Schenberg Was Dead, Zeon Was Dead, Ezelcant is Dying, But Their Post-Human Ideals Remain a Gundam Thing: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 39


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 38]

No Patrick Zala? No. He’s no visionary. He’s just a butthurt hater. Zeon Zum Deikum proclaimed that from among the Spacenoids a new type of human will emerge, suited for the environment and context of space, where communicating clearly and avoiding conflict among same-species is vital. Aeolia Schenberg anticipated how an innovation of the human species must happen to prepare for the context of space exploration, where communicating without misunderstanding is paramount, so as to be ready for the first contact with aliens.

Ezelcant distinguishes himself from these by focusing on the elimination of conflict as paramount since conflict escalates into violence and self-extinction. Since self-extinction is unavoidable, he has a view of genetically selecting those who develop anti-conflict behaviors and abilities towards seceding from the “doomed” human race to form a conflict-free paradise (Eden).


Zeon Zum Deikum’s thinking was appropriated by a powerful political faction who used it as a basis for declaring war. He was killed, and had no control over his views and how it influenced history. Aeolia Schenberg on the other hand, both predicted and manipulated history to create the conditions for his idealized future, the conditions that will awaken the innovation in human beings. This involved various conflicts, the operation of a terrorist organization, and open war. The human cost to bring about the conditions of innovation are great and cast a dark moral pall on the arguably noble intentions of Schoenberg.

Similarly, Ezelcant manipulated history to bring about the conditions of evolution – to force the hand of genetics so to speak. The human cost of these actions are immense – entire colonies destroyed, massive populations killed, and a prolonged – 70 year war. He kept his plan to himself, only revealing it to an enemy that reminded him of his dead son. Ezelcant’s own impending death must’ve addled his mind, but then again there’s little doubt that Kio fits the profile of his chosen people.

The thing is, Flit Asuno also fits – given his X-Rounder ability. But if anything, this is the kind of thing that Flit will use to justify the hatred he’s had of the Vagan the last 70 years. We don’t know yet how Ezelcant will create EDEN, whether it involves massive genocide to free up space for the chosen, or whether the chosen will venture out of the solar system. It’s probably the former, because otherwise there wouldn’t be any need for war.

I deeply appreciate the complexity Ezelcant brings to his “villain” role. He comes off more as broken than evil, but the consequences of his plan should it push through, speaks of probably very great evil.


None of you clowns even tried to discuss neither the mobile suits, nor the Gundams. Maybe this show should put both terms in the title so people don’t get confused.

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56 Responses to Schenberg Was Dead, Zeon Was Dead, Ezelcant is Dying, But Their Post-Human Ideals Remain a Gundam Thing: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 39

  1. rollover says:

    Yup. You knew Ezelcant definitely lost it when he decided to repeat overhead swings over and over when the enemy is blocking.

    Seriously though, Kio?

    “The Gundam can’t keep up with me!”

    Really? Ugh. You use your machine like a flyswatter.

    • Laziness says:

      Now where does that quote sound familiar? It should’ve been used for the Age-1 instead haha. But instead of magnetic coating Kio gets a brand new Gundam with luminous green blades of plot power – nice going Kio.

      On a side note I get the feeling that Kio is going to pull off a Jesus Yamato and magically gain the skills to disable massive amounts of mobile suits in the near future. Maybe it was just the preview playing tricks on me.

    • LOL the Gundam can’t keep up with me. That’s quite rich.

      • Jexams says:

        I can imagine Flit telling Kio, “We tried to get the AGE Builder to spit out some magnetic coating for the AGE-3’s Core Fighter and Wear Parts but instead, it spat out another Gundam…”

        But really, I don’t doubt that Kio will be able to disarm multiple mobile suits, if only because it has funnels/bits though I’m fairly certain that his skill is more valid than Kira’s aim-bot Gundam. Not trying to start a flame war but we all saw how Kira piloted the Freedom/Strike Freedom…

  2. Reid says:

    LAWL at cross-eyed Char. That guy is the friggin’ man, man.

  3. Inky says:

    I wasn’t impressed with Ezelcant’s vision. His methods are more likely to kill the peaceful people he wants–people like Yurin L’Ciel, who would have died a lot earlier had Flit not been driven by his warlike feelings to build a Gundam. The people with the highest likelihood to survive his cullings are people who 1. are LUCKY and 2. are strongly driven to defend, escape, fight back, taze the real captain and steal his warship…

    Ezelcant is basically encouraging the emergence of people who are actually more intense and likely to start or continue wars, such as Grodek Ainoa Flit Asuno (who ironically fathered children and a grandchild who really aren’t warlike at all). Which really, is what happens in evolution when you put pressure on a population. The ones that survive are those who got lucky and got aggressive about surviving.

    It is pretty damn evil, though. Trashing your own colonies for your psuedo-evolutionary agenda? Pretty cold. Ezelcant might be lying through his teeth to his people, but he’s definitely the one most strongly afflicted with the dehumanization that Vagans suffer.

    • I don’t think any of the ideals of the antagonists in Gundam impressed me in the sense of “I can get behind that, if I can get past the genocide” anyway.

      Flit is the bogeyman in his pretty dream. The most powerful (unless Kio turns into Jesus) X-Rounder (in terms of someone who accomplished something while being an X-Rounder) is irrepressibly hostile.

      • Inky says:

        Well, it’s not the ideals that I’m taking issue with as the fact that his methods are actively counterproductive. You can’t flush out the peaceful people with massive assaults on the population. What happens instead is that you encourage the people who will fight tooth and nail to survive, so Ezelcant is really shooting himself in the foot as far as his master plan goes. I mean, maybe he’s bringing them to prominence so he can kill them off, but as Flit and Grodek prove, that is REALLY HARD to do. Meanwhile, the peaceful people he actually wants, like Yurin, die by the truckload if they aren’t lucky to have warlike people able to defend them.

        Flit’s the bogeyman and probably his worst enemy, but he created Flit. If he hadn’t killed Mama Asuno, it wouldn’t have awoken little Flit’s anger and ingenuity to the extent that he could build and pilot the Gundam by age fourteen. Maybe he would have later, but he wouldn’t have ended up with a rogue captain (also Ezelcant’s fault; the man was an office drone before AG 108) and he wouldn’t have been so driven as to flip tables on the Federation leadership and pursue the war as aggressively as he does.

      • Jexams says:

        Honestly, I want to say that Flit is the best of the three Asuno family pilots because he seems to have the best of both skills and X-Rounder ability. I mean, you can’t continue to hold your own in a seemingly obsolete mobile suit if you only have your X-Rounder powers because you’d still need a fairly good reaction speed, something that older people tend to lose. Asem’s still got his skill because he isn’t exactly ancient yet and he is a SUPA PAIROTTO while Kio’s learning curve was affected by early X-Rounder powers compared to Flit, got his after several/numerous battles. Sure, his heart’s black with hatred or whatever for Vagans but if you put all three Asuno pilots in the exact same Gundam/Mobile Suit, I feel like Flit would come out on top.

        • Yes, verily. Also, Asem’s super pilot schtick is bullshit. I like Asem the character a LOT, but this super pilot bullshit is what ruins him for me.

          • Reid says:

            I don’t even get what “it” really is. I don’t think the show or any supplemental material ever explained what being a “super pilot” really is.

          • ToastCrust says:

            Part way he realized it’s bullshit so he became a super pirate instead and installed flash camera onto his suit to be a dirty bastard.

            Because when the newtype faggot sees the flash in his mind he’ll be BLINDED BEFORE HE’S BLINDED

  4. Herp-pa-derp Char is so making me so loled!

    Gundam Legalis is somewhat an equivalent to like of the Providence Gundam which is really powerful… GAWD! Kio, Y U let your AGE-3 get busted like that…

    Pirates being pirates, sneaky and cunning!

    One thing is for sure, Ezelcant is a true mastermind. His plans are definitely something… It’s both a verge of benevolence with a hint/side of malevolence in it.

  5. Shining_Bard says:

    Hopefully the AGE-FX will be a mix of the Qan(T) and the Zabanya in combat.

  6. Turambar says:

    Gato makes the most profound of points.

  7. Turambar says:

    Given just how slowly technology seems to advance in this universe, how fucking crazy is it that Ezelcant was able to reverse engineer himself a new gundam in, what, weeks?

    • Well, technology itself isn’t really fleshed out as a practical concept in this narrative. What makes the Gundam better than the Vagan suits anyway? Faster? Harder? More powerful weapons?

      There’s no real explanation, not just here, but in most Gundam stories. What’s stopping the adversaries to tune a mobile suit that’s better than the Gundam? Look, in UC, the Nu Gundam is basically a Sazabi with better funnels (I-Field). Why doesn’t the Kshatriya have an I-Field, given how successful the Nu Gundam was? Why doesn’t the Sinanju have psycommu shit? (well, it’s protected from the NT-D that way) buy the adversaries are just always a step or two behind by design (of the story).

  8. sadakups says:

    When Ezelcant said that Angel and Nora getting destroyed was part of his plans, I just wish Flit have heard that. The old man wouldn’t like it one bit.

  9. CVPhased says:

    Looks like they’re really fleshing out everything in this arc… and Kio’s getting a mid-generation upgrade to cap it off…

    So at this point, the major plot points that I can see are:
    — How Ezelcant will execute Project Eden
    — The whole deal with EXA-DB
    They have more or less 10 episodes to resolve these assuming that AGE will also run in the 50 eps range…

  10. While Ezelcant was talking his plan, I was facepalming at how the “selected” ones would be not violent. Did Sunrise/Ezelcant even know evolution?

    • Does*
      My english…

    • Inky says:

      Oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only one who went WTF at that.

      This is the writing team that said that the “Mars Rays” are caused by Mars’s magnetic field when Mars doesn’t really HAVE a magnetic field… so no, I kind of doubt they know that much about evolution either.

      • Their “Mars” could have a magnetic field.

        • Inky says:

          Uh… how? Do you mean just because it’s a fictional Mars, or because the colonies aren’t actually on Mars itself?

        • Inky says:

          Yeah, but Mars is a real thing that has been extensively researched. They just released panoramic photos of the landscape. It’s not like they’re inventing the effects of living in, say, Jupiter’s orbit, which we don’t know as much about. Honestly it’s not even like the X-Rounder thing, since that’s a Gundam convention and the human brain still has a lot of unknowns that you can make stuff up about.

          Besides which the lack of magnetic field gives Mars the significant health hazard of solar radiation. I suppose they could have changed it to “magnetic” because they didn’t want to explicitly make the disease cancer, but just saying “it’s magnetic because it’s fake Gundam Mars” would be a pretty thin excuse for a very basic inaccuracy.

    • Turambar says:

      Well, this isn’t so much evolution as it is eugenics.

  11. Andaer says:

    Pilots discussing ideology in middle of mobile suit duels, one thing I love about Gundam!

    I don’t appreciate the revealed plan of Ezelcant, though. The story about the abandoned Mars settlers and there desperate fight to return to Earth was one of the best parts of Gundam AGE. Now we get to know that the Vagan leader himself caused the suffering of his people and started a war to select a new race in order to create a world without fighting. He is nothing more than a racist/eugenicist. Seems like a child series can’t help but have an evil side.

  12. Heron says:

    Oh Gundam, Why must you always reach for the human ideals from the most batshit crazy of men? Considering that the previous 2 series of SEED and 00 have done this already.

    And given that most of Ezelcant’s forces are dehumanized till the point of power hungry psychos, I can see Ezelcant’s plan blown to ashes by the infighting. Wootz

  13. I end up laughing every damn time at the Char quotes in these panels!

    Overall, I was disappointed with Ezelcant’s plan. To me it just boils down to making people sick of other people enough to move the hell away. He’s trying to genetically weed out the pacifists. That doesn’t work for me. They need to be the first ones to die.

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  15. I enjoy reading through a post that can make
    people think. Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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