Basara is the hardest working idol

[AKB0048 Episode 09]

Here’s my theory: AKB0048 is a post-Macross galactic story, wherein Sensei Sensei is none other than Lord Gepelnitch himself, who’s succeeded in creating an Anima Spiritia farm in the form of the AKB idol franchise. This is what prevents the Protodevlin from devouring the whole galaxy.

When the hunger is too much, the Kirara deliver him the most concentrated form of Anima Spiritia, usually an idol performing the Center Nova role. This is what happened to poor Acchan the 5th. The Protodevlin have bred Kirara to replace their scouters. It’s a biologically efficient mechanism. As the Vajra have shown us, biotechnology is very, very powerful.

There’s a false conflict going on: no one really wants to reinstate the Center Nova position precisely because of what happened to Acchan. If anything, it’s only Yuuko who’s hell bent on being the Protodevlin’s lunch because that’s her dream.


In other news, the creep factor of the show went up exponentially this week with the combination of Suzuko’s positivity with Makoto’s terrible body image. IT’S OK TO BE YOURSELF, YOUR BODY PANDERS TO PEDOS. Now you fanboys needn’t rage in reaction, I’m sure your hearts are PURE as you watch this show. I don’t think anyone is surprised by this kind of content from this show.

Remember, PURITY is the BIGGEST THING. It trumps talent, hard work, and guts. It’s that thing that has Kanata beat Takamina V; it’s that thing that has Nagisa freak out Chieri. I want to see Chieri crush Nagisa, even just for half an episode. I’m sure they’ll be perfectly together by the end anyway.



AKB0048 > Jamming Birds

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  1. Lin says:

    “I want to see Chieri crush Nagisa, even just for half an episode.”

    I’m with you on this man. Nagisa winning this shit just because she’s the protagonist doesn’t do it for me. BTW that kirara is a fucking troll. Why staying with Chieri if it’s not going to glow for her? Of course, the twist is that it does glow for her but only when she’s together with Nagisa. Yuri-powered idol aura?? That’s an interesting concept….

    All in all, I’m glad they made the Takamina-Kanata plot-line aside for now. The show is definitely more interesting when it focus on Chieri (and Nagisa, I suppose).

    • I don’t know about Yuri power, but it has always glowed with both of them present, and with Nagisa doing something good-hearted for Chieri. There’s something to this.

      I do think that the drama between Kanata and Takamina V has been the most compelling, but this Chieri thing can be more interesting because both participants are equally fragile, I think. CRUSH.

  2. thoughtcannon says:

    Yeah it’s totally Yuri powered idol aura.

    If it does come down to “sacrificed to kirara” just remember I called it first. That makes me the winningest. (Okay so I said sensei-sensei but w/e close enough)

  3. r042 says:

    IT’S SO CRAZY IT WORKS DAMMIT. Akb really does feel like a slightly more cynical M7 – sort of the Macross 2 analogue (same ideas, turned on their head).

  4. Somehow I think the stuff directed by Kawamori are actually linked together, the entertainment ban in AKB might be due to singers having the ability to affect wars in Macross. The red Large-type Vajra’s head resembles Aquarion’s head(Aquarion going out of control and turns into Vajra Queen? In the OVA for Aquarion, the pilots heard the tune for Sousei no Aquarion, which is a love song, and started singing, Aimo is a love song, could Aimo be Vajra’s version of Sousei no Aquarion?) The stuff about souls being similar to the idols might just be the reincarnation in Aquarion, just that souls were split many times.

    Sometimes I just wish Basara appears out of nowhere and starts blasting his songs, then the singers from Macross just defolds and help spread music to those planets with the entertainment ban. Then we have dialogues like “That guy in that red machine is SO MUCH BETTER THAN AKB0048”.

    • SQA says:

      With how much Kawamori probably smokes, it’s very likely that, to him, they all do exist in one strangely interconnected universe. That thought is probably more scary now that I think about it more.

    • r042 says:

      To be honest in music terms AKB0048 make the Jamming Birds look good.

      Basara even wins on the Wota-front, given his biggest fan is Gamlin (and he can call in personal favours from Max).

    • Well, combine this with the blatant disregard for narrative continuity… I am both entertained and enraged.

      • Imagine a few years later, Kawamori makes a “Turn A Gundam” of his own.
        First episode, idol singing in battle, SUDDENLY, 3 VALKYRIES APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE AND FIRE MISSILES LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW. The 3 Valkyries then combine into this giant robot which proceeds to wipe out everyone in the battlefield.

  5. Xard says:

    I really liked this episode (though it doesn’t top ep 9 as my favourite) for the way it combined and alternated between serious and ridiculous. The full retard hijinks were pretty hilarious.

    It looks like the heavy focus on succession drama for a while was for purposes of the larger story/main issue – I’m happy with this because as much as I do enjoy Kanata/Takamina drama I was somewhat wondering if its strenght and focus was derailing attention away from more central issues. I’m happy now that it’s been confirmed it’s pretty deeply integrated to the main story.

    Also more Nagisa/Chieri fuck yes.

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