Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 47: Kio The Burst of Infinite Mercy


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 46]

Seric dies, not fighting, but plotted as the maturity flag for Capt. Natora Einus. His machine is damaged enough to remain in the path of the Diva’s main gun, and Natora has to fire. Thankfully, she does. Seric shouldn’t have to stay any longer in this show. As much as he admonishes Kio for his way of not fighting, he could only wish he had that kind of enemy.

Kio had his chance too, as Zanald kills Deen for no real reason except to show further how worthless he is as a character beyond a mere plot device As such, he services the plot by tempting Kio to go all berserk – which he does, and doesn’t. Because Kio’s mercy is its own X-Rounder. Kio’s conscience has gone full-Newtype, and will protect every enemy pilot from the Gundam, no matter how overpowered the attack.


This show can’t maintain the verisimilitude of this conceit, not that it ever established any. Zanald’s suit’s main armament is its chest, and yet Kio launched multiple attacks using all the burst blades of the AGE-FX’s Burst Mode to remove the opposing mobile suit’s limbs. This is NOT disarmament. This is just plain failure.

Zanald’s survival in this encounter with Kio only serves to fill us with the dread of expecting him to foil Zeheart one more time. The Vagans really need to all die at this point.

You know what, in hindsight I do wish this show’s poor ratings resulted in pulling the plug on it after the 2nd AGE. Kio’s arc is a total mess and there’s so little for me to enjoy about it. We’d have had ugly Gundams in a refreshing story with awesome characters. Instead we get one decent Gundam (AGE 3) for a few episodes, then a crapton of fail.


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29 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 47: Kio The Burst of Infinite Mercy

  1. Inky says:

    I think Seric’s vacation comment was literal–he’s reincarnating through various Gundam shows to big-brother at misfit crews. Last time it was Neil; he’s going to show up in the next one with a sunglasses tan and a dye job.

    Man, the thing that makes me maddest about this show is how much good it could have been. I love generational stuff and there have been some fantastic moments, but it just gets squandered every damn time.

    I like the images you picked for this one. And the panel; Allenby always has good advice.

  2. Reid says:

    Arisa never would have put up with Asemu being a deadbeat dad for 13 years, that’s for dang sure. Just think of how awesome their kid would have been with Grandpa Flit showering him with MS-piloting be-a-man-love and Asemu tempering all that machismo with a little more common sense. We STILL could have had a cool Kio going by the first few episodes of this arc. Everything was set up for greatness…and then he had to go down this route. Wouldn’t it honestly have been better to have him wangst over killing people like Amuro and Kamille did (for all of about 5 seconds before realizing THIS IS WAR) than to have all this mess? Ughhh – time is running out. Maybe Gundam AGE can redeem itself with a faultless ending.

  3. kharisma says:

    we don’t have carrot in this war but we have giant space onion

  4. While the PSP Gundam AGE: Universe Accel/Cosmic Drive will spoil the end. I will not play the game until the series ends.
    Seric Abis is the man of the moment. Still takes down a crazed X-Rounder which pilots a giant onion… What’s up with that!? Anyway shows his awesomeness in battle.
    Kio’s FX Burst shows awesomeness, but the pilot lacks the focus to fight a good fight which Flit and Asemu did in their generation. Y U let Zanald escape?
    If the series would end(but it will most likely end this coming week), it needs to put in a lot of things to make the series have a good ending.

  5. CVPhased says:

    Soma/Marie basically sums up what Kio has been doing for the past episodes… what bugs me is that I can’t see the effect of him not finishing those Vagans (i.e. what he’s doing is useless at this point)

    Of the three Asunos, only Asemu did the right thing when he was in RAGE mode (i.e. he actually kills someone with it)

  6. Reid says:

    Things to note from this episode –

    Flit isn’t as cold-hearted as all that. He tried to have Seric rescued before Natora ordered the Photon Blaster to fire. He’s a good commander. This is more evidence of Flit’s inherent position as the real heart of this show.

    Seric Abis is the freakin’ man. Too bad he had to die, but at least he went out like a champ, busting up that stupid stupid stupid…vegetable thing (how lazy is this mechanical designer really? I mean, Ebikawa takes two steps back for every one he takes forward) in an incredibly gratifying way. I said upon Seric’s introduction that he was the kind of Shiro Amada-like character who deserves his own story and I stand by that. I’d like to have seen him fleshed out a little more.

    Deen sucks at piloting a mobile suit.

    Kio sucks at using V-Max. Eiji Asuka and REI would beat the piss out of him, and Eiji hates killing people just as much as Kio does. The difference being he’ll actually do it when it has to be done to, you know, save his friends. Kio just….sucks. Hahaha I hope he really get shown how completely stupid his actions are. He takes what is without a doubt the most powerful piece on the field away from accomplishing the mission, which it could nearly do singlehandedly, and goes off to slap-fight with his dopey friend and the one of the evilest dudes in the whole story and then lets him live? COME ON, DUDE! Maybe none of the Asunos will survive this show…

    Zeheart has gone completely off the deep end. I wonder does the voice actor read the script and say something like “Why would he be doing this? Isn’t this totally against his character?” I dunno.

    All that said, I refuse to give up on this show. Sure, Kio’s behavior has been beyond lame and disingenuous but I think there is still some reason to hope for a good outcome.

  7. WhatSht says:

    Kio’s X-rounder ability is now only good for controlling the bits, he can’t even kill without seeing the enemy pilot screaming. He needs to rage more and seriously kill.

  8. r042 says:

    I’ve long given up watching this but I always check the episode blog to see where it goes next. Space Onion was not what I was expecting.

    What may bring me back to this show would be Space Onion versus Devil Acguy.

  9. Remitonova says:

    Credits to Seric Abis for taking out the Vagan Space Lemon and going out with a bang. He deserves that vacation. Not entirely unexpected, but still a tearful moment.

    And to answer Kio’s question (“What have I done?”), you just let the fatass who killed Deen escape. As much as I can’t stand hearing him whine about saving both Vagan and Earth IN HIS OWN WAY again and again, I at least expected him to go FX-Burst-killing when it came to villains who obviously don’t deserve to be saved. Hopefully, either Asemu or Zeheart will claim the kill. I could see the latter incinerating Zanald’s escape craft with the giant laser already…

    In any case, low, Kio… just low…

  10. sadakups says:

    Arisa and Asemu DID have a son – and his name was Wootbit. 😛

    Seric was marked for death the moment I saw the guy. At least he got to screw around with a pathetic excuse for a mobile armor with a chump of a pilot who does not even deserve to fight the Gundam.

    Now, Kio is really completely ass now. I seriously thought I’d see the moment that he actually be a man and stop being a pussy about not killing in this war by going full X-Rounder on Zanald. Can’t he see that every Vagan he keeps alive gets a chance to fight again and kill another one of his allies? This is the most ridiculous shit ever.

    Back then, I honestly wish that the show does not get cancelled for having poor ratings during Generation 2, since I hoped that the last arc will deliver the goods, but I feel the same sentiment now, as Kio’s arc is really shitty. So much potential wasted, and instead, reused concepts from another shit of a show that is Destiny. Ever since Kio started doing a Kira and Ezelcant Sotto-copying Gilbert Durandal’s Destiny Plan (see what I did there?), I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty, and it has been.

    As a Gundam fan, I have to see this mess until the end. I don’t expect redemption in the last three episodes, but it’s more of closing this show in my book and move on to the next one in the future.

  11. Gamer2002 says:

    Remember when Flit couldn’t kill Yark Dole personally? He was running after him in Gundam, but when it come to killing him with gun put to his face, he hesitated. So it was Grodek who killed Yark, who knew that such task shouldn’t be done by kid.
    This same happens with Kio. He was going to kill that X-Rounder at the begging of episode, but thanks to his X-Rounder powers he could see pilot. He was going to kill Zanald, who should die as much as Yark, but Kio freaked out because he could see him.
    Like I said before, he just can’t kill people at this point. The one to blame is certain old man who though that brining sensitive kid to war was good idea. Flit is great character, what was shown during scene of Seric’s death but he also has some parts that are just horrible.

    There are voices here and there about Zeheart suddenly changing. I would remind people that 25 years ago there was one guy who also was ruining his plans and Zeheart had no mercy for him. Now this same happens again, even if it includes more people, but in more critical situation.

  12. Jexams says:

    While I don’t have much to comment about on this episode because of how dreadfully disappointing everything’s been, I will say one thing.

    Don’t say that Kio fights like a girl because last I checked, the girls on the Argama had more will power to stop whining and start fighting properly than Kio ever will, granted they’re not specifically known for their piloting prowess as far as I know but still.

  13. Gamer2002 says:

    Now I noticed that you believe that Kio tamed FX Burst to disarm people. I missed it, because I was kinda tired and I though you were just complaining about sparing Zanald.
    Nothing like that happened.

    Kio was aiming to kill Zanald until he stopped, and he was doing everything what Flit and Asem were always doing to Desil, no matter if they were going to spare him or not. It was total annihilation and if anything, Zanald had some plotarmor.

    And that he could disarm such single (big and slow, he really could just rape him without Burst) target doesn’t mean he can run on map with it and use it on hundreds of others. At best he might be able to slow down and waste Trans-AM’s to score same or lower amount of disarms as he would normally. If he wants to go faster, he has to start killing.
    Until your assumptions from previous post actually happens and Kio disarms with FX-Burst more people than he would without it, they are just your assumptions.

  14. Raidenwarrior says:

    Granted, Gundam Age is going to end up replacing SEED Destiny as THE worst show in the franchise history… No other comments here…
    Also, where the heck is that Zera Wachamacallit? It is already well into the third last episode!!
    Now that I spoke of him, I was hoping that that Ribbons clone ends up killing everyone in the battlefield, Earthlings and Vagans alike, giving it a bitter end in the fashion of Ideon.

    • Matt Wells says:

      A Zeta style bloodbath is the only thing that can save this show from the scrappy heap. GO GENOCIDAL FLIT, LIKE YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!!!

      • Reid says:

        I still think it would be freaking awesome is Kio killed Asemu accidentally or else by letting a Vagan baddie survive he sees his dad get killed, which causes him to snap and start killing everyone. Flit has to step in and stop him. After that, pretty much everyone is dead except Flit, who then forswears violence forever and dies a broken old man who is nevertheless venerated by Earther and Vagan alike.

        BOOM THE END

  15. shun says:

    Not killing enemy pilots…
    Ok, there’s “that other guy” with same policy…
    “That other guy” at least know when to kill someone that truly must be killed, while this boy here…
    the scoring would be perfect if there’s “that other guy” giving his opinion.

  16. dono says:

    OMG!!!! KIO you’re the worst character in gundam show ever… how can you save your all your enemies but none of your friends…..really stupid

    i want the ending Kio dies because his stupid idealism kill himself

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