Dead Girlfriends as Plot Devices: Yurin & Lu x The Asuno Boys Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 38


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 37]

Today I speculate on the consequences of Kio’s puppy love affair with Lu while contrasting it with the similarly tragic and death-filled affair of Flit with Yurin when Flit was young like Kio. Yurin’s death is instrumental in moving the entire narrative forward, while making the fanboy shippers gnash their teeth. I am almost certain it will be the same with Kio, albeit the death of Lu will lead to different things for both our young hero, and the story as a whole.

Asem’s youth is different because his love affair was tragic, but ended in a positive note. After all, Zeheart didn’t die… and we all await the day they meet each other in space, beyond the time… 200502 sample

But I’m not here to discuss the love story in AGE that transcends time itself. I’m here to discuss the love stories that ended in death. Even now, Yurin’s death should still be quite familiar to us, with its being preceded by an insert-song scored montage of an idyllic day together with Flit, just like Lu and Kio in this episode.

Yurin got kidnapped by the Vagans, and got experimented on for her X-Rounder powers and put in a funnel/psycommu mobile suit controlled by Desil and got killed during the duel with Flit. Her death in this cruel manner darkened Flit’s heart and propelled him into a future of hatred and revenge against the Vagans. It gave shape to his emerging powers and direction for what would become a stellar military career.

What made Yurin’s death so bitter (and consequently, Flit himself) is that she didn’t see it coming and she never got to face it on her own terms. She was purely a victim, and she never stood a chance against her fate, held by the cruel child Desil.

Lu on the other hand is fully aware of her mortality and faced it bravely and with uncommon strength. When Kio met her she was already terminally ill, and in possession with a will to live, and not merely survive. Her brother editorialized her death with the rhetoric of hope, but I don’t think she did hope as hard as he believed. It’s wishful thinking on her part. What characterizes her instead is the appreciation of what time she’s been given by Kio. The Future Diary of hers was a rather nice touch.


It’s evocative of the diary in 2011’s Mawaru Penguindrum without the destiny dynamic, wherein the logs are for events that have yet to transpire, but are in fact deeply wished-for things from the dying girl’s heart. I don’t think anyone’s interested in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Destiny LOL.

And when Lu finally died, with its tragic tinge being Kio not arriving on time to say goodbye, or perhaps extend her life a little more with the symptom-alleviating medicine, is very distinct from Yurin and her spell on Flit. She died on her bed, and not killed in battle. She wasn’t killed by some design of a cruel Vagan. She was the Vagan everyperson, the kind of citizen this struggle against the Earth Federation is about.

This death demonizes neither Vagan nor Earthnoid. This has no obvious hooks to drag Kio’s will down to a place of bitterness and hate where Flit has fought from all these years. It would seem that Kio will be the one to fight for everyone’s prayers.


Next episode: Gundams vs. Gundam

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19 Responses to Dead Girlfriends as Plot Devices: Yurin & Lu x The Asuno Boys Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 38

  1. snakechimera says:

    BE LIKE BANAGHER! GJ Bright >_>

  2. Dono says:

    so… no Shin Asuka this week…..

  3. Shining_Bard says:

    Don’t tell me the AGE-FX will be like the Qan(T) and be used as some mass communication device. I want some fight with that suit.

  4. Matt Wells says:

    A title like that and not a single appearance on the panel by Jerid’s Dead Girlfiends? Missed oppertunity there.

  5. sadakups says:

    We already saw this one coming since Lu was introduced, but I do agree that her circumstances felt less tragic than Yurin’s. I said it last week – Kio’s encounter with Lu would most likely change the way he fights in the war… and how he is going to deal with Flit.

    I just felt that Lu’s brother could have reacted more after seeing that Kio was the Gundam pilot. I guess with all the grief he was feeling and seeing how his sister died happily, he couldn’t find himself get angry at that moment.

    Okay, I seriously found myself laughing to see how easy it was for Asem and two other Bisidian dudes to infiltrate Vagan territory, put a hole in Ezelcant’s crib, the leader of the Vagans for gods sake, and to get the Gundam. That’s Vagan security for you. Then again, I guess the Vagans got what they wanted and now they have their own Gundam. Still, can’t help but find it funny.

  6. CVPhased says:

    If anything, Lu and her fate neutralizes the Vagan conflict that Flit brainwashed Kio with. I’m very interested as to how Kio will present these facts to his father knowing his bitterness and all. I guess Kio always has Wendy to come home to I suppose…

    Asemu, on the other hand, really got the short stick in this series… Not only was he not an X-Rounder, he didn’t even had a montage! Oh well, at least he got to be a bad-ass super pilot/pirate.

  7. rollover says:

    One damns Flit, one saves Kio.

    It’s the circle of life!

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  9. Jexams says:

    Good pep talk Bright. And look, you didn’t have to hit anybody this time either!

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