Well, Okay: Much Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Episodes 06 & 07


I haven’t been able to work on We Remember Love (my apologies to readers whose comments I’ve not replied to) mostly due my house getting flooded last week due to severe Biblical flooding that hit the Philippine island of Luzon where I live. Both these episodes depict a rainy tropical climate, but consistent with it’s fantasy nature, it really isn’t interested in portraying tropical weather beyond using it as a plot device to force clumsy romantic scenarios.


view from my bedroom window from Tuesday last week


by Wednesday, this was my living room downstairs

In a nutshell, silly characterization, more racism, more sexual harassment to go with the over sexism, and stock harem dynamics happened and nothing else. The TSFs were laughably used as search and rescue craft because well, fanservice I suppose. Gotta seven mecha fans a none (no thanks, and fuck you).


You said it Yuuya Bridges.

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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24 Responses to Well, Okay: Much Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Episodes 06 & 07

  1. jpmeyer says:

    I could not stop lol’ing at the combination of racism and sexism in the last two episodes.

  2. Damn! Sorry to see your house like that. It looked like the guy on the bike would’ve been better served in a canoe. As for the anime, I don’t want to say I’m having second thoughts about this show. But it’s been a rough ride as of late.

  3. animekritik says:

    Damn, that sucks. The flood AND the show.

  4. NoHeart says:

    Wow, that bites about the house. Looks like Age was preempted…damn.

  5. Reid says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your house, Ghost. I had hoped that your family wouldn’t be affected badly by the super-heavy rains, but at least you are all safe and sound. It rained really hard where I live for the last weeks too, though I haven’t heard about anyone being flooded out of their homes. It really messed up the roads though, and threw off the start of the school year for the kiddos. Seems like the world was just predisposed toward being pure crap for a while.

    These last two Muv-Luv episodes…bleh and myeh do do even begin to describe how crummy they were. I still don’t quite understand why all the flight officers needed to travel to Hawaii just to prance around in their bikinis, given the dire situation facing the world, but hey, this is an AVN-turned-anime that just happens to have some robots thrown in for (usually pretty good) measure. I hope next week’s episode has some major action, as hinted in the preview.

  6. megaroad1 says:

    My deepest sympathies for you and your family Ghost. Really sorry to see the flooding. I hope most of your stuff that got wet survives. The destructive power of water is unbelievable.

    Regarding Muv Luv, this has to be the most painful ‘deserted island’ arc since Nadia. The horror. Oh, and it turns out Yui is not a battle hardened veteran trying to whip her troops into shape. She’s just a tsundere. And she’s tsun because our harem lead hugged the Soviet chick….sigh.

    • Reid says:

      What could be better than having a secretly but culturally compliant, yet high-spirited yamato nadeshiko and a thawing fish of a big-jugged Russian dominatrix alone with you, shivering cold and soaking wet, on an island in the middle of nowhere….oh yeah that’s right this is a “mecha show” (sigh).

      • DarkFireBlade25 says:

        It is unfortunate that she actually horrible at personal relationships. I gather that Yamato Nadeshikos are supposed to be strong women who have high social deftness. It’s a shame she isn’t.

      • megaroad1 says:

        Nah. It’s not the “mecha show” thing. I just thought after the first couple of chapters that the production team were making a point about this anime being dark and not pulling any punches. And then the last couple of episodes just…I mean, come on. You didn’t think they were too good either did you?

    • anonym2008 says:

      Yui was a tsundere all along. The previous episodes did not deny it.

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  8. sadakups says:

    I already dropped the show after seeing the last episode.

    Glad to see you’re safe and able to post some stuff despite the flood. I knew for a fact that you, being from Pasig, was affected by the flood. All of us in the Metro did, at least, but for me, it was an indirect hit. House was safe, but I was stranded and was far away from home for four days.

    Hope that we recover despite another storm coming to hit us. And more rains until the end of the year. 😦

  9. r042 says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the flooding; I hope you and your family are all right, and that the property damage isn’t too severe.

  10. Metaphyscist says:

    It’s cool the not posting thing, as it much as it sucks LIFE! takes priority over our pastimes. Hope you and yours are safe and that everything drys out.

    Gundam it! They are actually pulling this series of Tropes again! And that really Grinds My Gears!

    Can the hero for once hook up with a woman that unambiguously likes him! Without having been a total bitch first. Or painfully shy and or emotionally repressed. Like that sweet top heavy Swedish chick. Or that tiny brown girl who’s name and country of origin I can’t remember. I am not normally attracted lolis or pseudo-lolis(legal jailbait) but she has an energy and spirit that is irresistible. Even those crazy(and possibly psychic) Russian Twins would be better. Nope, Yuuya Bridges is going to wind up with miss bitchy pants Takamura Yui.

    And on the subject of Takamura Yui, I have lost all respect for her.

    When she first showed Takamura Yu. was Cold and uncompromising and Nationalistic. Her shield was contempt, disgust was her armor, and hatred her sword. In the Emperor’s name she would let no BETA survive! She trolled Yuuya Bridges to his face. When Yuuya was bitching about the Japaneses TFs. Takamura Yu said, barely trained children who’d been forced on to the front line can handle these. I was Like Fuck yes!

    After showing that much will and fire, to have Takamura Yui. turn around and say”I am really a sweet innocent and delicate flower who just wants to be held and cuddle”. It kinda ruined her character. The woman that Takamura Yui was presented as when we first see her on base. wouldn’t have gone through all that timid tsundere love triangle crap. She would have simply stated her intent then knocked Yuuya out dragged him off to some seclude location and proceeded to raep him until he enjoyed it; the end!

  11. Ryam says:

    meh don’t care about romantic hijinks. all i know is in the end Yuuya x TSF is the OTP.

  12. MarigoldRan says:

    Just pretend it’s Venice and everything will be fine.

  13. Justin says:

    Yipes that’s pretty bad. I’m glad you and your family are safe man.

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