Laplace’s Box? No, The Cursed Treasure is More Like The Black History: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 35

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 35 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_12.27_[2012.06.11_06.19.41]

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 34]

This was one hell of an episode. I’m going to get to the good stuff soon enough, but I need to get past some really annoying things first: The battle is terribly done. Now, I’m not expecting incredible animation from this show, but I certainly expect better than G1 Transformers/G.I. Joe – level firefights. What I mean by this is back in the 1980’s, these shows portrayed battles with lots of shooting and explosions going on but with zero casualties. Transformers was actually worse because no one ever hit anybody. This was roasted quite well by Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt a few years ago:

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This episode the Vagan attacked the Diva in a pincer maneuver, involving 2 capital ships and close to 30 mobile suits. THEY COULDN’T HIT A DAMN THING. Sure Kio’s Gundam AGE-3 got hit by some weird weapon (I’LL GET TO YOU LATER) but seriously 4 grunt suits can’t get hit seriously damaged without by all that concentrated fire? Redshirt plot-armor, I thought I’d never see the day.

Next, I was SO EXCITED to see the new funnels. And then I saw the CHEAPEST LOOKING FUNNELS EVAR. Fucking shit, they weren’t even drawn as funnels. They were just glowing bits of light that shot ineffective beams. This is the worst. Why did they even bother? Sure I like how they chased the AGE-3 Viper around – that looked kind of cool, but still they weren’t even drawn as machines. Terrible showing.

Lastly, while I’m still happy that there weren’t any hugging in space, I’m disturbed by how physical attacks still prove very effective – no, I shouldn’t say effective; they actually land as hits because their damage is nil but they look cool when they hit. Hello Char kicks, Epyon tail whips, etc. Gundams can dodge beam sabers and swarms of bit laserbeams BUT NEVER KICKS AND TAILS. Also, that fat mobile suit took forever to fire that super beam that apparently got the AGE 3 Viper… drama I suppose.

/Rant over.

This is actually a pretty awesome episode, that battle notwithstanding. So much happened here that I can’t even go through all of them. I’ll take on two general things: The Asem Family history and the Diva/Federation… and then the Cursed Treasure. I love how the whole family thing plays out here. So many good, quiet moments between the different characters.

As always, I love Flit’s less-guarded moments – though he pretty much told Abis to mind his own business in the end, I love how he said he wanted Emily to know Asem was alive. I like how stark Kio’s childishness is compared to the rest of the crew, but never in a way that is childish for the sake of pointing out his age – and being annoying about it. Yunoa being solid around him was really nice; of course she wanted to see Asem again as well. The best scene of the episode however, belonged to Obright.

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Kio told Obright that he didn’t have to use a mop to clean the Diva; these things are automated now. But it’s the effort of human hands that makes the connection human. Obright told Kio that he fought alongside Asem, and that the Diva (implying all the Asuno pilots) was his family. He wanted to make the place clean for when they come back. Like a ton of bricks we remember Obright’s failed love, and we see a man that didn’t resign himself to misery. He gave whatever love he had left in the service of the Federation, making his comrades the family he couldn’t start outside of the service.

Part of me wishes Obright was there when they listened to Asem’s message. The content is almost straight out of Turn A Gundam. Before the current Vagan wars there was a big Colony war. The current war, despite the technological developments in the the Gundam and some other new suits, is actually incredibly retarded in terms of weapons development. By retarded I mean slow, not the way it’s commonly used to describe Gundam fans. We know this because The Diva is what, 50 years old? The Gundam AGE-1 is the same age or older. The battles are fought the same way as it has been since Flit was a kid.


Now supposedly, there’s a secret cache of weapons technology from the previous war before they sealed all that destructive capability. Now it becomes a fetch quest race between Zeheart and Flit, with Asem searching independently. The war becomes an adventure, and I like it! This makes the lone capital ship in the big war type of story easier to swallow, without sacrificing significance to the whole thing. Let Algreus deal with the big campaign. The Asunos will SAIL FOR TREASURE!


I guess it’s too much to ask these retards to actually talk about the show.

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55 Responses to Laplace’s Box? No, The Cursed Treasure is More Like The Black History: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 35

  1. schneider says:

    “By retarded I mean slow, not the way it’s commonly used to describe Gundam fans.”

    I love this. We’re horrible people.

    Obright is THE MAN. I thought he became grimdark and all, being incredibly gruff the few times he managed to speak until now, but he’s actually a cool guy. Really awesome. The Asuno family drama is great, too.

    Uh, and the AGE-3 Orbital (or is it Viper? I’m sure I saw Orbital in the subs) fires weird boomerang-shaped projectiles… what. Zeheart and Kio is still a poor matchup.

    • This comments section is starting to get filled with assholes. I have no tolerance for their kind and they know they’re being assholes so I give them no excuse and no quarter.

      Obright is very much part of the Asuno family drama. His scene is what brings all of it home. The Diva is his home, and by extension… all the Asunos find their home in the Diva.

      Orbital it is.

      Zeheart vs. Kio is still poor, but we’ll see more next episode.

      • Reid says:

        I knew my man would have a return to some glory, though I never thought it would come like this: a quiet moment showing his courage rather than a brilliant battlefield performance. That’s the real strength of a man’s convictions – just to face another day without fear.

        • This is NOT glory. I know your panties are wet for this dude but c’mon. It’s a great scene for a peripheral character, but it sucks when fags inflate the value of the character itself.

          • Reid says:

            You’re too cruel, sir. Please don’t confuse obvious hyperbole for…oh who am I kidding?! I want Obright’s babies.

  2. Laziness says:

    I didn’t really like the Orbital’s long cannon effect either. It looks even less powerful than the standard DODS rifle – yet it manages to never miss grunt units and seems to act like a homing laser (a new AGE of beam smart guns?). Cough*

    Anyways, the panel never seems to be able to say anything constructive or relevant.

    • It bends like a boomerang but only when it’s really close to its target — the beam that’s fired I mean. Wut.

      Funnels are relevant. This is Gundam, the only topic where funnels are relevant.

  3. Blacknoah says:


  4. Inky says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was reminded of the Black History when Asemu revealed what the evil treasure was. (If they find schematics for Nether Gundam or Fuun Saiki, I swear…)

    I thought the family stuff in this episode was really well-done. This was the first time that Kio really stood up to his granddad and refused to go along with his thinking, and unlike that time Asemu did, this actually made Flit stop and think that maybe the “I have no son” approach wasn’t the right thing to do after all. It would have been nice to see how Yunoa took the news when she first heard it, too… it’s refreshing to see that she’s just happy about her brother not being dead, but considering how close they seemed I would have liked the OMG moment. Still the acknowledgement of all the Asunos, even the ones not in the episode, was good and helped to make it more real.

    And I loved that little moment with Obright too. HE SMILED! HE CAN SMILE! I love the Diva’s Gen 3 crew, I really do.

    Curious to see what happens to Kio in the next episode, though… judging by the title, maybe he’s going to be spending a little time with the Vagans. I wonder what’s going to come out of that encounter?

    • Fin Funnels, the Dendrobium, the Sazabi, the Kshatriya…

      Yunoa is being strong for Kio. If she was being Flit’s daughter then she’d give us that reaction. But her scene was with Kio, and she’s being the adult.

      Kio with the Vagans will lead to an even more bitter Zeheart, poor guy.

  5. Shinmarizu says:

    Two things:
    1) Obright. He was awesome in this episode.
    2) The panel. I agree wholeheartedly.

  6. anon says:

    for the funnels, visualization of first encounter with Elmeth funnels almost equal to this episode….

    in advance, AGE already have funnels in Farsia (and its drawn well) when Flit still a boy, so there is a chance for them to develop more, just like beam rotor in Victory Gundam that make no sense at all..
    Maybe since its size so small, you can only see its thruster light?

    • anon says:

      and about the all-the-bullet-miss-target battle, 00 did the same things… maybe worse… there’s billion of explosion in the background, but Ptolomeus and the Gundams didn’t get a scratch until the plot said so….

      and I don’t like it too 😦

    • Yes, the first encounter with funnels with Gundam did not show the actual bits. It wasn’t until the Gundam fought with the Elmeth that we saw what was firing the beams remotely.

      I don’t get why they’d make these funnels this way; now, when they did show the Farsia’s funnels ages ago. Weird.

  7. At first when they mention the Psychocomm- I mean, X-Transmitter, I thought “Cool!”, but when I saw what passed for bits, I raged…

    Also Obright, he never left the Diva, did he?

  8. If they plugged in the EXA-DB into the AGE System, both the Federation and the Vagans are screwed.

  9. CVPhased says:

    Obright is complete anti-thesis of Shinn Asuka, instead of moping (no pun intended) around carrying a pink cellphone, Obright lives on and expands his definition of the family, while carrying a pink mop… he is awesome.

    As for the X-Transmitter, I personally think that it’s more of controlled beams rather than controlled funnels (unless I’m completely wrong based on how I understood the whole deal). It’s like balls of beams are deployed upon activation but are only fired when controlled by Zeheart.

    Totally agreeing on the whole Black History vibe that the “Cursed Treasure” is giving… I’m hoping that we get more material (and gunpla) to expound on this subject (or I guess that’s the purpose of the Gundam AGE EXA-LOG side story).

  10. sadakups says:

    Man, I do agree that the battle was rather bad, considering that I was expecting the debut of the AGE-3 Orbital to be just as awesome as the AGE-3 Fortress. Goddamn, that was the worst concept for funnel technology in a Gundam show ever. They did not even try coming up with something creative. And yes, I like that I wasn’t the only one who asked the question why Kio was able to dodge everything else except that Epyon-like tail whip thing and that he just watched that beam thing hit him. I mean, if they’re doing a dramatic effect on it, it fails.

    I don’t know what to think about the introduction of the EXA-DB. The war now shifts to a fetch quest for the first to get their hands on it. I bet my ass on it that the Vagans will get it first, only for the Gundam triad to fuck them all.

    Speaking of which, here we go again with the un-subtlety of the show. I won’t be surprised if the AGE-1 gets captured, and as the OP suggests, it’s part of the Vagan crew now. I just wish Flit won’t go down that easily.

    • I don’t want to think about the next episode yet, but I do wish the fighting in space gets much better. I took a day off today and rewatched 4 Gundam movies in a row (the original movie trilogy, then Char’s Counterattack). I remembered what good space battles looked like.

      I’m not done. I did all that to get in the mood to rewatch all of Unicorn. Yesssss.

    • Turambar says:

      Hopefully, the AGE-1 gets captured with Flit aboard, and we finally get a nice conversation between Flit and Elzacount.

      • Reid says:

        Ezelcant: Come, Earther; see for yourself. From here, you will witness the final destruction of the Federation and the end of your insignificant civilization.
        Flit: If that’s true then I’ll soon be dead…and you with me.
        Ezelcant: [laughing] Perhaps you refer to the emminent attack of your “fleet?” Yes, I assure you, we are quite safe from your pirate friends here.
        Flit: Your overconfidence is your weakness.
        Ezelcant: Your faith in your friends is yours.
        Flit: Never, you VAGAN ANIMAL. I believe in an oath sworn in COURAGE!
        Ezelcant: This isn’t that kind of show, despite all appearances to the contrary, you dope.

  11. Jexams says:

    I’ll be honest, the Obright scene made me tear up a bit. I got flashbacks of him watching whatsherface die. Also, Zeheart’s bits made me think of the weird bendy lasers that appeared in Gundam 00 S2 by the whiny blonde girl who shouldn’t be allowed to be in space.

    Marida: Why can I imagine you actually saying that with a serious tone… orz

    Full Frontal: I’m fairly certain that picking up lolis is anymore fine as you get older but keep up the good work.

  12. Dono says:

    Age had original gundam (1st GEN plot + age 1 design, black tri star clone, trio kids)
    Age had stardust memory (Wolf Eneacle appearance episode)
    Age had Z gundam (age 2 design looks similar to Z Gundam, the jerid clone, Flit glasses = bask ohm glasses, mobile suit championship)
    Age had ZZ gundam (age 3 design looks similar to ZZ Gundam, possibly haman clone?)
    Age had Unicorn (Debris field battlefield scene + Exa DB)
    Age had F91 and Crossbone (Ashebook + Crossbone X – Age 2 )
    Age had Victory (Kio = Uso)
    Age had Wing gundam (Gundam FX similar to gundam wing)
    Age had G Gundam (Sid = Dark Gundam)
    Age had Turn A (Exa DB history)
    Age had Gundam Seed (Flit GEN 2,3 = Patrick Zala, Kio Zehart relationship)
    Age had Gundam Seed Destiny (Flit Gen 1 late episode = shin asuka)
    Age had Gundam 00 (Age 3 orbital had similar design like reborns gundam)
    Age even had Rave Master lol (Ract Elfamel = Shuda)

    so only left Gundam X, 0080 and Stardust memory 🙂

    • Dono says:

      forget i thing
      it even had Kamen Rider (Rider Kick in GEN 2 episode lol)

      • Reid says:

        Don’t forget 08th MS Team. It’d be cool to see how grunt pilots in this universe fight without help from super-powered Gundams. It would have a very War of the World’s feeling, I bet.

    • Zeheart infiltrating the colony to try to steal/destroy the Gundam in G2… basically the mission of the Cyclops Team in 0080 War in the Pocket
      Asem x Romary x Zeheart… basically 0083 Carrot Memories (yes Asem had to be told to eat his carrots)

  13. ces06 says:

    I too thought Obright became this suicidal, no longer fearing death pilot guy that’s okay with throwing his life away in battle. Looks like he’s okay. I teared up a little inside though, him cleaning the floors like glasses girl was a bit sad.

    I like where stuff is going. As for the EXA-DB, well, what’s the one thing that’s been able to cook up technology that exceeds that of the Vagans? IT ALL MAKES SENSE. I’ll be damned if the EXA-DB doesn’t turn out to be the AGE Device, or at has a portion of it.

  14. Rusty says:

    Yes, all aboard the pirate ship hunting for the cursed treasure. It gives a fairly good explanation of the tech gap between the Feds and the Vagans, but I am beginning to suspect that Ezelcant is some sort of vampire. He must be near a hundred years old in the present arc, and doesn’t look like he will kick the bucket soon. He’s also borderline omniscient. But since my prediction has been mostly off for AGE, maybe the Feds will get lucky and Ezelcant dies of old age, leaving a power vacuum and chaos within the Vagans.

  15. rollover says:

    The EXA-DB is the AGE System.

  16. banagherlinks says:

    Blah…. I’m beginning to like this show again XD I’m not that kind of perfectionist in terms of the details of real robot anime but this one…… Errrr….. How do I put this? Never mind, I still love this season. What makes it better is after my marathon on Age I *gulp* completing my journey on Universal Century. And I kinda feel that sigh of relief that I watched ZZ first haha

    KABABAYAN!!!!! Taga Bataan po ako kaw?????

  17. reidjou4342 says:

    Zeheart’s bits reminded me of the “Force” weapons from the R-Type games in that they never really leave the general vicinity of the Ghirarga. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t dumb though. EXA DB is the Dark History indeed – and “Sid” the un, self-repairing mobile weapon that guards it? Sounds like Devil Gundam to me. This show really IS the sequel or prequel of Turn A (herp derp).

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