Everyone’s a Little Bit Rapist Sometimes: Muv Luv Axis Alternative Powers Total Eclipse Episode 8

[HorribleSubs] Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.40_[2012.08.21_06.17.16]

[Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Episode 6 and 7]

Rape is bad. It’s even a sin. Lot offered his own daughters to the Sodomites just so they won’t get to kick his doors in and rape Badass Old Testament God’s Angels. Since he offered his own daughters whom he has complete authority over (especially since they’re minors) so as to prevent rapey sin. It’s no longer rape if you consent on your daughters’ behalf right Lot? But alas, them Sodomites prefer them Angel boys instead of lolis. But these rapists could also have thought, “raping girls leads to worse sin, like abortion!” What? Abortion as a medical procedure may not have existed before the flood? But the flood happened 2 weeks ago, here in Manila. Oh you mean Filipinos don’t count in as the chosen people? THAT’S RACIST!

Filipinos are perfectly capable of religious fundamentalism! Like seriously, fuck science! Stop the Reproductive Health Bill, because you know, USING A CONDOM IS PERFORMING ABORTION! This also makes me pregnant because I have countless sperm cells IN MY TESTICLES. Anyway, rape is bad and these Georgians and Khazaks were going to squad-rape the Russians, right before they platoon-rape them. Why can’t they just restrict themselves to sexist but appreciative cat-calls like the people of Glorious Nippon in episode 7?

Well, who are we to judge? Everyone’s a little bit rapist, right?

Even Filipinos! Even shitty singers cosplaying Hetalia Axis Powers! I enjoyed watching this musical live when a local production was held a few years back. I suppose it challenged my idea of rape as exclusively a foreign thing: Spanish Colonizers, American Colonizers, Japanese Colonizers. Man, all their dicks all the way up our colon. I then realize I could very well be a rapist too, if only a little bit.

But the Georgians and the Khazaks aren’t just interested in rape, are they? Rape was just a thing to do, corollary to what really is a means to oppress, humiliate, and abuse the Russian girls, for being Russian. It was going to be a hate crime. Of course it was averted, since the harem lead burst into the scene and saved the day. The bitch commander of the Georgians/Khazaks will soon fall under the spell of his manly penis next episode.

[HorribleSubs] Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.12_[2012.08.21_06.15.54]

This show is shit.

That said, I appreciate how the bureaucracy is portrayed – how politics and backroom deals upend the design principles of the technology they’re testing. Organizational dynamics so often compromise the execution of projects. This is true far beyond the military industrial complex. Yui is in full dere-dere mode now, and yeah this show is shit.


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44 Responses to Everyone’s a Little Bit Rapist Sometimes: Muv Luv Axis Alternative Powers Total Eclipse Episode 8

  1. r042 says:

    Reading this makes me realise I was far, far too kind on this episode in my own article on it. I tried to be critical but restrained but really it’s just very, very bad.

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  3. MarigoldRan says:

    Read reviews first, before watching shows. Of course as a blogger, you don’t have that luxury.

    There’s ups and downs to everything.

    Glad I haven’t watched anything past episode 2.

  4. Micropod says:

    For being Russian, and for being all cosy across the ocean playing pretend in a top of the line machine while the frontline soldiers make do with outdated MiGs. Then there’s how they’ve been forcefully pressed into service to fight for a country they don’t particularly have a reason to care about by people who they don’t particularly have a reason to care about who themselves ran away leaving them to be used as meatshields. Then one of said people pushes their buttons by insisting that they’re comrades fighting for the motherland. Combined with raging teenage hormones and sexual frustration plus the Red Army turning a blind eye to abuse within its ranks, it’s not entirely far-fetched that they’ll be taking out their hatred on easy targets.

    But it is pretty ham-handed.

    • Borneo says:

      I agree. I don’t think the idea behind this episode’s near-rape drama was bad at all. On the other hand I can understand why people are groaning about it. The scene felt pretty clumsily executed and cliché, even to me. I’m inclined to blame the director for shortcomings like this, so the show might get better in this regard from episode 10 onward (with the switch of directors).

    • Terribly executed to be sure, in probably the worst possible way.

  5. Turambar says:

    Man, this fucking show. I haven’t watched an episode since 5 due to unrelated circumstances. Now I’m pretty glad I haven’t had a chance to.

  6. Reid says:

    I’m not gonna say “I told you so,” but wait…oh crap I just did.

    • Reid says:

      Not that I anticipated rape as drama or anything, but the show being sh*t. I did say that. I wish I was proven wrong, really. I feel like I could grow as a person if I had to man up and admit I was wrong about it. The TSFs are cool in a weird way though. Let’s get back to those, please, Muv-Luv.

  7. dliessmgg says:

    Muv-Luv: Hetalia Eclipse
    Muv the Third: The Woman Called Total Eclipse
    Fractotale Eclipse

  8. megaroad1 says:

    The potential exhibited in the first couple of episodes has been clearly wasted. The characterizations are all over the place. I thought Cyska (is that how one spells it ?) was a badass ‘elito’ and could wipe the floor with anyone in a TSF or otherwise. Apparently not. The only thing that is certain is that the smell of Yuuya Bridges’ manly penis is indeed irresistible.

    • Nanoarchery says:

      As far as I can tell from the show, the only thing Cryska has been established as being good at is flying a TSF in a two-seater with Inia using her ESP in tandem with hers, as well as tending to collapse from sudden migraines. Not much to particularly suggest how formidable she is or isn’t in unarmed self defense.

    • They ARE badass.

      But since they are FEMALE, they will always be in situations that they require the lead male to save them/make the difference in their lives.

  9. jpmeyer says:

    I love, LOVE how this show constantly takes women that are supposed to be elite soldiers and puts them in their place with horrible sex shit.

    PS: I bet that those pilots will all get wiped out instantly in the next few episodes, which will be awesome/awful because it’ll just add in even more racism. “Look how terrible ethnic minorities are! Now cheer as ethnic minorities are slaughtered in unbearably barbaric ways!”

    • remoteplug says:

      While being an elite pilot Cryska was struck by crippling synapse syndrome, not being a woman.

      And if you think that scene was trying to push how terrible ethnic minorities are, you either missed the point or don’t want to see the point because you just want to find more reasons to hate the show. No offense.

    • nineball says:

      They didn’t “put elite soldiers in their place with horrible sex shit”. Kryska’s proficiency in hand to hand has never been even mentioned while it’s already been established that she’s prone to having sudden debilitating headaches and collapsing out of nowhere, while Inia is clearly not a standard soldier. (Considering that she and Kryska were manufactured for the sole purpose of sitting in a TSF with another pilot, entering a Hive and trying to psychically communicate with the BETA, and the program was terminated before Inia could be used).

      Also they clearly weren’t trying to call ethnic minorities in general horrible, they’re just showing kids having an extreme reaction to being called comrades for the reasons outlined in comments above. Killing them off wouldn’t be karmatic balance for being jerks, killing them off would be a clear example of a reason why they are upset enough to act like jerks. Because they’re being forced into life or death situations repeatedly to fight for a cause they don’t believe in by people who are lounging comfortably around a couple of thousand miles to their rear, and are upset about it.

      • jpmeyer says:

        I’ll give this show the benefit of the doubt with being racist/sexist the moment when it has a scene where a bunch of Japanese characters try to gangrape VG or Vincent.

  10. NoHeart says:

    I’ll continue to watch this, no matter what. I’ll make my own judgements on it. I’ll be the pollyanna, and refuse to put energy towards disliking things, and i won’t be swayed by others anymore either. It’s just my way, and I realize it now. After weeks of agonizing, I think I can stand firm on this and decide on my own what to think. *sigh*….funny how posting on a blog for mecha fans can make you grow as a person….

  11. nineball says:

    I’d like to point out that the Lieutenant Colonel didn’t call them off for being terrible people menacing a pair of poor innocent Russians, she called them off because they didn’t have time to waste playing with their guests when they had to go check on their TSF status and prepare for sortie. She then told Yuuya, who was in the middle of opposing them, to know his place. Perhaps she actively condones what was going on because she understands the child conscripts’ frustrations with their situation?

    • Lt. Col. as far as I’m concerned, PERMITS the practice of squad and platoon rape. After all, these activities are “usual” based on the conversation spoken by the would-be rapists. At the very least, they’ve happened before, and the perpetrators were not punished.

      A woman in power who allows rape, not to mention the women who play along with the rapes… TRIUMPHS OF CHARACTERIZATION.

      • Reid says:

        In Soviet Russia characterization triumphs over YOU!!!

      • Micropod says:

        Now, now, being female doesn’t mean you have to be opposed to rape in general. You might, for example, wish rape upon the ones you hate.


        • jonas says:

          Rape is an act of domination. Have you ever seen a female dog, hump another dog?

          • Reid says:

            My dad (and late grandfather) are farmers and I grew up working on the farm. We’ve got a couple hundred head of cattle and yes, oddly enough, I have seen a heifer mount another heifer. As far as I can tell they do this to sort out “who’s the boss,” just as you said. It’s sad to see that human beings (even cartoon ones) aren’t so different from animals.

  12. Zarvoe says:

    You know, attacking Religion, religion on the idea that Religion is somehow hostile to Science, and using a well worn but innumerate claim about Lot and Rape really makes this article just as bigoted as the episode.

    Please don’t attack the Bible again. its clear you haven’t read it and are just pulling this comment from the standard web claims about the Bibles content.

    And please drop the Science VS Religion angle, its really been disproven already.

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  14. MarigoldRan says:

    I think I might start rooting for the zergs. FOR THE SWARM!

  15. jonas says:

    Delinquent rape threats are anime staple, they used the same scenario in this week Binbō-gami ga!, I think this trope was even used in Belzebub.

  16. jonas says:

    “Everyone’s a little bit rapist, right?”

    Man, I live in the rape capital of the world, do you think Filipinos had it bad? Try being rape into extinction. Mexican history is based around people raping other people, until everyone is related, not that being family will save you from getting dick up your ass.

    Two weeks ago, some fuckers broke into a catholic camp, and raped seven teenagers. A week later two cops raid a house party, and ended up raping a 13 year old girl. And then we have our military, who some years ago were send to help people during a flood, but instead they gang raped a 78 year-old woman, and left her to die. Unfortunately for our brave men in uniform the woman survived, on the plus side military personnel can´t be judged by a civil court, so they keep practicing the national sport.

    So yeah, fucking far fetched episode.

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