AKB0048 Episode 07 And The Soul of Succession

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[AKB0048 Episode 06]

Every week I end up being a happy viewer. Is it only because my expectations for this show are so low that each episode can’t help but exceed them? It can’t be this anymore, not after seven episodes. What I love about the episode this week is the bridging between generations – rivalry, competition, succession, and graduation. There’s a bitterness to it, which I really appreciate.

It’s not just the lip-service kind of bitterness too, the way the episode is handled. It actually ends on a bitter note, which is good for such a saccharine show overall. Graduation was never really discussed, and it isn’t really discussed here, but there’s a context for it now and it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

[EveTaku] AKB0048 - 07 (1280x720 x264 AAC)[9E9DF876].mkv_snapshot_17.00_[2012.06.12_05.13.42]

I used to think (snarkily) that graduation meant that the idol/successor couldn’t hack it anymore. She had grown too old, too slow, too fat, too unremarkable, etc. In this episode the current Takamina is at the very height of her powers and yet can no longer truly claim being the successor to the original Takamina.

It’s because succession is measured by the closeness (similarity?) of the soul of the understudy to that of the original idol. At present, it’s Kanata who has her soul closest to that of the original Takamina. The current Takamina discovers this inadvertently, having entered a forbidden chamber of kirara.

The current Takamina is the captain of the successors, a strong leader and capable teacher. It’s her who acknowledged Kanata’s abilities first, having practiced with her and having trained Kanata herself. She took on the initiative to request her succession. She just didn’t count on Kanata being her replacement.

Now Tsubasa explains that Kanata cannot succeed Takamina, even if she has been the identified successor for some time now, while the current Takamina hasn’t graduated. This just totally blows for the current Takamina, her friends and co-successors, and most likely her fans. She’s got shit to think about, that one.

I’ve no doubt that there’ll be a tidy, sweet resolution to this. But I really do appreciate this level of drama and conflict. I’m really into this show now.


The bitchy rivalry between the 76th and 77th generation understudies is also very cool LOL. Also, I’ve been rewatching a fuckton of Gundam.

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27 Responses to AKB0048 Episode 07 And The Soul of Succession

  1. Xard says:

    This series keeps getting better and better with each episode. Loved this one, really well handled drama and characterization.

    I used to think (snarkily) that graduation meant that the idol/successor couldn’t hack it anymore. She had grown too old, too slow, too fat, too unremarkable, etc.

    According to AKB48’s business philosophy the girls are all supposed to graduate from the group into, say, greater things. They can’t be idols forever which is why they allow quite high degree of individual specialization for girls according to what they’re interested in and what they want to do. Only those who are actually good at dancing and singing mainly focus on that, some others focus more on acting, then for example at least one or two seiyuu-idols from this show have expressed wish to become seiyuus so it’s natural that they end up on project like this. One has written a book that has sold really well etc.

    Ideally all graduated members would go on to become celebrities of one kind or another: actresses, singers and the like (there’s also that one infamous case of ex-AKB48er becoming AV actress). Of course since there are so many girls it’s impossible for this to happen for all of them but that’s the basic idea anyway.

    Obviously anime’s graduation system where idols seem to just disappear is something very different. But then again, the Tomochin family members all seem to be ex-idols and it doesn’t seem unlikely that all the diamond eyed girls are ex-idols.

    Best fan theory I’ve read so far is obviously that when the girls lose their virginity their eyes change from hearts to diamonds because obviously non-virgin can’t be a idol 😀

    • benigmatica says:

      “…there’s also that one infamous case of ex-AKB48er becoming AV actress…”

      Well, at least Rina has retired from doing JAV work.

    • It’s a good ideal, making the group an artiste farm… a launch pad of sorts, though it must know that for most girls this will be the highlight and it never gets better. Still, so many groups of all kinds become the vehicle for a solo career or two of their respective members.

      The whole purity thing still creeps me out.

  2. tsurugiarashix says:

    I always keep getting the morbid association that “graduation” might be a euphemism for death. Not sure why in the world I would think that (especially for series like this) but it just keeps popping into my mind, since thus far, the series really has been evasive explaining it.

    Anyway, I am currently satisfied with how this is turning out (better than I thought it be since I am not largely familiar with the group) and hopefully will end in the same fashion. Especially like how the characters are coming along (expecting the other idols to mature nicely, especially Makoto). Also, I do hope they better explain the entertainment ban in the future episodes, since I am not really getting the gist behind that.

  3. Taka says:

    Calling it now: sacrificed to Sensei-Sensei. They’ve got that whole crazy ritual thing going on. I just know he needs human-idol sacrifices to appease his hunger. Either that or they get turned into Kirara.

  4. Jay says:

    …and the panel keeps getting better and better at specified types of humor, I see.

  5. dliessmgg says:

    They’re going for a concert on Kazakhstar. They’re fighting against an entertainment ban. Clearly this show is anti-communist, pro-capitalist propaganda.

    • Lan says:

      Except the ones doing the entertainment ban are a corporation conglomerate who is using said ban to maintain their monopoly on FTL technology, which is their main product.

      All in all, if you think this series is pro-capitalist, you’re not paying attention.

      • dliessmgg says:

        How can you not see the obvious signs? These girls are going to the man, abandoning their identity, selling their soul just to follow some “ideal” propagated by a mysterious man’s voice, guiding the marked with his invisible hand. The girls attract massive hordes of drooling fanboys who rebel for mere entertainment. This in turn suggest to other girls that the group is popular, creating a false ideal/idol for them, which they are told they want to pursue. They are getting played by THE MAN. I’m sure that corporation conglomerate is also just a PR stunt invented by him. It all creates a self-sustaining system of selling material, and getting material to sell.

        This all in a show that wants to tell otaku that idols are there just for them, and they are there for the idols. This too creates a self-sustaining feedback loop. This too is a system of selling idols, that at the same time makes otaku think they are the majority that is oppressed by a violent, rich minority who just can’t accept their desires and wishes.

        Don’t mind me, I’m just another left-wing madman. Pills are at the office down the corridor, the exit is the second to last door right. Have a nice day.

        • Jay says:

          How can you not see the obvious signs? These girls are going to the man, abandoning their identity, selling their soul just to follow some “ideal” propagated by a mysterious man’s voice, guiding the marked with his invisible hand.

          Dayumm, I see Madoka Magica in this quote.

  6. I think that the actual reason they stopped having centers(episode 5) for ABK0048 is because they couldn’t find the person whose soul is similar to the original center.

    • Yo says:

      Nope. The pictures in their dorm shows many different Center. There’s Acchan, Michan, Yui-han, etc. So you don’t need to have the soul of the original Center at all.

      Besides Yuuko explained they removed the position due to all the rumors about the mysterious disappearance of all the previous Center.

    • Hmmm, also because Aaachan is irreplaceable, though AKB48 may be making a BIG push for Yuuko, as can be seen all over this show (much more than it’s pushing Takamina).

      • Yo says:

        Acchan isn’t irreplaceable. Since the last election Yuuko is the new center. I don’t know if this will be reflected in the anime, but as real life is concerned, Acchan is pretty much part of the past already.

        Now Takamina…. we could make a case for her being almost irreplaceable, since AKB’s management has shown to be fairly lacking and some areas, and more than once it was Takamina’s determination and leadership what compensated things and pulled the group through, the fiasco at Seibu Dome being a primary example of this.

        Even Akimoto himself has admitted how important Takamina is for the well functioning of the group. It’s too bad THIS isn’t reflected properly in the show.

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