A Pure-Pure Mess: AKB0048 Episode 12

[EveTaku] AKB0048 - 12 (1280x720 x264-Hi10P AAC)[3BC583BF].mkv_snapshot_01.53_[2012.07.17_05.43.22]

[AKB0048 Episode 11]

Similar to the previous episode, a whole lot of things are going on in parallel, but notably there are some threads that are wrapping up – as they should given that this is the penultimate episode, and some are going in ways that won’t wrap up neatly. In this post I’ll pay some attention to those threads that I find myself caring about.

Parents… Yuuka’s parents being laid back fans of AKB0048 didn’t have much trouble with the anti-entertainment authorities given how they were prepared to lie the same way anime fans are prepared to deny how they download episodes via torrents should the authorities come knocking. It’s not the same with regards to Nagisa’s dad who is an honorfag. One does not spend his entire life being principled only just to bend when it is convenient. On the other hand, I think he is being selfish too, unless his being incarcerated is a means to protect his wife as well. Better he being locked up, than his wife who actively aided their daughter’s audition for AKB0048.

[EveTaku] AKB0048 - 12 (1280x720 x264-Hi10P AAC)[3BC583BF].mkv_snapshot_08.06_[2012.07.17_05.44.52]

Lovers… Mamoru is a bit of a dick, but he presents rather interesting things: He specifically mentioned that he loves the Yuuka who became an idol, but also specifically mentioned that he no longer loves the Yuuka outside of the idol context. He framed his relationship with her as that of a fan, and not that of a romantic interest. I think it’s really because he’s boning his real girlfriend… or at least she’s going to be boning him soon, and that he can’t bone an idol who’s half a galaxy away. This is his way of cutting things off with Yuuka in a way that lets him say he wishes her all the best, but that she shouldn’t think of him waiting for her, because he won’t. He wants some boning soon, or now.

Rivals… I really hate the psychological throat-block bullshit that the show inflicted on Nagisa. I would’ve preferred her just not being in good enough form. That’s simple enough. It makes Chieri’s momentary (yes, because Nagisa will bounce back and they will be a paired victoly LOLs) victory over her less satisfying. And it would’ve been awesome, really, the way she rubbed it in that big flat face of Nagisa’s. Yuko being rubbed the wrong way about the lyrics of the song she’s trying to steal was pretty cool, but that’s the show letting us know that she’s backing off on this, and really giving way to the next generation. To punctuate this, Takamina tells her about her intent of graduating after this performance. Rivalries are neatly resolved here…

…Only that the concert had to be canceled, robbing Chieri of her victory, and Takamina of her farewell performance. Such pure-pure hearts are to go to the blender again, but the blades are nerfed; all will be well.


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26 Responses to A Pure-Pure Mess: AKB0048 Episode 12

  1. schneider says:

    I don’t like the throat-block thing either. AAH I LOST MY VOICE, kill me now plz. It would’ve worked if Nagisa was a decent singer, but loooooool

    Yuuka never gets a break. Tore my heart out when Mamoru said his line. Kids.

    Char is totally correct.

  2. Xard says:

    Chieri is Mai Aidoru <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<<3<3<3<3<3

    • Chieri is like Sheryl, to Nagisa’s Ranka.

      • Xard says:

        Nagisa’s definetly pink haired tv Ranka or to be more precise the loser who wants to be idol part of her but I wouldn’t really liken Chieri to Sheryl all that much. Sheryl is a diva character whereas Chieri is ojou-sama.

        • The context is that between the two, if there is a Ranka and a Sheryl, then Chieri is the Sheryl. Also, Sheryl is an ojou-sama too, among many other things.

          • Xard says:

            well yeah, but that comes with assumption there is “Ranka and Sheryl” in AKB which I’ve never thought was the case (though I expected Chieri to be more Sherylesque initially). Nagisa-is-Ranka-is-Nagisa in quite few ways and even her hair is kinda similar. But the relationship between Nagisa and Chieri is very different from that between Ranka and Sheryl. On top of that Chieri really doesn’t give me Sheryl vibe at all with her personality. At most there’s the tsundereness – but Chieri is tsundere with her peers and especially with Nagisa while Sheryl’s tsundereness was exclusively reserved for Alto. Their senpai-kohai and then BFF relationship is quite distinct from that of Nagisa and Chieri.

            and Sheryl isn’t really ojou-sama character. To begin with she doesn’t have the background and education to go with it, being thrown into Galaxy slums and all – and she definetly doesn’t act the part. Sheryl’s full blown diva and acts and looks the part like western movie star. She’s very bold, outgoing and is very, uhh, free with displaying her sexuality (as long as it doesn’t get too personal). Her manner of speaking is also very different from Chieri’s restrainent, polite style. She’s pretty casual and tends to be equally whimsical and self-important and as we learn through Ranka she apparently has the habit of saying “a bit too much” in interviews.

            In contrast Chieri is somewhat unsociable loner that tries to keep her distance from others. She’s very prim, proper and well groomed and her behaviour shows her upper class background. She’s also somewhat shy and suffers from a kind of inferiority complex Sheryl didn’t have and as a result she’s hopeless overachiever and busybody. She shares a point with Sheryl in terms of perfectionism but Sheryl’s perfectionism was rooted in her status as Galactic Fairy and want to live up to her status – she’s at the top. Chieri on the other hand is straight A student who studies to point of obsession and her perfectionism stems from this thing that also reflects her inner insecurity to degree. Oh, and her way of encouraging people through shit talking to them aggressively is also entirely different from Sheyl’s method. Plus she’s also shy with her looks in a way that is unimaginable for Sheryl. The embarrassment trying to follow Yuuko’s “sexy” posing is kinda telling. Sheryl would’ve aced that and put Yuuko in her place.

            Summa summarum, while there’s great deal of similarity between Nagisa and Ranka Sheryl and Chieri are very different characters. The shared points, perfectionism and certain tsundereness, are too general for wider conclusions. The egalitarian relationship between Nagisa and Chieri is also very different from sempai-kohau Macross idols had going on and one of its defining points, Chieri’s tsundereness, is completely nonexistant in relationship between Ranka and Sheryl.

          • Oh my god, don’t take it too seriously. It doesn’t mean much of anything. Obviously, as a Macross faggot of ridiculous proportions I make Sheryls, Minmays, Rankas etc in almost every show I watch. If not them, I look for Haman Karns everywhere. In this show, Chieri is more fun to cast as Sheryl than any other character because Nagisa is fun to cast as Ranka.

          • Xard says:

            Well it’s not always that easy to tell, especially since some other people seem very serious about it 😛

  3. hell if I know says:

    Chieri rocks this idol shit like a walk in the park. They need to make a series all for herself. No, make it a whole franchise. lol

    But seriously, this girl is on a level of her own in awesomeness.

    • I like her too, because of how she’s treated like a fake underdog by the narrative. Nagisa is an even more false underdog, kind of like Ranka in Macross Frontier. Chieri is more like Sheryl in that she has skills but less Fold powers.

      • hell if I know says:

        “Chieri is more like Sheryl in that she has skills but less Fold powers”

        But does she really have less power? I can’t help thinking we’re being trolled big time in that respect. Who is Ai-kun following around this time? Ranka? No, this time it follows Sheryl, and that gotta mean something….

  4. Kuro says:

    I don’t know. You may see Mamoru as a dick, but I see him as a pretty normal practical guy. I do share your opinion regarding him offering a very interesting take.

  5. bluemist says:

    One thing, if this were any other mecha series, Mamoru just got himself a death flag. That last scene with them almost reeked of it.

  6. Taka says:

    I think it’s interesting (just on observation) that the most talented idol in the show is voiced by the most talented member of AKB in the voice cast. Where as Nagisa is voiced by…whoever Karen Iwata is. I found 2 videos looking up the seiyuu cast: one is a pretty good vid that has a bunch of the main AKB girls with names each time their face pops up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8WYbf2K9xc Good for learning who is who.

    The other is of Sonata’s seiuyuu for some reason having to memorize the english names of 30 dog breeds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saxW3mYG3Og

    And for the record Suzuko (Linda) is ma favorite character dat soft lisp.

  7. r042 says:

    There had better be an all Macross panel for the final episode!

    This really was a good episode, but I’ve come to realise this show really has exceeded expectations in its sort of cynicism dressed up in cute colours.

  8. Kuro says:

    Also, I’d like to mention about that new Kirara that came from Yuuka. Does that mean that Kiraras are born from the pure emotions/feelings of the girls of out of the sacrifices they have to make in order to be an idol (which in Yuuka’s case, is Mamoru)?

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  10. dliessmgg says:

    Mamoru once was in love with whatshername, now he is her fan. Additionally, he distincts between her previous self as a normal person and her idol self. Now where can I bite into this steak?

    Idols are not people, they are fabrications. They are a distant dream for the projection of your wishes, they are to be idolized. They are false idols, in the biblical sense. (Exodus 32, which is also easily connected to Utena 16.) However, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. However, with Mamoru we have an otaku who is aware of that falseness and embraces it wholly. Moral of the story: otakus love idols because they are unreal and unreachable, and thus very suited for projecting fluffy dreams.

    About turning into an AKB48 fan: they are no Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. However, this show together with love spelled backwards makes me fall in love with Kawamori.

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