The Clusterfukc of Conflict at the End of AGEs of War: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 46


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 45]

As with the tradition of Gundam shows, the final battle becomes a mess of conflicts as factions turn on each other. The Earth Federation isn’t immune to this, with the Asunos each trying to end the war in their own way. The Gundam itself is thrown into this fracas as an object of temptation – its final, most powerful “Burst Mode” is supposedly a decisive, deadly weapon capable of destroying enemies en masse.

This is what Kio struggles against using, as he tries to be good enough a pilot to disarm all Vagan he comes across without having to use the deadly mode. Nothing gets through him, with the most sensible and level-headed of all characters Seric failing to convince him to not focus on disarming his enemies – protecting them from the battle by taking away their means to fight. Obviously this is a supposedly higher degree of difficulty compared to targeting the torsos of the Vagan mobile suits. But this is his way of ending conflict, and Gundam as a franchise is committed to this ideal as its definitive form of heroism.

Fortunately for us, the battle itself is fast-paced and ferocious. So far, there is not stalling or stalemate scenarios. The tactics play out very quickly: the Vagan drew in the Feddies into the firing line of its mass beam weapon by placing dummy warships. The laser took out five or so Federation capital ships. Algreus responded quickly by sending the Diva and the rest of the forces into the firing path knowing that the enemy weapon must take time to recharge.

The Vagan on the other hand has to deal with civil war, as Zanald openly rebels and while not opposing the directive to fight the Federation forces, takes the opportunity to take out Zeheart. He will most likely fail, but I imagine Fram to die ensuring this failure. What is left for this show to show us?


What’s left for us to see is how Kio’s way prevails. He will be compromised to use the Burst Mode, but what can happen, much to my dismay, is for his X-Rounder powers to tame this weapon to disarm ALL combatants en masse. The only combatants to escape from this disarmament would be the key players, most likely the other Asunos and Zeheart, perhaps a few other Vagan. The final moments of the battle will play out as duels, while the La Glamis’ weapon is prevented from firing a second time. This will be the defeat of the Vegan in the battle, the cannon being the last weapon to play as the fleet is disabled by the Burst Mode.

Flit or Asem may have to sacrifice themselves in order to stop this.

The question is: what do I make of AGE as a whole if it chooses to go this way?

I think it turns out to be a watchable show, which could have been great. It fails to become great because it doesn’t overcome the limitations in terms of budget and time to produce a consistently amazing spectacle, while deploying many of the elements of the franchise that annoy me, and I imagine many fans throughout its 30+ years. I won’t enumerate these things here, as I imagine there would be time for reckoning after the end.

Of the approximately 9 50 episode TV series in Gundam’s franchise, there is only one I consider to have strong rewatch value (Mobile Suit Z Gundam), I somehow feel that this show will become another. And no, I don’t mean to say that Zeta, or the other long Gundam shows I like don’t have incredibly long stretches of ugly and boring episodes. They all have it in varying degrees. It’s a shame how AGE is filled with it after the quick start, and the long stretch towards the end.

Flit, show me something big before you go. Don’t go down Kiofied.


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20 Responses to The Clusterfukc of Conflict at the End of AGEs of War: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 46

  1. We still have SID! That will show up in the end for the two forces to panic about as they diminished their forces and SID is at full force to kill both Earthers and Vagans.

    I always knew Zanald would be a jerk and turn against Zeheart! Lol, Fram got Subordinate-zoned! And the Legilis making now GN Fields of its own… Tieria wants a word now with Zeheart XD

    Next episode sees deaths and other things which will make the episode really explosive and Kio activates the FX-Bust mode which I can see it as a combo of both Jesus Kira Yamato Spammage with the Setsuna F. Seiei Trans-Am fast-paced beating… Which Lockon’s Zabanya & Ha/Allelujah+Soma/Marie already did in the 00 Movie XD

    • CVPhased says:

      ” And the Legilis making now GN Fields of its own… Tieria wants a word now with Zeheart XD” — now that would be ironic given Tieria and Zeheart share the same voice actor XD

  2. Myssa Rei says:

    Actually, I pretty much have a good idea how things will turn out, given how the ENDING of the Gundam AGE game (even with videos!) came out just a few days ago. Kind of disappointed in what was done (which makes me question what the heck the scenario writers were thinking), but still interested in how the TV staff spin things.

    Oh, and lets just get this out there: ALL named Vagan characters aside from Ezelcant and Zeera die in the game.

    • Reid says:

      If Gihren’s Greed taught me anything it’s that video games do not necessarily end the same way as the anime they’re based on. Ramba Ral’s Gelgoog anyone?

      • Myssa Rei says:

        There’s one slight problem with this comparison. Gihren’s Greed was meant to showcase almost all of the possibilities that could have come out of the OYW. The Gundam AGE game however, is apparently a LINEAR game, with a single ending. And everything that’s been revealed about the game seem to match the anime 1 is to 1.

        • Reid says:

          Oh…crap. Well then you’re right! lol my bad. I figured with all the game-exclusive Wear Parts and all that the game would involve some narrative leeway, as it were.

      • Arabesque says:

        Except it’s the other way round in this case. The game was always set out to come before the anime ending (August 2012) and not to mention the entire anime was derived from the game storyline and concept.

        As for the anime writers spin it … lol, not likely, since the chief (and main) writer for the anime is the same one as the chief writer, main writer and head of Level 5 as well …

        Also, even Ezelcant dies as will in the end after getting a redemption speech, so the only named Vagan character who had survived to the very end is actually Zeera lolololololol 😦

        Ah, AGE … I had placed so much faith in you … oh well, at least E7 AO had managed to fill that gab in good mecha anime for this year, so I suppose it’s okay. But really, shame …

  3. CVPhased says:

    Isn’t it ironic how a show that has obvious time constraints dishes out more named characters? It’s like they’re used just for pushing character development on our main protagonists… especially Kio when they could have done it with actual scenarios instead… XD

  4. Inky says:

    Kio is really getting on my nerves. I mean, he was before. But man. I don’t like hating pacifist pilots but he’s just so damned whiny about it and in this episode he’s a danger to his own side–blocking Obright’s kill like that was not cool, and for crying out loud if there’s one man on the Diva to listen to it’s Rageless Neil–I mean Seric. I mean really, he is probably the smartest dude the Feddies have right now.

    I am glad that they brought Zanald and Phantom 3 guy back since I honestly thought they had been forgotten. Less thrilled with the introduction of Zera because goddamn, if they spent more time with the characters they already have instead of tossing in new ones like popcorn, G3 would really flow much better. And… having read game spoilers, I have no hope left for the rest of the show. (Except for Flit getting a statue, which is hilarious.)

    This show frustrates me so much. I think I’m madder than I would’ve been if it was consistently bad, but it just has so many good moments and good potential that it then throws in the trash. WHY.

  5. “…for his X-Rounder powers to tame this weapon to disarm ALL combatants en masse. ”

    I can’t say that that would be the worst thing ever if it happened, we’ve been prepped for it since the end of the Second Moon arc. But I would be more than a little disappointed at that simplistic approach. Then again, I shouldn’t forget that this is a simplistic show. And a naive concept like stopping war- nay, bringing peace to the world through a walking battleship and laser beam disarmament shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone really. It’s almost like this series is just taking what it thinks is a logical route for the series.

    Also, I’m a bit disturbed by this trend of seeing crazy Victory Gundam b*tches on your panel. They bring back bad memories man!

  6. I remember reading someone’s comment somewhere about what people expect Gundam to show, a simple idea, war is hell. I don’t mind the understanding route to end wars but Kio following what Kira did, which is pretty much disarming the enemies, is kind of an irony, it’s like what the person quoted, I think he said it was from Lacus, something along the lines of “calling out for peace with a gun in their hands”. Kio/Kira disarms the enemy, but remains armed while calling for peace.

  7. Shining_Bard says:

    My only regret is that we’ll never get gunpla of all those new parts from the new game. That, and the fact that the AGE-3 got destroyed .

  8. sadakups says:

    I just find it funny that they call AGE-FX’s new function as “Burst Mode”. The last time I heard the word “Burst” in a Gundam was in 00, and we knew how that went. I’m seriously hoping that Kio Yamato did not change the original function of AGE-FX’s Burst Mode into that same thing 00 did – create a light of understanding, perfect for his own way of ending this war, IN HIS OWN WAY.

    I expect old man Flit to get his resolution after living through the war and die with it. For Asem, he can just go home and be a family man. But Kio… FRIED BRAIN FOR THE BEST SHOW EVER.

  9. Gamer2002 says:

    “But this is his way of ending conflict, and Gundam as a franchise is committed to this ideal as its definitive form of heroism.”
    I pay more attention to Kio admitting that he doesn’t kill because he can’t bring himself anymore to it. He fights the way he does, because otherwise he couldn’t fight at all.

    I don’t blame him, he is just a kid. Just like Flit, it would be much better for him if he never piloted Gundam.

  10. Reid says:

    This was one of those episodes with some pretty cool fights in it. AGE has had some exciting moments where the “budget dial” is turned up. We can take a lot away from the show, but in spurts it’s really really cool.

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