Zeheart Galette! Light For Our Prayers! Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 44


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 43]

Zeheart confronted Ezelcant with the truth, and Ezelcant owned up to his madness! Then he asked Zeheart to follow him anyway – to “become the light for humanity”— that is, to execute the genetic purity project. Zeheart accepts, and becomes the light of madness.

Meanwhile, Flit is still hung up on Yurin, and while I’ve no doubt for his love and regard for his descendants, they now seem to be tools to exact vengeance, or perhaps justice on the Vagans. Flit is reinstated from the reserve corps. and will take command of the final assault on La Gramis.

Zeheart and Flit both come into the fight with half-assed reasoning, which sets the stage for much shouting and debate from their respective cockpits when the battle starts.


When the three Asunos gather to talk about righteousness in fighting, Flit is awesomely genocidal, Asem is reasonably moderate, and Kio is all whining idealism. The thing is, Kio fucking walks out on the confrontation. Instead of resolving their differences there, he’ll more than likely try to whine and harangue everyone while he’s inside the Gundam.

Yes, this stinks.

Think about it, the time for debate was then and the place for it was there. But they choose not to have it out, knowing they’d be able to “pick their fight” while they’re inside their Gundams. Where they’d endanger themselves, each other, and the mission objectives by taking away their concentration on the fight at hand and giving all they’ve got to shouting down their antagonists – which must then be from all sides because they refuse to agree and settle anything with anyone when the proper opportunities present themselves.

But yes, this is Gundam. The debates that have any proper resolution must play out in the final battle; where the “Eureka!” moments must arrive, if at all, before the respective moments of death for the sympathetic, and never at all for the characters meant to be hated.


I think Flit is going to die.

This is ok, I just want the show to be merciful and not contort him into making an overwrought “I was wrong, my son! My grandson!” scene before saving the Earth/Vagan(!) in his final sacrifice. I want his death to have actual dignity. Screw righteousness. The measure of his life isn’t what he thinks in the end, but what he has already done. He won’t have to save the day now, because his descendants are here for that. This entire arc is set up to be a lesson for his hate.

Just take him, Yurin, and spare him from the indignity of being lectured into righteousness by his teenage grandson. Or, make him an asshole to the end, just like Char.

Meanwhile, Zeheart in the Vagan Gundam tries to get to the EXA-DB and runs into its defender: ACGUY FREEDOM! I knew this guy would eventually get its own show!


So close to the end. I can see the light.


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31 Responses to Zeheart Galette! Light For Our Prayers! Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 44

  1. Reading this post, you seem almost tired after watching these episodes. I agree though. It was an opportunity lost to fix the Asuno family right then and there. I’m more annoyed with Zeheart myself. I’ve given up on The Asunos not being a dysfunctional stage show.

    That cutesy pic of Haman Karn… I must have it!

    • I accept that the show isn’t interested in resolving it here. The purpose of this meeting was to intensify the drama. I accept that this is how Gundam does things, but I needed to get it off mg chest, so to speak, so I can go ahead and pay attention to the things I actually find interesting, like the Acguy Qubeley Freedom insect mobile armor.

  2. sadakups says:

    I’m disappointed with Zeheart. There was that moment of hesitation with regards to following Ezelcant, and I’ve been waiting for that since Ezelcant’s low-rent Destiny plan is absolutely rubbish. I nearly head-desked myself when Zeheart decides to stick with him after being shown that hologram show. Seriously, the Vagans are the worst race ever. No one among them has the audacity to think otherwise as to what Ezelcant’s been saying for the last 60 years. I mean, he isn’t a dictator per se, but the Vagans aren’t really that easy to sympathize with.

    The Asuno Alliance is starting to break down considering that Flit wants Vagans dead, Asemu is in the middle and Kio Yamato just won’t stop yapping about understanding. Heck, if Wendy or Romary died, Kio won’t even have the balls to say shit about understanding the Vagans. Sorry kid, I’m not really convinced with the way you think since as I said in the first paragraph, the Vagans aren’t that easy to sympathize with. All of them are crazy loyal to Ezelcant and not even sick girl who died is representative of all of them.

    With the way things are going, I just can’t see how this show will end. It’s a writing mess.

  3. Well, Lady Haman has her priorities set right…

    I too think that Flit will bite it in the end, but only after he backs away from his “WE GENOCIDE NAU”, and guided by X-ROUNDER GHOST YURIN to save Earth AND Vagan from themselves, becoming the savior he always wanted to be but couldn’t.

    LOL at Acguy Freedom as a description for SID.

  4. whatshtisthis says:

    The part in the OP where Kio sees the ghosts of Flit and Asemu really give off a feeling that they are going to die, pretty sure Ghost Yurin will change genocidal Flit and Kio will end the final battle like Kamille(did I spell it correctly?) where he pretty much taps on the power of Flit, Asemu and everyone that died.

  5. Turambar says:

    Wait, how many more episodes are there?

  6. Reid says:

    I know I have some stupid theories here and there, but let me bounce this one off you guys – it’s a long shot but hear me out. This is Flit’s show, no doubt. He’s the most conflicted character and we’ve seen more of him than any other of the main protagonists, his son and grandson included. If, as Ghost says, Flit is to die with a degree of dignity befitting all the actual good he accomplished in his life, I can’t imagine a more dramatic way for that to happen than for Flit to be forced to kill Kio who in the ensuing tries to wipe out everyone for not buying into his “total understand” mumbo jumbo. My idea is that Kio will come into contact with the EXA-DB’s secrets and then go mad from the revelation about the total extent of humanities callous disregard for the sanctity of life. Maybe Asemu will be left alive, but Flit’s “ah-hah” moment would come as he realizes he’s left with no alternative but to do away with Kio, who he loves more than his own son. Then he could have that “this is the monster I could have become…I was only one step away and I drove my grandson to this fate” moment. He could even die in the process. Nutty, right?

    • Raidenwarrior says:

      Don’t worry! Sunrise will simply keep us down with pleasant surprises rendering any of our expectations for dark endings. Yoshiyuki Tomino is by far the only creator of mainstream Gundam shows (that is, not counting the OVAs Stardust Memory, War in the Pocket, and MS Igloo) that has managed to defy Sunrise’s attempt to make Gundam another not so different idealistic show — and made it awesomely dark and cynical.

    • If he kills Kio, fuck yes best show.

  7. Raidenwarrior says:

    You talk like you’re a fan of Ali Al-Saachez (as a character, not a person), Ghost. 😛 Don’t get me wrong. I still can tell the big difference between Saachez and Flit.

  8. r042 says:

    New hypothesis. The EXA DB was… The BETA all along!

  9. Inky says:

    I think the EXA-DB monster thing that Zeheart the Easily Convinced is about to fight (oooh an episode about him fighting an unpiloted AI mobile suit, let me go find some emotional investment to put in there) has shades of the Devil Gundam and wouldn’t be surprised if its AI has decided to kill all humans, but that’s probably ’cause I’m a big G Gundam fan.

    The debate was disappointing, but for me it was because Kio could have made it more convincing if he’d said to Flit what he said to Wendy later, that he had met innocent Vagans who had nothing to do with anything and didn’t deserve the wholesale slaughter Flit was proposing. It wouldn’t have convinced Flit, I’m sure, but it would have been better communication and better writing. They could have built it up to this yelling match that they actually needed to walk away from instead of all going off in a huff. It was frustrating because Kio still sounds like a whiny, naive kid when he doesn’t actually need to.

    As for deaths… I kind of think Asemu is going to be the one to die, which will happen in a way to make Flit go OH MY GOD MY VENGEANCE QUEST IS DESTROYING MY FAMILY.

    • Yes, his words to Wendy were the right thing to say. Had he said those to Flit, it would be hard for him not to respond positively, thereby resolving the drama this show intends to resolve in the last battle.

  10. Shining_Bard says:

    Clearly the writers of this show really suck at making the “antagonists” sympathetic.

  11. ces06 says:

    “Awesomely genocidal” is about right. I love just how casually Flit asks the execution of all the Vagan prisoners.

    Seeing this, AGE is and always will be Flit’s show. Asem’s too neutral, and Kio’s too whiney. I agree that the best way to end AGE is with Flit’s sacrifice, but I’m also hoping he gets redemption along the way. And it’ll be a good statement on both Ezelcant’s and Kio’s ideals.

    The mobile armor’s name is SId BTW, It’s awesome. http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/Sid

  12. At least there’s a mobile armor that is awesome, moves ridiculously fast, and has a shitload of weapons. It got me more excited than all the other stuff this episode tried to shove down my throat. Like the ‘Destiny Plan – AGE Edition’, ‘Dysfunctional Gundam Family Part Infinity’, ‘Bad Gundam Gift – AGE Edition’, and the worst of it all ‘Token Female Character Appearance – AGE Edition’.

    Ah well, one can hope someone in Sunrise will get it right soon.

  13. Shining_Bard says:

    You know, I’m surprised that Acguy Freedom didn’t make it in the Gunpla Builders OVA. Speaking of the Gunpla Builders, at least its lesson is a lot more clearer than this series. Having fun. Which is more than what I can say about this episode.

    • Reid says:

      Speaking of…it would seem that Danball Senki is the model Gundam should go after if it wants to make a total franchise to attract young viewers/buyers in the same way that Pokemon won so many devotees back in the day. Aaaaand the closest thing in the Gundam stable to Danball Senki is…..GUNPLA BUILDERS. Let’s get it on, I say! Bearguys leading the way.

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