It Isn’t Over Until Elena Acts Normal-Eureka seveN Episode 20

Eureka Seven AO Masked Villan Elena

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 19]

Never mind. She may never be normal.

With this episode, The show has cemented it’s path to conclusion. It will be Pied Piper against the World. And Ao fighting himself and Elena over the ethical decision to use the Quartz Gun. And these paths are not mutually exclusive. And the Johansson book has (probably) predicted all of this.

Blanc was a conniving leader until the end. The deals he makes are made with the full knowledge of the predictions of the Johansson book. And with this knowledge, he sets up Pied Piper to continue the new directive. Until last episode, Secrets were the enemy, with Scub to be protected. But the change in course is cemented with a secret pact with the Secrets, with Japan as the executor on behalf of the Secrets. But there is one other person that has been shown to religious read the book, and it’s the Japanese officer Nakamura. I’m interested in seeing how he reads into the prophecy, and what he will do to hinder or help Pied Piper. He might even become the prophet Ao needs to drive his decision to use the Quartz Gun.

Eureka Seven AO Elena Wants the Cannon

And when it comes to the Quartz Gun, no one is more direct about it’s use than Elena. Elena above all realizes the stakes. After being torn from her time line by Eureka, she understand that the only way to correct the situation is to start eliminating the Quartz not only in the present, but also in the past. But he actions in the second half of this show are interesting. Rather than stick close to Ao, and force him into making a decision, she defects to the Allied forces. As nothing she’s done has made any sense until now, I’m guessing this latest action wont until the very end.Eureka Seven AO Ao Holding Quartz Cannon

And the man wielding the gun, Ao, is at the crossroads of his ethical dilemma. Bones has made it all to obvious that Ao sees using the quartz gun is a matter of right and wrong. It’s as if Ao has completely missed the point that using the gun will change how history has played out. he could very easily use it to make changes to the present. He misses the whole idea of parallel time lines, causality, and such. I guess I can’t blame him, he is only 12. But while he debates what is right or wrong, he is missing his goal of trying to reach his mother, which can only happen if he changes the timeline. I remember the hardest decisions I had to make in Junior High was whether I was going to wear shorts or jeans to school.

How do I think this will all end? I think the resurgence of Truth will be the push needed to fire the Quartz Gun. It will be the only way Truth can be destroyed. And to destroy him, Ao will fire with all of the pent of rage, releasing the guns true power. This release will reset the time line, restoring Ao to the future, where we will see him, reunited with Eureka and Renton.  To save the timeline, and Eureka, he must destroy the past created by the Scub, and the lives of the people it has effected.

What do you think?

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14 Responses to It Isn’t Over Until Elena Acts Normal-Eureka seveN Episode 20

  1. megaroad1 says:

    I’ve tried predicting before how this show is going to play out and failed miserably at it so I’ll pass. The only thing I can be sure off at this point is that Ao will fire the Quartz Gun at some point (Chekhov’s Gun and all that). What the consequences of that will be I do not know. Somehow seeing him reunited with his parents seems too Hollywood for me.

    Elena’s defection to the Allies was positively Gundamesque. She is a complete headcase so I forgive the writers on this one. Her unpredictability adds spice to the show. It wouldn’t be surprising it at the nick of time she switched sides again and saved Ao and Fleur or something like that.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      I enjoy the random speculation. It gives me something to think about as I try to put thoughts together for this show ;). I’m sure there is some anime/manga mindset as to why she defected. Elena is all kinds of drama, and knowing her, it’s going to be a doozy.

  2. GuestyGuesty says:

    Trying to forecast this show? You’re very brave. The only thing I can think of as a nasty catch is that they have a quartz-elimination contract with the Secrets and it’s, well, the quartz gun, and the Secrets don’t want them shooting it either.

    So it’s not just a shoot/don’t shoot decision, it’s a complicated decision between “destroy it”, “shoot Truth with it?”, “use it to save Anma”, especially when Fleur has that contract with the Secrets to account for.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      I’m looking into my crystal ball, and pulling out random speculation and hearsy to see what people will buy into. But you guys don’t want to argue and debate with me, so it’s not been any fun.

      It is a complicated situation. But with little dialogue, all we’re left with is Ao’s point of view, which is the debate between the right and wrong concept he has. It’s frustrating that no one has a real conversation with him about using the canon. Everyone ignores it, much like they ignore Elena.

      • GuestyGuesty says:

        I do love speculating in general but it’s just proven to be a difficult series to speculate about. Especially when you get an episode like 21 after 20. Not a bad episode, but the pacing and especially the feel of the pacing is just extremely weird for how few episodes are remaining.

  3. Shining_Bard says:

    Wait, Ao is 12? Well I wonder how shippers will feel about this?

  4. foshizzel says:

    Ahhh Elena you are always doing something crazy and I love it! But I guess because Ao refused to fire the quartz gun that pushed her to say “Screw you guys I am going home.” or in her mind leave generation blue and join team AMERICA as a ninja? Right… much for being friends with Fleur huh? Then again Elena just wants to return to her own world so maybe she is over the whole friendship deal.

    Best part was the surprise appearance of theEND even though it was a quick two second clip? They also spoiled the final fused form of theEND and Truth in the OP! Around the 0:46 if you pause it quickly you can see it ❤

    I am sad with the news of the 22 as the final aired episode until Jan/Feb? I guess Bones pulled a shaft and decided to pull us along the way, but we do have two more episodes to go so it all works out anyway.

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