A Loving Portrayal of The Hater: AKB0048 Episode 06

[EveTaku] AKB0048 - 06 (1280x720 x264 AAC)[4878D502].mkv_snapshot_18.18_[2012.06.06_07.59.36]

[AKB0048 Episode 05]

Orine, who proclaimed that she intended to succeed Sachiko, becomes the target of hate mail – an interesting dynamic previously unexplored in idol anime that I’ve seen. While I know there were attacks on Ranka’s website, catty conversation about Sheryl, stalkers and psychopaths for Mima, but there are no straight-up, uncomplicated haters. Orine makes for an ideal subject as far as the narrative goes, because she has easily established points of sympathy: earnestness and being an orphan. She quit high school to work in a machine factory and got by through the kindness of acquaintances who pool their leftovers so she has something to eat.

She gets hate mail from a Sachiko fanboy and he was well, hateful. But since this is a feel-good show…

[EveTaku] AKB0048 - 06 (1280x720 x264 AAC)[4878D502].mkv_snapshot_19.09_[2012.06.06_08.02.50][EveTaku] AKB0048 - 06 (1280x720 x264 AAC)[4878D502].mkv_snapshot_19.23_[2012.06.06_08.03.13]These are not haters. They're otaku who are basically expys of Zentraedi

[The above images are not of haters. They’re militant otaku. Basically, expys of Zentraedi LOL. They have practical combat variable itasha fighters. OMFG]

His reasons for hating is because he is attached to Sachiko. His behavior is the otaku hyperbolic version of fanboys in general who spew hate on sequels and remakes. People refuse to accept the performances of new entertainers (writers, directors, actors, singers) alongside the material of the original, as if the new material diminishes it.

In anime, I welcome remakes, retellings, rebuilds, and the like. I don’t think they all succeed. Obviously some fail, and fail spectacularly. But I like the idea of them – primarily because many of the shows I enjoy are old and were produced using crude methods, with many limitations (budget, time, etc.). These works would benefit from new animation. I love the Berserk anime and manga, and am looking forward to watching the recent production – knowing full well that it may fail in a big way. If it does, it’s unfortunate. I’m not one to act like Orine’s hater.

But I don’t hate him, and Orine finds a way to go beyond fear and hate – but also incorporate his feedback into something useful, for her to improve her own craft. This is both touching and special. All of us who submit a performance – whether it’s work output at the office, a blog post, a piece of music, etc. are in some way at the mercy of the beholder. Feedback is feedback, we just need to distinguish and discern what’s important.


…Because there are haters, who are just gonna hate you know.

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33 Responses to A Loving Portrayal of The Hater: AKB0048 Episode 06

  1. bluemist says:

    Haven’t seen the episode yet, but just want to lol with the “bitches don’t know” meme you got there.

  2. schneider says:

    Oh God this panel is Class S+ level of fail…

    I want an itasha mech. How the hell do these wota get such potent weaponry? AKB0048 may have enough military might to engage DES in open combat!

    • These wota are Zentrans I tell you! Kaifun hates them all, even when they’re civilians.

    • r042 says:

      Have you seen Macross 7? Basara has a custom painted VF19 just sort of chilling in an alleyway, no questions asked. It even has a Guitar Hero controller in the cockpit and fires sound systems.

      • schneider says:

        Oh, I LOVE Macross 7. Basara’s case is a little different, he’s got backing, but these people are just fans who decided to shelve money to FIGHT alongside their idols. It’s much more insane.

  3. Laziness says:

    LOLOL I agree. How does an otaku manage to get his hands on a fully functional variable fighter AND paint it so well? Must be one rich fan. Plus, face palm to Ranka and OTL to Kira.

  4. Jay says:

    To the Getter Team, NO U. Nice humorous production, by the way. @schneider-HiME hime: agree.

    Also, why Ranka’s shirt is beyona her size? Is she that fat?

  5. Xard says:

    The greatest episode. Loved every minute of it. While Orine in this episode was really lovely what left the strongest impression on me was Chieri in bikini and in combat. She finished that that mech like a boss and all wotas with dat wink.

    Well okay, to be perfectly honest she finished on second place after the fuckawesome wotaku militia. Itasha mechas + lightsaber glowsticks used as itano circus oh god, fuck being jedi, I want to join these guys.

    Anyway, this show is prime example just how much good execution matters. Whole idea and basic conceits of show are ridiculous but they’re executed well and girls’s story is portrayed with genuine heart and care in a way that makes me want to put AKB0048 into shoujo genre down to occasionally melodramatic emotionalism (just how much crying there was in this show again?). Tellingly there isn’t much fanservice either (this episode’s bikini montage was promoing AKB48’s *just* released new single, PV of which does feature bikini action a plenty, so even it has more rationale behind it than just swimsuit fanservice).

    His reasons for hating is because he is attached to Sachiko. His behavior is the otaku hyperbolic version of fanboys in general who spew hate on sequels and remakes. People refuse to accept the performances of new entertainers (writers, directors, actors, singers) alongside the material of the original, as if the new material diminishes it.

    There’s much truth to this, even though if you visit anti-threads on 2ch one quickly comes to realize a lot of it is far more mean-spirited and let’s say *uncostructive* than the anti in this episode was. Still, anti feelings are also often motivated by love for something else so it definetly isn’t entirely unrealistic portrayal. I like the way the episode tackled the anti phenomenom pretty much all idols and seiyuus need to deal with to some extent. I remember reading through some Megumi Nakajima and Kana Hanazawa anti-threads out of curiosity and they’re honestly terrible places.

    Anyway, because this anti episode’s anti is clearly based on the kind of anti-person antis that swarm over 2ch and the like I wasn’t really thinking about fanboy hatred for sequels and remakes and such in general but much more specifically hatred for characters. Rei vs Asuka is eternal theme though I guess internal bitching in IdolM@ster threads would be more fitting.

    Though not very surprisingly the thing I’m first and foremost reminded of is the huge Sheryl vs Ranka shitstorm which was as much fueled by fan devotion to either character as by any other factor. That they’re idols and in many regards were pitched as competitors for audience favour made this development pretty much inevitable. For me experience has proven again and again that the most vitriolic bashers tended to be huge fanboys of the other girl.

    Or to take a current example the occasionally overflowing and burning hatred for Mikono is as much fueled by the collective suffering of Zessicafags as by anything else.

    and the Berserk is pretty bad, unfortunately. Terrible pacing, terrible CG, needed more running time etc.

    I still ate it up like the desperate Berserk fan I am.

    • LOL them Zentrans.

      One reason I watch anime is for the blatant subject/premise/setting that I can never find elsewhere. Others seem to want anime to be acceptable by asking for more traditional or mainstream fare (BUT WITH AN EDGE! wwwww). Nope, not me. I like my robots, and robots fighting idols, and all sorts of ridiculousness. And yes, when it’s executed like this it’s very easy to enjoy.

      Oh man, I can only say “poor Zessicafags” … that girl can’t buy a fucking break wwwwwww

      I watched Berserk movie. I can’t say it’s bad, but maybe because I ate all that shit up.

      • Xard says:

        It’s weird, I’ve always felt something of a close kinship with Rankafag lolicon Zentraedi but my feelings towards the otaku cohorts of awesome feel like another step closer to oblivion…

        I too embrace when it, uhh, goes far out. I don’t care if it’s done in “highbrow” (Utena film’s architecture and lolsymbolism) or “lowbrow” (simply fun shows based on really wacky premises) style, one reason I watch anime is precisely to see stuff that would be difficult if not downright impossible to pull off in any other medium.

        Speaking of Zessica, I must admit I was a bit disappointed you didn’t really pick up EVOL in blogging sense since I think series has had great content for discussion. Then again I don’t even know if you’ve liked it lol. As for me I’ve enjoyed it and its INSANE levels of Kawamori generally speaking a great deal. Wrote yesterday fucklong, tl;dr summary of my thoughts on the series both positive and negative. In case you’re interested: http://tinyurl.com/evol91

        Another, more relevant, link to share: http://evetaku.com/blog/2012/05/akb0048-glossary/

        It’s EvaTaku’s translation of AKB0048 glossary! Some nifty information there.

        To finish this post here’s some Kawamori swag http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/3845/kawamoriaqualionswag.jpg

  6. Reid says:

    Nice stealth jab at the Getter faithful, Ghost. I lol’d.

    By the way, I finished Holyland yesterday – HOLY CRAP. You gonna blog about the comic?

    • Stealth? Stealth is for dweebs. Oh, right.

      I’m still pissed off by what I felt was a needlessly fucked up ending. I loved everything up until that. Fucking waste.

      • reidjou4342 says:

        In what way do you feel like it was effed up, ghost? I felt like it was rushed, sure, but not necessarily ruined.

  7. dliessmgg says:

    I wanted to like that hater, but then he turned out to be a tsundere fake kiddie who don’t know how to hate properly. Akibaranger did itasha mechas long before this show. And glowstick missiles? How do they have space for explosives in there when they have to glow? Or is it uranium? Think of the poor dolphins!

    Psh, why do I even watch this show.

  8. benigmatica says:

    If you’re being hated for being bad, then prove to them who’s bad! Good thing Orine has the soul to save that SOB hater, otherwise she would just dump that bastard at the enemy and die.

    And BTW, will Akimoto ever consider making MNL48 since Sayaka Akimoto (no relation to Mr. Yasushi Akimoto) is a Filipino? He already bring the AKB48 in Jakarta, Indonesia, so why not!

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