make sense to him. How Kio is going to take it is something I’d like to see.

  2. Inky says:

    I’ll admit I’m one of the fans going HELL YEAH SPACE PIRATES, but I think this episode was mainly an establishing/reveal piece for Asemu than a serious battle. It wasn’t really about Kio, it was about the reveal of this new faction–and Asemu definitely owes his son, his (absentee from the show from now on I’m sure) wife, and his dad a huge explanation. Although that doesn’t make sloppy battling/pacing/etc less frustrating.

    Explanations, not excuses… although Kio’s troubles could probably be explained by not just having to fight in zero-G for the first time, but doing so in weird space fog against someone who left a weird signature in his X-Rounder senses–he was distracted by trying to figure out who was in the pirate suit. And set-up or not, it was really nice to see the blatant repeat of the rescue from episode 26, only with Asemu coming out the winner. He’s finally surpassed his mentor, just like Woolf wanted him to.

    I’m sort of on the fence about Natora. On the one hand, it’d be unrealistic to have her grow a whole spine overnight, on the other, it is kind of frustrating to watch her. I don’t think she’s going to be totally overshadowed by Flit the way that Millais was, though. Hopefully she’ll get to shine more on her own once Flit gets back into the AGE-1 and she has the bridge to herself.

    • I keep forgetting how poor Millais was completely overshadowed, her command completely rendered next to irrelevant because Flit was in the Diva. We loved Flit being in command, but really that screwed Millais’ time in the sun.

      • Inky says:

        “I keep forgetting” is a good way to sum it up. She had a couple of episodes where she got to be a total boss and then Flit got on the bridge and she basically was just his chauffeur for the rest of Gen 2. Just because she didn’t have a vengeance bug like Grodek doesn’t mean she can’t be an interesting captain…

        Although with Natora, Grandpa Flit seems to be nudging her, letting her do things on her own, and restricting his interference to when there’s something critical she doesn’t know how to do yet (like herding the Vagans between the Abis squad and the pirates), so I’m more hopeful.

  3. rollover says:

    Ashem did stick a letter in a bottle and shot it at the AGE 3. Perhaps time for exposition?

  4. Lokey says:

    I’m split on this one. I’m one of the ones waiting for a Crossbone anime, as I’m a huge fan of the manga. However, being a massive Captain Harlock fan, I will like space pirates by default, at least until the pirates in question show they suck. Now these ones will either be awesome, or make my soul hurt.

  5. what the hell says:

    Captain ASH did say that he only attacked ships with only known support for martians. AKA: flint’s master plan worked out way too fucking well and ended up backfiring a bit.

    that aside, Crossbone Vanguards started as the force of push for an monarchy type utopia within the earth sphere. however due to many internal betrayals, the utopia never came to pass, and the vanguards died out when the leadership role transfered to the redhead (you know who i’m talking about… right?) who turned over the power to the people. the vanguards was revived before the events of crossbone gundam to oppose the jupiter empire because the federation has taken a /idontgiveafuck role and because the redhead can’t take the shit anymore. via under the table deals with SNRI, they came under command of a ship that uses the wings of light as sails (mother vanguard), and several F97 series (Crossbones). using the front of space pirates, they recruited skilled pilots who were willing to fight for a few coins, and set out against the jovan.

    they are heroes. thats why its so fucking cool.

  6. Gamer2002 says:

    You didn’t pay attention? 😛
    Asem said they were targeting only Feds that were in Vagan’s pocket, he was doing this same thing what Flit, but outside of law.
    There is also that thing about treasure, but for now it is mystery.

    It is really funny what this episode implies. Asem wants to test if Flit is still worthy of AGE System. Asem says that trying to reform Federation isn’t good enough even if he was more hardcore about it than Flit. Asem is in this same situation that killed Woolf, but he is too good to be killed. Flit has no clue what is in head of his son.
    Flit is getting old and now his son causes him headache. It doesn’t help that Asem has now the worst part of Woolf’s personality – his first gen attitude “fighting is cool and leave it if you are not cool enough”.
    Speaking of Woolf
    This episode is so funny.

    And about Kio’s first sortie in space – Flit still had problems and needed Yurin. Not to mention Flit and Asem lived in colony, while Kio lived on Earth and isn’t used to 0G.

    And Zeheart starts gaining points again. He pulled out Treize’s memory, but it really fits him.

    • I haven’t rewatched, but I really must’ve missed this.

      I’m not sure I agree with you re the reasons for Ash attacking the Diva… but maybe the subtitles lose something one way or another. I expect this to clear up later on.

      Also, LOLOLOL that image.

      • what the hell says:

        they bullshitted by saying that captain super pirate is testing the diva— i think he’s just bored tbhimo.

  7. MARVELOUS says:

    now is a 3 way fued oh yea this keep really JUMP THE SHARKS.



    • Inky says:

      Uh, I’m not saying this show is perfect (far from), but being PG-ish is not one of its flaws. Considering we just had our fifth or so character dead with blood streaming from multiple wounds in 32, people being blasted into dust in Olivernotes, a guy being knifed in the kidneys back in episode 24…

      I mean, there are lots of legitimate criticisms to be made about characterization, lost plot threads, and pacing, but it’s sure not airbrushed for the kiddies.

      • Don’t bother with him, He’s a well-known SEED fan and Chantal Strand Stalker, D-KLAC

      • AQUAMAN says:

        OUTRAGEOUS give really probs of PG-age gundam

        1.lack of characters timing, focus, develop, etc to lead WE HARDLY KNEW YE.’s too rush most characters are put on a bus we never seen them again.
        3.give all hype & voice cast it’s all for ratings stunts for filler characters.
        4.3 sets idea really is BOMB not to watch.

        it’s long list i knew IF stay GS era formula it would work well.

        but instead yea PG-age is like wcw fingerpoke to watch yea well wearing bag mask for watch PG-age.


        • sadakups says:

          Man, give me some of that weed you were taking when you wrote that.

          • CAPTAIN MAR-KLAC_VELOUS says:

            how dare yee give i don’t do weed nor smoke, nor drink, nor drugs, etc cause i’m clean focus & besides really that i speak the truth why PG-age gundam is like a BOMB to watch.

            besides really from characters designs, lack of characters develop-focus, mis-treatment on women gundam characters, PG-rated, etc.

            cause this all for little jimmy besides cause when PG-age experiment is over yea either

            1.bring back era of GS series
   gundam series tv main lead gundam pilot be a WOMAN

            besides especially the time is called for must have a WOMAN TO LEAD GUNDAM SERIES TV NEXT ERA.


    • what the hell says:


      • what the hell says:

        but seriously, seed sucked so hard. your the worst troll ever. AGE actually has the elements of gundams in it and people like me, who have seen the old gundams will see little bits of homeage in every episode. it is so beautiful.


  8. Tzu says:

    I was totally waiting for the “I am your father” line, one does not simply waste a chance to use that line…

    how is it that asemu concluded they were not weaklings? they really took a beating and barely fought back, that goes for kyo too, he only took a pair of grunts by x rounder luck

  9. Turambar says:

    “Why piracy? Especially why target the Federation? Why would Asem who distinguished himself serving the Feds start attacking them? Were all those attacks recruitment drives? They took the soldiers, pilots, crew from their lives and families to join the Bisidians? After all, that’s what happened to Asem! Or did they kill them? Flit said forces disappear never to return. Why would Asem participate in this kind of thing?”

    Well, the episode did answer those questions. Asem was attacking and destroying federation forces that were cooperating with the Vagans. Basically, either Flit’s purge didn’t actually work that well, or the federation has really poor loyalty requirements when recruiting. The better question though is why he had to go to those lengths when he had the ear of the supreme commander of the Federation at the time. Was Flit’s authority that limited by bureaucracy? Even if he couldn’t depend on his father, why hide his intentions from him?

    • Yeah, better questions I suppose!

    • Inky says:

      I think the “corrupt Federation” plot thread has been one of the things in AGE that has been the most weakly handled… it’s like it’s important, and then it’s not, there are secret police who are bad and scary but don’t do much at all to restrict the Diva’s first crew, and then Flit fixed it but now it’s broken again?

      I think there needs to be a fuller explanation of what happened after Flit’s coup and then what happened after he retired from the military–did the Federation officials jump right back into bed with Ezelcant once he took off the uniform or what?

  10. dxd-school says:

    hmm boo & yet how post blah to insult me cause i speak the truth yet really don’t drink PG-age koolaid


  11. ZabiLegacy says:

    When I read CB I really got the impression that this was just his way of never getting the oppertunity to actually really make F91 Gundam in a substantial way, and just that he wanted to play around more with the setting and cast. Sort of what a full series fun with the concept could have become. It might have even been the first good post U.C. 100 series in the franchise. Real shame.

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