New Alliances-Eureka seveN AO Episode 21

Eureka Seven AO Masked Elena

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 20]

Loyalty and Allegiance seem to be a very fluid concept in this show. In a short span, we have both Ao and Elena defecting to the other side. We have Big Blue World dropping Generation Bleu and declaring them rogue. And the remaining members of Team Harlequin joining up against Pied Piper. To me, it’s all contradictory to the guiding principles of the original series.

As we’ve written and commented on before in this series, where Eureka 7 had heart, this show has politics. And in these most recent episodes, the politics has led to alliances and contracts. The alliances are being made that will form the final conflict at the end of this show. The most fitting alliance is between Pied Piper and the Secrets, with the Japanese nation acting in proxy for much of it. Both are outcasts and pariahs. Both have objective that are contradictory to the rest of the world. This alliance, while execute in good faith, almost seems to hang on by a thread with so much distrust between the Secrets and their former enemies. But the secrets are a very logical life form. They uphold their in of the deal with a certain mechanical efficiency, to the point of destroying their own to fulfill the agreement.Eureka Seven AO Three Secrets

And the members of Pied Piper are fitting into their roles nicely. Ao’s piloting skills, and flying discipline, even impressing his Japanese flight leader. Ao is beginning to understand the plight of the Japanese people he saw as an enemy for so long. Fleur is also taking on her new role as company president with ease. Strangely, it didn’t strike me as odd that she would show such little remorse over her father’s death. The way her emotions have been at times, large events do little to shock her. So when you add in the resentment for her dad, it’s hardly surprising that she would show such little grief at this point. I’m going to venture that at some point, and emotional break down will be in her future.

And last, but not least, we have Elena. She has definitely reached an emotional breaking point. Her belief that she is associated with a much later future, combined with her hatred for Eureka, has left her completely unhinged at times. But she’s the one character that, in my humble opinion, seems to act with a true sense of emotion. While Ao pines for his mother, and Fleur refuses to acknowledge her father, Elena feels a true sense of desperation to get back to where she believe she belongs. She is willing to abandon all bonds and allegiances to make her goal a reality. Just like the slap she gave Fleur, I see her being that final catalyst to pushing this show to it’s breaking point.

Eureka Seven AO Elena Reaches Out

In all honesty, this show really has me stretching for more that just an episode summary. Every week seems just a little more rushed, and a little more scattered. My hope is that for episode 22, and the future 23 and 24, that we’ll see all of this tied together in a meaningful, if not logical, way. Eureka Seven AO Naru Little Sister

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10 Responses to New Alliances-Eureka seveN AO Episode 21

  1. Marow says:

    Why only do an episode summary? I enjoy it the most when you write what you think about AO 🙂

    Also, sad that the final two episodes will be delayed till November after all.

  2. No way! ;__; November, I literally was dying ever so slightly on the inside during that 2 week hiatus the show took back during the Olympics.
    This next episode better be pretty enlightening, cause if I have to wait a while for the next ones I don’t want to be stuck contemplating all the “what ifs”, especially considering that Renton has yet to make an appearance.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      Yeah, the latest rumor is November, but I honestly wont believe anything until it airs. And I agree, 22 better be top notch to tide the masses over until this show airs it’s last two episodes.

  3. megaroad1 says:

    I must confess that I was a bit surprised when it turned out that Elena was just someone in the wrong place at the wrong time and only came along with Eureka for a short ride. After all the speculation that she could be the daughter of Eureka (or of Anemone for that matter) or someone linked to Johansson, it seems rather underwhelming. In any case, I agree with you in that she might be the catalyst for a breaking point in this show.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      I had high hopes for Elena’s origins. Making her just an average person accidently brought from the past is a let down. Imagine the drama if she really was Ao’s sister from another timeline. Or something off the wall like that. Instead, she’s just a normal nut job. All the more to hope that the last three episodes blow my socks off.

  4. Suachua says:

    I have not seen this movie.Plot or too 🙂

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