Everything That Doesn’t Involve Kio’s Insufferable H4XX0RZ is Still Awesome: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 41


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 40]

My worst fears continue to be confirmed as Kio tears through the Vagan-held Luna Base lopping off MS heads with precise shooting, for the sake of not killing; then lecture any enemy he can’t decapitate on the first try on the merits of peace. Fortunately however, this episode wasn’t Kio’s alone, which forcibly reminds us that this show isn’t only Kio’s at all.



While the tactics involved in the battle isn’t much to discuss: we don’t really know what’s going on except what we’re told, and that the Federation is overwhelming the defenses using superior numbers; it’s an excellent, thrilling battle for tv-tier Gundam. The movement is fast and decisive, and even if we’re only shown pink globes at a distance, we can infer those as casualties.

The highlight really was when Asem and Zeheart finally fought against each other again; like most of the MS depicted fighting in this battle, the movements are very swift and happen in combinations. This makes for thrilling gunfights and beam saber fights. Asem continues to attempt to win Zeheart over, by discrediting Ezelcant. But without magic dust, we know that even here in Gundam, attempting to win over opponents during the middle of a fight is very, very futile.

This is preliminary, however. I think this conflict between the two will persist until Zeheart is won over to Asem’s side or either of them dies (or both). I wonder if Flit will have a hand in the deaths of either of them. It was rather rich to see Asem disobey Flit like that. I just don’t think disobeying Flit is conducive to a long life.


But this episode is a minor throwback to Char’s Deleted Affair, with little Framan Karn falling over herself for the masked hero. Beautiful Fram is all sorts of death flag… and Kio will get her to admit she wanted peace too before she dies in her cockpit (maybe Flit does her in).

Too bad we won’t see another timeskip for Kio’s sake. These things are great for making changes big and small. While there are many cases of misusing this technique or at least less than effective execution (Sakamichi no Apollon comes to mind), but so far this show has done it well, just as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann did, as well as Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (just saw it hours ago, and loved it). In the mean time let’s see how many people Flit and Ezelcant do in while Kio struggles to keep everyone alive in the middle of all the fighting.


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57 Responses to Everything That Doesn’t Involve Kio’s Insufferable H4XX0RZ is Still Awesome: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 41

  1. Inky says:

    Someone called the Fawn Farsia the “hand-me-down fridge stuffing suit.” Given Fram’s behavior this episode I would have been shocked that it didn’t happen this episode if it didn’t feature so prominently in the OP. I’m glad that she at least gets to legitimately fight in the thing, unlike poor Yurin. And it was nice to have a connection to Gen 2 through the revelation that Dole Frost was her brother (but of course it was in the context of I SEE WHY HE WAS WILLING TO DIE FOR YOU telegraphing that she’s going to follow right in his footsteps). Think you’re right about her fate; Kio will X-Round the truth into her head and then it’ll go right downhill.

    I liked Asemu in this episode; he’s a thousand times better pirate than he is a husband or father, and it seems like he’s going to support Kio’s pacifism which is nice as a father-son thing. I bet Flit’s going to get sick of it soon and hop into the AGE-1 to show him how to fight a Gundam battle. I doubt he’ll kill Asemu directly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does something that will still put the responsibility squarely on his head (and then a What Have I Done moment and yada yada).

    Hilling Care Girard Spriggan seems like she might be an interesting character… although I think, from the preview, that the show would have been better served to put her in Gen 2. There’s this huge gap between episode 15 and 37 where it seems everyone forgot that the Vagan are at least kind of sympathetic and made everyone but Zeheart a dick.

    • Yeah, well Yurin wasn’t supposed to fight since she’s not even a soldier and she doesn’t want to fight at all.

      Well, the Vagan who aren’t combatants are made to be very sympathetic.

      As for the Asuno family smackdown… I don’t know what will happen really, but I must say they’ve been one of the most interesting families in anime I’ve come across.

  2. what the hell says:


    awwwww fuck next episode is a fucking flash back. i hate you sunrise. but dat yellow suit, SO TOTALLY GONA FUCKING BUY IET :I

  3. Kio and all those flashbacks (I’m really starting to hate that dead little girl, I don’t care who knows it) irked me a bit, but it was still a good episode. And when I saw Fram’s mobile suit, I definitely saw a death flag, too. It’s bitter sweet to me, because just this episode I was starting to see some young Haman Karn in her. I’d like her to live, that ridiculous pink rhythmic gymnastic mobile suit of her’s though can go impale itself on a jagged meteor. It’s no Quebeley.

    I’d like to know Girard’s back story, too. I hope it’s better than that lame and lazy sob story the other traitor chick had.

    • what the hell says:

      no, i’m gona call it and say that her story might’ve been good, but they are gona fuck it up as usual.

    • I don’t care too much about Spriggan to want a full-blown backstory. It’s not like Yazan or Jerid had one and we like them just fine as villains.

      • I suppose, but we had a hell of a lot more time to love/hate them due to that extended series. To say AGE is abbreviated may be an understatement. It’s practically 3 series rolled into one.

  4. rollover says:

    Calling it now; Fram survives the War, takes the the name of Preventer Luna, and the Asunos gives her suit the ability to use secret weapon Moon Tiara Magic.

  5. Reid says:


  6. mechafan2040 says:

    Aww Was hopeing Deen would be piloting that Hyaku Shiki rip off. But oh well and really sunrise a Nobel Gundam/Quebly hybrid really??? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!!

    • Reid says:

      lol Why not? Technically it’s also a Rose Gundam hybrid with the flower bits and we’ve already had a Gundam Maxter/ Bolt Gundam expy in the AGE-1 Titus. We need something with a Shining Finger!

      • mechafan2040 says:

        Yeah but the Maxter and Bolt gundam were cool. Think they could have at least gave Fram something cooler. Srry but going to be calling Fram’s machine the Nobel Gundam MKII. Hope the give Deen his own machine.

        • Inky says:

          Hey, Nobel Gundam was great. Mainly because it had a great pilot. It also wasn’t out-of-place with any of the other Gundams, but Allenby Beardsley is fantastic.

          Farsia and Fawnfarsia are just embarrassing, though. It’s like Mobile Suit Barbie; you can’t compare them to Nobel.

          • LOL G Gundam elitism.

            Seriously though, the mechanical designs in this show are terrible.

          • Reid says:

            it’s true. This show flies in the face of my typical aversion for mecha shows with bad robot design (the ships look ok, when we see them) in that I could really care less. I think we’ve had, what, one legitimately good design (AGE-3) and a few inoffensive ones. Not exactly a sterling showing for Ebikawa in his sophomore effort in the franchise.

    • I think it looks terrible, but that goes with Vagan designs in general. The concept is great on paper.

  7. CVPhased says:

    Honestly, I don’t see the point of introducing any more additional characters to the story, though It will be interesting how they’ll play Girard’s story. Will she embody the corruption of the Federation? And what’s with the whole Ribbons “homage”?

    Another thing that would be interesting is how the Fawn Farsia will end up fighting Flit as seen in the OP. The suit could basically throw Flit over the edge with all the Yurin bruhaha it’s connected with…

  8. Shining_Bard says:

    I’m just glad the AGE-FX still has the AGE-3’s Assassin’s Creed blades. Now if only Kio would play by Ezio’s playbook when fighting……

    • I don’t have a gaming console so I don’t get this reference.

      • Shining_Bard says:

        Basically getting peace by kicking actual ass. Lethally

      • Reid says:

        ^^^ wrist-mounted knives are the signature weapon of the Assassins in the game series. The cool thing about the knife is that it’s on a hinge and is released when the user flexes a certain finger…what makes it cool is that the user has to have their finger removed first 🙂

  9. Raidenwarrior says:

    One thing I feel happy about this episode is that Asemu by his own very will rejected his father’s way of solving the problem and encouraged Kio to do whatever the hell he believes is right for mankind. It must have spawned from Asemu’s personal experience of clashing with his unforgiving father who denied his alternative way back in the 2nd arc.
    … And I hate to admit it, but I found Fram the most attractive female character in this Gundam show thus far — which might factor more to the possible tear jerker that might follow (the death flag everyone has been talking about).

  10. Gamer2002 says:

    ” then lecture any enemy he can’t decapitate on the first try on the merits of peace. ”
    You forget to add that this didn’t work and allowed Fram to almost kill him 😛

  11. The preview for episode 41 made Fawn Farsia look like a mahou shoujo. A spin off where Fram is a mahou shoujo would be appropriate.

  12. sadakups says:

    No, everything that does not involve Kio is awesome in this episode.

    I seriously facepalmed when Kio started spouting all that nonsense to Fram. I mean, seriously, the war has reached a point of no return, how is it possible to just say to the enemy to stop fighting? And don’t get me started when Kio started mentioning the word “understanding”. I hope and pray that the AGE-FX won’t have the same stuff as the 00-Raiser or the 00 Qan(T), i.e., some X-Rounder shit causing both sides to understand each other. I kinda understand where Kio is coming from considering what he experienced in Vagan space, but the kid’s a kid, and I can’t blame him for it. Still, can’t help but to facepalm.

    As for Fram’s MS… are they serious? Do the Vagan MS engineers have such weird design thoughts when they did the Fawnfarsia? Just because it had a female pilot justifies a girly design? I mean, same shit happened with that MS Yurin was riding on. Just a nitpick. Nothing major.

    And oh yes, the show’s OTP has finally reunited! Asem needs to get in Zeheart’s ass to convince him that Ezelcant’s screwing them all.

    But seriously though, why would they spend an entire episode on another Federation traitor? I bet my ass that after all of her exposition, she’ll just die.

    • The thing about action anime is that it’s rooted in the dynamics of HOPE, which is dumb… but what can you do?

      If people can overcome ridiculous odds in battle, why shouldn’t it be possible to reason with the enemy… especially if they’re people like you and are not inherently evil?

  13. Turambar says:

    Wait, didn’t the end of EP 40 show a near death Elzecant walking up to a stasis tube with Spriggan in it? I thought it was just a new body for Elzecant’s consciousness or something.

  14. Andaer says:

    Too many Funnels in here.

  15. Matt Wells says:

    On the subject of The Dark Knight Rises, did anyone else have “fuck yeah” moment in the final chase scene when Bruce pulled off a flawless Itano Cicus with those heat seeking missiles?

  16. dono says:

    maybe shani andras shoub be the commentator about girard springan in the next episode lol

  17. NoHeart says:

    Hmm, wanna keep watching…love anime and gundam in general…but everyone seems to hate AGE…what do I do?

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