Getting in Together-Eureka seveN AO Episode 22

[AraAraUfufu~] Eureka Seven AO - 22 (720p x264 AAC)[8A83F46A].mkv-00_02_16-00001

[Eureka seveN Episode 21]

As Otou at Sea Slugs laments, the “plot twists” are set up to try to drive you to feel surprised. They want you to go “holy cow, I didn’t expect that”.  But honestly, I don’t think us as the audience are all that surprised any more. It would be more surprising if the show would finish one continuous thought, before randomly dropping something new on top of us. And with that, let’s dig into the last AO episode for the next two months.

Is anyone else wondering when Ao will finally take Truth head on? Ao has been given the ultimate equalizer; the Quartz Gun. At any point, he can just end Truth’s mad rage. But every time they confront each other, he refuses to pull the trigger. We’ve seen Ao reach the edge of letting his emotions go. But for whatever reason, he just wont let go on Truth. Of course it would be too anticlimactic if he killed him too soon.

Truth has now reached the ultimate final boss state. He’s part Secret, part Scub, and he’s merged with and IFO. The three powers present in this universe are all summed up in this one life form. In this final form, he’s reached a point where he can now act on his destructive mind-set. As Truth attacks Ao, he creates a massive wave of trapar, that is released into the surrounding areas. While it was disruptive to the IFO’s it has another effect. Remember all those Coral Carriers that are piloting IFOs in the area? Well, with increased trapar, comes a faster take over of the Scub in the human body. Such a convenient thing.[AraAraUfufu~] Eureka Seven AO - 22 (720p x264 AAC)[8A83F46A].mkv-00_05_44-00010

And in this weeks “Who’s side are you on” contest, we have a couple returnees. Elena makes her return to a very uninterested Ivica. And Team Harlequin, along with Mama Hannah, are teaming up with Pied Piper. Why doesn’t anyone care what side people are on?

[AraAraUfufu~] Eureka Seven AO - 22 (720p x264 AAC)[8A83F46A].mkv-00_08_10-00013

On a less critical note, I’m glad to see Naru and Ao sit down together like they used to. That relationship had reached an odd and strange state. But with Naru bringing Ao to her, they have a chance to have some time with just the two of them. A little bit of Ao childhood innocence is found again, as he blushes after holding her hand. The scene as they sit and have dinner relives some of that early chemistry that we had between the two of them at the beginning of the show. The misunderstanding that Ao has about her relationship to Truth shows how clueless he still is to her feelings for him. She has always wanted to join him as an equal, to “fly with him”. Maybe with these two, we’ll get to relive a little bit of the love line that the original series had.

[AraAraUfufu~] Eureka Seven AO - 22 (720p x264 AAC)[8A83F46A].mkv-00_16_18-00050

But, the last three minutes of this show sets the stage for the end of this series. We get to see a small hint at the come. We find Renton, in a search across time and space in search of Eureka. Along with a fantastic looking Nirvash, they rush into a Seven Swell Scub Burst in search of her. Even with that funny white patch on his head, Renton is a welcome site to this show. The dramatic union we’ve all been hoping for may actually happen. But, there is a long two month wait before we can see it.

[AraAraUfufu~] Eureka Seven AO - 22 (720p x264 AAC)[8A83F46A].mkv-00_23_14-00022

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14 Responses to Getting in Together-Eureka seveN AO Episode 22

  1. megaroad1 says:

    I’ve come to have the lingering thought that the writing team suffers from a mild case of ADHD and as such cannot stick to a an idea for more than an episode at a time. Or like you say, they are just desperately trying to keep us on our toes with ‘plot twists’.

    So Naru came back and it’s like the ten, twelve previous episodes portraying Ao’s feeling of abandonment and despair, of feeling abandoned by Naru never happened. And from being Truth’s biggest fan, a believer that he saved her from dying, Naru is just now an adolescent girl in love. I know changing sides is easily forgiven in this anime, but I think they took it a bit too far this time.

    I won’t comment on the ears thing. At least Renton looks cool in his adult guise carrying what I believe is Charles’ rifle with him. And being voiced by Holland’s voice actor from E7 seems strangely appropiate considering the relationship those 2 had.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      Maybe a good shot of Ritalin will get this show back on track. The whole reuniting of Naru and Ao seemed so forced, and such a farce. I have not idea what they were thinking with that. Renton did look cool. At least this series will be (somewhat) saved with his appearance. But it’s too little, too late in my opinion.

  2. squaresphere says:

    So… seeing Renton at the end was the pay off for the whole series. No more, convoluted time/space/string theory plot lines. Just Renton GARing his way into his son’s time line to save the day and Eureka (or at least I hope that’s what’s going to happen).

    The one thing I really hold against this series is how much character/plot regression we get. We see some progress in Ao, or his team, then BAM, time to switch sides/jump to new timeline and go wishy washy. Rinse repeat for Ao, then Ellian and throw on top Truth seems unkillable and you get a show where the audience is more of … “ok so what ass pull will they go for this time”.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      The space time is completely convoluted. Renton’s own comments show that he is hopping from timeline to timeline in search of Eureka. Who know’s where he’s at.

      Yeah, they are pulling from a lot of asses during this show.

  3. Mitleser says:

    “Why doesn’t anyone care what side people are on?”

    Because they have a bigger problem to deal with and never developed grudges against each other.

  4. redchief001 says:

    It’s amazing what three minutes, one character, and a song can to for a show that has basically been treading water most of the time. The end of this episode got me excited just like the whole motherly hand slap at the supper table when Eureka and Ao were together earlier in the series. I have faithfully plodded through this show based on those few moments that evoke emotion and familiarity in a similar way to the original. Perhaps these expectations are too great, but the fact that those moments made it to this show at all indicate to me that the writers are indeed aware of what made the original series the macaroni with the cheese but were simply not going for that this time around.

    Another thing that strikes me as odd is this longing for the world of the original series by several of the characters in the show. Their obsession is downright oppressive and I will be glad to see this explained in the end (if they decide to tie off the loose ends). I’m not really one for prediction, but perhaps Bones is pulling a J.J. Abrams and rebooting the franchise. The only reason I say that is with all of the incredibly complex changes to time line(s) a simple fix would just seem ridiculously shoehorned in at the last minute (not that some of these auto-gen character interactions in this episode didn’t seem that way). This is going to be a painful wait for the conclusion of the series so here’s hoping that its epic.

    • JoeAnimated says:

      It’s sad how 3 minutes of a show can almost redeem it. Show’s how bad things have been up to now.

      If they were really trying to reboot the franchise, they went about it strangely. There were jsut too many things that tie back to the original. I think you’re giving them too much credit. As for the ending, epic is the only thing that will save it all.

  5. Tzu says:

    It seems our prediction that the end will be Renton saving everyone is about to come true. The series has been quite a ride, thou I must admit character development has way too many holes. Thinks like Ao x Naru patching up their relationship so easily and everyone changing sides on a whim makes me think the writers had not planned any of this beforehand. Naru’s ear things as “accesories” was absolutely pulled out of nowhere, how or why would she go to a super market to get a pair of ears; she doesn’t even wear shoes! (or pants for that matter) and how come everyone is ok with Naru walking around town when she is some kind of coral addicted godness? Why does team Harlequin suddenly believes been near Truth would affect Ao when he was fighting him just a couple of minutes ago?

    Please Bones, you have time, prepare a very nice and a (as much as posible) consistent ending. That, or give us two episodes of pure mecha action featuring triple Nirvash combining and battling some sort of mega secret.

  6. franzferdinand93 says:

    Did you guys notice what renton said? he says that, that world is done for? So i take it something bad happened to their world? Maybe everyone died? All those characters from the original series wiped out like that? That is sad, or Renton is stuck in another timeline maybe? Could be possible right?… but Eureka said in a previous episode that “Renton was fighting” hmm maybe something really did happen to the planet we all know and love. In any case we will get to see the episodes in a couple months, but well i thought it said, sometime in november, not in 2 months and something about each episode being 50 mins long?

    • JoeAnimated says:

      Renton is hopping through timelines and parallel universes. The one he visits in this episode is one where the Scub have destroyed everything. I don’t think he is so much fighting, as working hard towards finding her.

      The shows are supposed to air in the end of November, which is around 50 or so days, so two months is relative. As for them being 50 min long, I have no proof of that.

  7. Alyson says:

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    It is regarding an Anime related writing opportunity!

    This is not a spam message by the way, although it might appear like it. Also if you could be kind, please remove this message once you have seen it so I don’t get emails by randomers.

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