We Remember Love Says Goodbye, and Thank You For All The Memories


This was easier than I thought.

I fought the idea hard, but acknowledged the following things:

  1. I have, one way or another, made blog posts about every animated work of the Macross franchise (those with available subtitled editions in English).
  2. After four years to this day October 13, 2012; I have said everything that I feel personally important as a fan of anime and manga.
  3. While I have become a lot more concise and efficient in the craft of blog post writing, particularly in 2012; in conjunction with the above I feel that my best days of making blog posts about anime are behind me.
  4. Blogging anime was an incredible opportunity for me to become productive and good at something during a difficult time in my life and career (particularly the years 2009 to about a few months ago). I am in a different place in my life right now where I derive less utility from hobbies compared to the crafts I am compensated for (business development, human resources, operations management, and entrepreneurship in general); and compared to playing with my 2-year old daughter and raising my lovely wife.

I don’t mean to be glib about this at all. The rest of my post is dedicated to the blog I started with Mechafetish; nurtured by so many friends and contributors I met online through this hobby; and invigorated by so much discussion from fans of anime and manga that I feel so lucky to engage through this space.


First, a few apologies.

I mentioned that I was working on a more detailed post for Mobile Suit Gundam AGE as a whole; and I did have a post in mind that would say what I feel were important things about the anime I love beyond Gundam, I chose to not do it anymore. I no longer had the energy – and perhaps the chops to pull it off. I felt it took a lot of skill and effort to re-state things I said in other posts in a powerful and entertaining way. I just have to consider this as one of the many failures of the We Remember Love project.

I intended to see Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn through, matching each episode with a flurry of blog posts. I will no longer do so.

Lastly, this is for those who shared with me shows, manga, music they liked or loved – for failing to take up their invitations to watch, read, and listen to these pieces. For these people, who thought my experience would be enriched by these titles, my apologies; especially if you hoped that I would make blog posts about them.

No excuses, only my apologies.

Secondly, a few thanks.

There ought to be many thanks – I know this to be true and I do remember all of you whom I owe. I will only mention a few directly. I will thank these not for friendship, and camaraderie – if I followed that road there will be way too many people to mention here. I acknowledge these for their contribution to my craft of anime blog post making.

First of all, Mechafetish – from whom I found vigor and renewed voraciousness for all things anime from around 2006; and particularly for introducing me to Gunbuster, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and perhaps most importantly my initially reluctant and belligerent but now retardedly awesome love for everything Gundam. From our many conversations about anime, he came up with the best name for an anime blog: “We Remember Love” (right up there with “The Mistakes of Youth”).

Secondly, The Animanachronism. He is my first blogging idol. From him I valued substantive content.

Thirdly, otou-san; while I knew I could write with verve and dramatic flourish, from him I valued dry humor without cheap snark (not that I totally abstained from indulging in such every now and then) and possibilities in content development and presentation. From the slide shows to the panels of talking heads – all these I did based on his stuff.

Fourthly, Digibro; from whom I learned the value of working fast and intensely on incredibly big blog posts.

Finally, LBrevis for telling me to “write the damn blog post myself” when I asked her to write something about Cowboy Bebop on October 13, 2008. I did, and “Hard Luck Woman” became the first blog post on WRL.

Now, some milestones over these four years.

I won’t get into specifics, but I wrote over 700 blog posts in WRL and other places. WRL itself has over 700 posts from many different contributors but most notably JoeAnimated who truly came into his own as a blogger of WRL. This place is his house too, and I speak for him here when I say he’s very thankful for all you readers and commenters who joined him in Mysterious Girl X, and Eureka SeveN Astral Ocean. ; which in no fault of his, will no longer feature in WRL. You can follow his blog posts at Anime Audiolog.

With his content, as well as a few dozen collaborators and contributors over the years, WRL’s pages were viewed well over 2,000,000 times, with over 1,000 subscribers via RSS, WordPress, and email. There are over 25,000 comments; half of which are responses by WRL authors (mostly me) and backlinks to previous posts. Still, that’s a lot of discussion, especially considering the number of words per comment is something I haven’t taken into account.

While I don’t think of these as internet-shattering achievements, I am not one to take them for granted as well. I put in a great amount of effort for WRL and I love it that I and perhaps the other contributors feel even a fraction of the gratification I felt over the years, and most especially now.

Then, I want to bring your attention to posts and/or post series that I particularly favor. Why? Partly because I’m proud of them, partly because I find them trivially interesting, and partly because they accomplish something I may or may not set out to do so. I will organize them chronologically as best I could.



Post/Series Title(s) Number Publication Date(s) Remarks
Hard Luck Woman 1 October 13, 2008 This is the first post ever, and for me it set the tone for the essays I would write thereafter. It contains my nihilist thesis for the whole of Cowboy Bebop itself.
Finding Your Gateway Gundam 1 December 13, 2008 I think this is Mechafetish’s definitive contribution to the Gundam fandom. Outdated by now, it was useful for anyone who just wanted to know what the fuss was about the largest mecha franchise in anime.
The Choices of Commander Rossiu 1 December 16, 2008 This is the prototype for the role-playing style of commentary that I eventually used wholesale in blogging long series such as Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. This originally appeared in Oi! Hayaku


Post/Series Title(s) Number Publication Date(s) Remarks
The Battle of Narita: Great Battles of Anime History 2 March 14, 2009 The second, and regrettably the last of the Great Battles specials, this is Mechafetish’s ultimate effort. This post has ridiculous detail and amount of content. It is consistent with our style of expressing fandom using the original material.
Honeymoon in Neo-Venezia 1 March 25, 2009 A rather cheesy post, but I love it. How many fools do you know who can say they blogged anime with his flesh-and-blood wife?
An Overarching Methodology Behind Anime Appreciation: A Reflection 1 June 30, 2009 I think this is one of my most representative editorials, given how it encompasses the hobby as a whole.
The World Should Just Break: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 02 2 July 18, 2009 One of my earliest attempts at episode blogging. I really enjoyed this show, and how well the early episodes lent themselves to analysis. Mirai, the lead character, was really something.
How to Date an Idol: Macross Frontier 05 5 August 28, 2009 I took up episode blogging to retroactively blog Macross Frontier. The approach I wanted to do is not to limit myself to straight analysis, but also to make feature articles that showcase elements of the show/franchise/WRL. Here I use Powerpoint slideshows to educate readers and remember love for Sheryl and Minmay.
Authenticity, How Beautiful You Are and Moments of 2009: One Summer Night Araragi Gives the Night Away  (Bakemonogatari) 12 September 30, 2009 and December 22, 2009 Two posts documenting the same moment of a show that truly exceeded my expectations in terms of characterization. I really was taken by the simple love story made complex by the clever dialogue and strong characters, and I hope my efforts matched my feelings.
Anime is Serious Business Because Guilt is Serious Business 2 October 29, 2009 Another representative editorial of mine, as it explains my point of view towards the silly concept (as it is commonly used) of the “guilty pleasure.”

moe 180394 dress koyama_kariko macross macross_frontier sheryl_nome wings


Post/Series Title(s) Number Publication Date(s) Remarks
Happy Birthday Ghostlightning! 2 January 19, 2010 It’s on this list because I’m a grateful guy. I never imagine I would ever get this kind of regard from everywhere on the planet, based almost entirely from my being an anime fanboy. Nuts.
Lies, Murderous Intent, Remembering Love Gone Wrong, WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS Black Rose Society Arc of Revolutionary Girl Utena 3 January 22, 2010 I fiercely love ALL my Utena posts, but this one for me is the pinnacle of my discovery of how incredible this show is, and how intense I’m willing to go to explore it. To me the Black Rose arc is the most thematically perfect of all in execution.
10 Reasons Why ZZ Gundam is Awesome. 1 February 27, 2010 I don’t often do snark, but when I do, it’s almost always about Gundam. Why? Because FUCK ZZ GUNDAM!
Hiding (Your Power Levels) in Plain Sight: Alternatives in Expressing Love For Your Hobby 1 May 10, 2010 I don’t use my real name on my avatar/byline (my name is Michael Chan Rubio, Filipino, 35, married with 1 daughter), but I don’t hide either. I think I really put myself out there, and not in this in-your-face defiant nerdraeg/geekpried way either. I have fun with this shit, and I want all of you to have as much fun as I do.
Char, I am Disappoint: Revelations of a Third Viewing of Char’s Counterattack 1 June 15, 2010 Char Aznable to me, is the most awesome anime Character ever made: a not-tragic-enough icon of failure. Before I reduced him as a beloved punch line I put in the work in exploring the ends of his character.
The Comeuppance of a Coward: Ito Makoto and School Days and Is This Boat as Nice as I Imagine It? Reflections on School Days 1 & 2 September 9, 2010 and September 17, 2010 One night, 12 episodes, 1 bottle of Scotch Whiskey, 1 bottle of cranberry juice; a crowd of engaged anime fans on twitter. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of fun discussing anime online through this show. It’s a high point for my non-robot stuff, never to be surpassed in how intense it felt with a crowd of readers/participants. What a boat.
The Colnization of Space that Wasn’t: Gundam’s Universal Century as Editorialized by Mobile Suit Unicorn Episode 02 2 November 11, 2010 It was during writing this post that I became certain that I loved Gundam Unicorn, and instilled this awed reverence for the Possibility that is Gundam. I had loved it, for sure; but not this much, and in this way.
The Need for (Gundam) SEED: Masochisim & Sadism and To Make The Impossible Possible: Enjoying Gundam SEED Destiny 1 & 2 December 6, & 20, 2010 To finish ZZ, SEED, & GSD in the same year… oh holy fuck THAT’S A LOT OF SHIT ANIME. If I thought I really loved Gundam then, this proves HOW DEEP THE LOVE GOES. Goddamn that was amazingly bad. However they did give me great perspective, as well as PANEL DISCUSSIONS.



Post/Series Title(s) Number Publication Date(s) Remarks
Gundam Unicorn 03 as a Eulogy For The Newtype 2 March 18, 2011 I have this theory that Banner of The Stars is the Newtype possibility fulfilled: a superior race of humanoids who have the ability to overcome internal conflicts to conquer the universe.
Why Gundam Fans Should Vote For The VF-1 Variable Fighter in Sai Mecha (and Other Voting Truths in the Sai Mecha Quarterfinals) 1 May 12, 2011 Sai Mecha 2011. Good times. Here I make the case not only for the vote, but rather how the Variable Fighter from Macross is the finest “Real Robot” ever designed in anime.
Cho Jikuu Yosai Macross 33-36: The End of The Triangle 9 July 11, 2011 It took me almost 3 years to actually blog SDF Macross, but when I finally did, I felt really good about it. I was rather surprised at how darker it seemed at the end, despite the franchise’s overall reputation for silliness.
What I Inevitably Think About When I Watch Moé Anime 2 July 11, 2011 Two favorite posts, published on the same day? This one was made as if it was yanked out of my guts. It presents a powerful truth that has never left me.
On The Interpretation of Anime (or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bog) 1 August 12, 2011 Tokidoki Balloon (2007) became the dam that broke and unleashed the reservoir of philosophizing on both anime interpretation and content presentation. Good times.
Countdown to the End of The World/Galaxy: ghostlightning’s Favorite Anime of All Time: 30-21, 21-11, 10-1. 1-3 August 27, 29, 31, 2011 Besides being an effort to organize and clarify my aesthetics, I think this is my best work using anime characters speak for me about other anime.
The Fantasy World of Education: Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight 1 October 8, 2011 This is one side of the coin of my idea on what is commonly referred to as the “Slice of Life” anime subgenre. The other side is that this Fantasy world is how things are after the robot anime heroes save the world.
Sheryl Nome is The Most Awesome Woman in Anime – The Sixth of Six Posts on Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye 6 November 5, 2011 It had to be said. This doesn’t make Sheryl my favorite character, but she is the most awesome.
Ranka Lee & Her Genealogy of Hate: Happy Merry Christmas Without You 1 December 25, 2011 So much hate, to the point that Rankafags sometimes behave as if since I’m not gushing with praise for her, or that I’m praising Sheryl, then I gotta be a hater. No way. My latest character in Mass Effect (all games) is a renegade named Ranka Shepard. So much fun to play her as the 29-y/o Ranka all butthurt losing out on the Alto sweepstakes.



Post/Series Title(s) Number Publication Date(s) Remarks
Robot Fighting, a Retrospective: From Brawling to Mass Destruction and Back 1 January 11, 2012 This is a post that let me feel I knew something about robot anime – that thing I’ve been a fan of for over 30 years.
The Complete & Ultimate Post on Aquarion EVOL Episode 1 1 January 13, 2012 Nobody knew how awesome this show would turn out, and it did turn out incredibly awesome. Thus, I’m very glad we did this post that matches the absurd joy the show eventually became.
Forever Young 1 January 19, 2012 This post is why I don’t really need to say much now. This is the beginning of goodbye.
How to Do Nostalgia in a Badass Way: Cowboy Bebop 19: Wild Horses 19 March 14, 2012 Blogging Cowboy Bebop felt very, very good – especially in the approach I took – my most earnest attempt to add value to the discussion about this show. I believe this particular post is the best example of my efforts.
There’s Nothing I Can Do For a Dead Woman, Cowboy Bebop 25-26 “The Real Folk Blues” 25-26 June 22, 2012 I’d like to think that by this time I knew how to close out blogging entire series. After three years of episodic blogging and retro-blogging, I felt sure-handed – which to me is a big deal, because this Cowboy Bebop project is the understated mandate of We Remember Love.
YACK DECULTURE! Lynn Minmay Did NOT Sing “Do You Remember Love?” 1 September 11, 2012 In the tradition of posting DYRL posts every 9/11, I end everything with a downer. Such is life.
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Finale: The Worst Is Over 51 September 24, 2012 Speaking of downers… But all is well. I remember how much I love sad endings… how my last true work is this post and I want to believe I ended it well. WRL started out as a “pure” editorial type blog. It ended up being well beyond that.


So here we are at the end of things. I won’t shut down the blog, as I may find myself wanting to respond to comments as they sometimes come years after the publication of a certain post. But for all intents and purposes, We Remember Love ends its four-year run.

I need to make one thing clear. The only thing I am certain of is that this is a farewell to WRL. I am not going away, albeit I may participate far less, watch less shows, be less available over chat/twitter, etc. If ever I do make blog posts about anime again, it will not be on We Remember Love. This place, to me, rightly or wrongly, represents a kind of consistency and quality that I would like to remember as an achievement, and not piss away with the tentative steps of possible returns.

Thank you all to the contributors, comrades, collaborators; thank you to all the regular, sometimes, and passerby readers; and thank you to all who’ve left comments here on We Remember Love.

“Belonging is the very best thing there is.” – Faye Valentine

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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122 Responses to We Remember Love Says Goodbye, and Thank You For All The Memories

  1. Vucub Caquix says:

    A hat-tip to one of the blogs and bloggers that inspired me.


  2. Soda says:

    Let me just say this……NOOOO! This site was too awesome, the quality of posts amazing, I found it truly unique.

    That said, thank you ghost (and others) for making WRL what it is, it was a pleasure reading posts and chuckling at all the jokes.

    Good luck to you all!

  3. Myst says:

    ghostlightning, you and your blog have been one of my biggest inspirations.

    Thank you and farewell.

  4. r042 says:

    To be honest it was this site that really galvanised me into blogging, and watching Macross 7, and rewatching the Frontier movies, and many other things so thanks! It was fun to write the one guest article I did, too.

  5. Click says:

    Not only was WRL one of the first few anime blogs that I’ve ever had the privilege to read, it’s one few that has inspired me to go back day after day, without fail.

    I always a lurker, but thank you.

  6. -chii- says:

    Knew this was coming for a while now just because of hints I’ve heard you say about “saying it all already”
    I’ll still be reading your posts even if it’s just over and over again. They’ve always helped me see more on certain things and this I truly appreciate. I’ve always looked up to you blogging wise!

    Thanks for the memories on WRL and see you around~

  7. Shinmaru says:

    Good bye to an awesome blog. I think most of us would be happy if our dinky sites were even a quarter as cool as We Remember Love.

    You (and schneider!) helped me love robots more. A galaxy-sized robrofist for you, buddy!

  8. ajthefourth says:

    I don’t even know how you did it, but WRL was an amazing accomplishment. Thank you for everything.

    • I did it by being excited about talking to people, all the time, about anime. It was a severe itch that needed scratching. It was also because the things I did want to say I was only finding the right ways to say it over the last four years… at the same time in many ways are things I wanted to talk about for maybe 20 years before I discovered this part of the internet.

      I did it through this need of being awesome at something when my other skills weren’t in demand and I had to do shit jobs to survive.

      I used this blog to build skills I would need elsewhere: clarity of thought and presentation; argumentation and negotiation; public relations and community-building.

      Right now I lead/manage people who are mostly the same age as most of WRL’s readers. My experience with how people use the internet, how they think, what they like, is invaluable in my ability to empathize with them, teach them, and NOT CRUSH THEM just because all the anime they like are shit.

      • Xard says:

        Nice to know this blog has such practical use for you 🙂

        My experience with how people use the internet, how they think, what they like, is invaluable in my ability to empathize with them, teach them, and NOT CRUSH THEM just because all the anime they like are shit.

        This is good and all but man, you better not tolerate Black Rock Shooter fans. 😀

  9. SnippetTee says:

    Farewell and thank your inspiration.

  10. Good work, good night, good life and good bye. You have my respect not only for your posts, but for being able to close a important curtain in your life full of dignity. As a blogger myself I know it´s hard but rewarding. Sometimes you feel a liitle of dissatisfaction, sometimes you feel fulfilled, but the important thing is doing it with hard work and gust, not to mention in a witty way, the same way i seen you work.
    A Galactic Brofist for you.

  11. cyth says:

    “Anime is Serious Business Because Guilt is Serious Business” is still one of my most valued bookmarks. I hope it doesn’t go 404 on me any time soon! Stay healthy and thank you for your posts.

  12. It was fun. I particularly liked how WRL’s comments sections became, for a time, a kind of general meeting-place for mecha fans. I think you did a lot of informal community-building, which is another thing to be proud of besides all the good posts.

    Anyway, see you in aniblogger Valhalla.

  13. schneider says:

    It was a great run! I have many fond memories just reading this blog. I have even more with the comments. There are entire sagas contained just in the comments section.

    I also realized this recently: when you have to let go of something, it isn’t because you don’t want it anymore. There are simply more important things you’d love to do instead. I admire the energy and passion you drove into this blog. I imagine that those same qualities, driven into your career and family, will make another bunch of people’s lives awesome.

    Thank you, and thank you again!

  14. Reiseng says:

    It’s a shame that one post we tried to collaborate on (Bakuman’s manga ending) did not go through, but that is of no real consequence. 😛

    I wish I could say that I checked WRL everyday and read every post, but that would be a lie. Maybe it was because I couldn’t be bothered to put in the effort to truly absorb what you were trying to say or maybe it was because I had not seen the shows that you had, but despite all that, I always considered WRL to be one of my favorite blogs.

    It was because I knew that if I ever wanted to get into robo-anime or if I ever wanted to become a better blogger, I could come here and I would find what I was looking for.

    So, thank you for that.

    I always looked up to you and I will likely keep looking up to you and I will always remember love.

  15. fathomlessblue says:

    I’m not really sure what to say other than it has been a continuous pleasure reading your blog since discovering it 3 years ago. You were the chief inspiration/motivation in discovering my love for the Macross franchise, as well as Cowboy Bebop. Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve devoted to the site over the years; I’ll genuinely miss seeing more. I’m just glad you’re sticking around in some capacity. Don’t be a stranger!

    Power to the dream my friend. We’ll always have the space whales!

  16. kadian1364 says:

    Across all the anniversaries and congratulations and contemplations of finality, I’ve spilled enough words on this site for you to know how much I deeply esteem, admire, and celebrate your creations here.

    Cheers, ghostlighting. More than the hundreds of individual cartoons I will surely forget in the long passage of time, you have done something here truly worth remembering. I wish you the best.

  17. Well, thanks for all those great posts, I’ll be dropping by once in a while to check out if there’s other great stuff I missed.

  18. Baka-Raptor says:

    I haven’t forgotten our bet.

  19. Kuro says:

    It was a good run, man. Lurking in this blog has been one of my inspirations to start blogging and I’m pretty sure that you inspired many anibloggers to start the craft.

    Thank you for being an inspiration for many anibloggers and aspiring anibloggers.

  20. bluemist says:

    Thank you for everything! This site will be a relic of remembering love for all time. Make sure you “backup” this in case apocalypses may occur.

    And welcome to my world of random unscheduled aniblogging. Works for me somehow.

  21. 2DT says:

    Enjoy your retirement, old man. 🙂

  22. Camario says:

    Never had the chance to blog about anime myself, but I did run a small politics-oriented blog for a handful of years and eventually decided to end it. I guess that’s why I can honestly say this is a pity, yet ultimately understandable.

    In any event, thanks for everything. From the informative to the entertaining, I really liked checking out your thoughts on the different shows, regardless of what my own opinions were at any given time.

  23. Ryan A says:

    I need not express how WRL churned such beautiful content and discussion over the years, for I believe it this place and your work is revered by many. I’ll admit many of the topics were beyond my scope of fandom but show your comprehensive depth as a fan. WRL is a record, of passion and vigor in both writing and discussion, and a fine metric by which my own shallow fandom is enlightened. Your authenticity will not be forgotten.

    Cheers and thank you, good sir.

  24. Turambar says:

    I expected this sometime in the near future, but it still caught me completely by surprise. You did an amazing thing with WRL. Thank you.

  25. Pontifus says:

    I certainly can understand the need/desire to focus on the other things in your life. Take care, man.

  26. kimaguresan says:

    While I read often, commented almost never, I tip my hat to you young man. Wonderful place you have here, and someday I will finish my Macross viewing, even if I just started 7.

    Take care, and see you around twitter.

  27. NoHeart says:

    This…is a rather huge shock. I am very sad to see you go. I came here mostly by accident while looking up Gundam Age. But while I may have disagreed with some of the opinions on this blog, it was very entertaining looking at the panels and such in your posts and seeing people interact and exchange banter on the seriesand the mechanics. Places on the internet where this is possible are great things to see and I am sad to know that it is coming to an end. Best of luck to you in future pursuits, ghostlightning.

  28. Mushyrulez says:

    Better to go out forthright than to slowly dwindle out from disinterest. We will remember We Remember Love!!

  29. vendredi says:

    It was a superb run. I doubt I would have ever enjoyed Macross (and many other series!) without some of the context and commentary provided here. Glad to see you’ll be keeping the archives up; there’s still plenty of shows I haven’t seen.

  30. kiriska says:

    Dang. Can’t believe it’s already been four years? Time flies on the Internet and slowly in the meatspace. Frequently I’d wished I had your sort of dedication and enthusiasm to watch, write, schedule, blog, and engage in so many conversations with so many people. You were definitely an inspiration and some weird kind of benchmark I half-heartedly wanted to reach, haha. Thanks for that and many, many good posts. Cheers, man. Good run. I still need to watch Macross someday. 8D

  31. gwern says:

    What a pity.

  32. squaresphere says:

    Well comrades what is there to say. Thank you for the wonderful times and many profound blogging moments. While the Internets is a swirling pool anonymous blackness WRL was always a shining beacon to a welcoming harbor.

    WRL for me has as been the hub of mecha talk for the last several years and it will be sorely missed. Ghostlighting and Crusader over at THAT were the ones that introduced me to the concept of the Macross Lifer. Fans dedicated to the core ideals of the Macross franchise that weather all sorts of Kawamori trolling to extol the virtues of idols, love triangle and transforming mecha. So much so I earned the M7 cluster for my Macross Lifer badge after so many mentions to go watch the series (which utterly broke me, BASARA SAMA!)

    I could go on and on but I think it’s best to leave out on the best Macross music video that sums up how I felt about WRL.

    Glory to the Northern Cross!
    Honor to you my Macross Lifer Comrades!

  33. SQA says:

    So long and thanks for all the sky fish. 🙂

  34. Jay says:

    Does this mean that Moe and onnichan has covered up most of the anime today that Mecha is being almost neglected?

  35. Jexams says:

    Mm, sad to see that this blog is closing up shop so soon after I had found it only months ago. I regret not having read more of the posts here (on account of not having seen most of the anime that you have posted about) but seeing your posts about Gundam has really inspired me to attempt blogging. I’ve always had a blog just lying around but have never really felt the urge to wriite but now, I feel like it’s time that I attempt to do so. Like so many others before me have stated, you and this blog of yours are truly inspiring. Even though it’s only been a short while, thank you.

  36. Ian K says:

    Godspeed sir.

  37. Digibro says:

    To think that this is exactly the post we talked about a year and a half ago, in your room. It’s a god damn beauty. If you find the inspiration to write something short and don’t feel like opening a new site already, I’ll house it on my site no problem.

    This site was an institution, man. It gets to die beautiful and perfect. We all should be so lucky.

  38. dliessmgg says:

    This blog STINKS!

    I love you.

  39. gaguri says:

    Congratulations man and take care. Cheers for all the past discussions!

  40. foshizzel says:

    Duuuuddeee! Congrats and take care! I always loved reading your posts on mecha Ghost you always got me interested in all kind of giant robots and our random Skype talks during anything Gundam they were always fun for me.

    Again take care!

    @JoeAnimated I gotta follow your new blog! YES!

  41. Over the years you’ve shown me time and again the excellence of mecha fandom and for that I’m ever grateful. I’m simultaneously saddened that this place you built is entering the twilight and overjoyed that life is giving you new challenges, I needn’t tell you to face them with that same excellence because I know you will. All I’ll say is if I ever wander into your part of the world, I owe you a beer, I’ll keep remembering love till that day my man.

  42. Kraker2k says:

    As a mecha fan, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, even the non-serious ones were a lot of fun! Though I don’t know if you remember, but I first met you on twitter arguing with you about anime. That was not a good start. It’s a shame, I would have liked to have known you a bit better. Nevertheless, you go where your heart wants, so good luck and take care!

  43. megaroad1 says:

    You’ve hinted at it before, but it still came as a surprise to me when I saw the title of your post. And it ends just as it started, with a Cowboy Bebop quote. Very fitting, that the show that has a recurring theme that things must come to an end finalizes this great blog of yours.

    I just wanted to say congratulations and thanks for 3 things.
    1. The chance to discover some new things in anime I already loved: I came to your blog as a die-hard Macross fan and quickly found that you’d covered a lot of other series that I loved. But your reading and interpretations of them were different and that gave me a chance to rewatch some of them and enjoy them in other ways.

    2. Broaden my interests: I was very much a sci-fi or action, seinen kind of anime viewer. But reading the passion you had for series like Utena or Aria intrigued me enough to have a look them and I have a much broader taste in anime than I had say 3 years ago.

    3. It’s OK to like this stuff: It’s not easy being a thirty something anime fan with a full time job, a miss’s, a kid (one more coming up), a mortgage and all the other assorted responsibilites of modern life. So reading your blog and seeing the comments from other like minded characters really made me relax about the ‘guilt’ that comes with fandom.

    You blog will be missed man even all the way here in Denmark (globalization, huh?), but I wish you the best of luck in your career and I hope that you will still be listening to Basara’s song every now an again when time allows it.

  44. Kadoun says:

    Loved your “character commentaries” with the AGE review’s, especially Char’s Loli Obsessions. Personal Favorite Post: The Gundam Father’s Day Power Ranking. Loved your material, wish you the best!

  45. animekritik says:

    Goodbye to WRL. Exactly four years of consistent quality. If we could get a president to work like this we’d be set. BTW, if my wife caught me saying I was “raising her”, she’d whack me over the head.

  46. Yumeka says:

    It’s sad to see you go, but it’s natural for our lives and interests to change and we can no longer keep up something like a blog. Admittedly I never read WRL much but I know you’ve been an awesome presence in the anime blogging community (you’ve left some nice comments on my blog too ^^) You will be missed…good luck with your future endeavors~

  47. Pingback: I Will Always Remember Love | My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull

  48. AshSabre says:

    I’ve always only been a lurker.. never said much.. but i will say this.. Its such a loss for me to not read anything new from you anymore.. I know it’s selfish but that is just what i feel.. But things change and i hope it would be for the better.. I will not forget you and all that you’ve given.. and with that i bid you adieu.. Thank you.. and Good Luck.. may the stars guide you on your new path..

    PS: I will still lurk around and check every once in a while if ever you decide to pick up that keyboard and start writing again..

  49. myna says:

    See you, space cowboy.

  50. otou-san says:

    As much as I knew it was coming, I wish I wasn’t seeing the day. You burned a lot brighter than quite a few blogs that outlasted you, so I guess it was inevitable.

    Thanks much for the shout-out. It’s a great feeling to hear that I was a source of inspiration, and the sentiment is mutual. It wasn’t until we started talking, and writing together at Oi Hayaku, that I really found my definitive voice, so thanks for that. And thanks for giving me the space to write some of my best work. As you already know, your byline is still there at SOS and it’ll always be available.

    Before this gets too maudlin or congratulatory, I’ll tell you what a swell cat told me almost 3 years ago: Catch the welcome home sign in about 12,000 years.

  51. Goodbye. Love will be remembered always 🙂

  52. Shinmarizu says:

    Goodness. I never thought I would see such a post. But then again, such is life. Things start, are shared and enjoyed, and then they stop. Unfortunately, I didn’t want or expect this incredible blog to stop. “All good things must come to an end” I suppose.

    *raises glass* Here’s to everything. I am grateful for the wonderful reading and rambling that you have produced over the years that WRL became a significant part of my anime enjoyment. The little bits of conversation (or huge discussion panels) about even the smallest moments. Eureka Seven. Cowboy Bebop. Gundam Unicorn. Macross everything. SHERYL NOME.

    And I know nearly everyone here feels the same way.

    If and when you resume your anime commentary in whatever incarnation, I will be sure to visit. Regardless, good health, safe travels, best wishes. This sort of thing will be missed, I assure you.

  53. Reid says:

    I’d feared this day was coming for some time ever since you hinted several months back that it might be sooner rather than later. However, now that it has at last happened I can’t say that I’m really really upset. It’s a very saudade feeling, knowing that there won’t be these fine blog posts and genuine conversations with all the good folks that congregate on here. I will always look back on We Remember Love with great fondness for these things, but above all what I will miss, and I mean honestly, earnestly miss, is the sense of friendship and camaraderie the likes of which I had never experienced regarding my anime hobby (or indeed anywhere online). Ghostlightning, everyone else, all of you have made the last couple years that I’ve followed this blog very memorable. I hope that in some small way I managed to enhance the experience of discussing things that are important to all of us for everyone.

    There are several things I’d like to say in closing. Firstly, the work here on this blog was always consistently good, funny, enlightening, honest and made with a lot of care. It took diligence (HARD WORK AND GUTS!!!) to do something as decent as We Remember Love on top of your normal responsibilities such as work and family, so I appreciate that time and effort you expended for the enjoyment of the regulars to this site. Secondly, I appreciate how you always managed to dig a little deeper into anime; it’s something I find a hard time doing when it comes to non-work-related topics, so I would definitely say you inspired me to take a more critical look at the entertainment media I consume. I know I get a lot more out of anime when I can discuss it among friends and friendly, understanding people (and sometimes a few good-natured trolls ^.^). Finally, I appreciate your kindness to me personally. As a younger man, I sometimes displayed the ignorance of my youth and you, without returning coarseness for coarseness, set me back on track. You really don’t know what it means to me to have been associated with you for the last few years. I will miss our conversations in this space.

    I hope that we can continue (or really to start up) staying in contact via Google+ or through email or something like that. I wish you and your family all the best that the world has to offer and I pray for good health for all of you, the little one especially. May she grow up to be a proud anime fan like her father! Failing that (not that there’s much of a chance of it), I’m sure she’ll be just as great a person as you, mecha-maniac or not.

    Ok, that’s it; no more from me.

    Peace, all! It’s been great fun and my sincere pleasure!

    • Matt Wells says:

      Seeing as we can’t lurk here for our public forum anymore, you want to try the odd e-mail exchange? I’d hate to lose what roots I’ve spent so much time laying down on this site, particulalrly with you of all people buddy.

      • Reid says:

        I was axxin’ around on Google+ about this very thing, homie! I did lose your email address though (somehow). Mine’s still the same though so shoot me a message when you can and I’ll save it for sure this time. No way we can not-talk! NO WAY!

  54. Sakura says:

    This place is one of the most fantastic blogs I’ve ever read and its because of the passion and enthusiasm you bring to every post. I think this place is going to live on fondly in the memories of a lot of us.

    Thank you!

  55. The Kenosha Kid says:

    I’ve read this blog for a couple years now, even though I haven’t commented much, and I just feel a) very sad that it’s all over, and b) very grateful that you dedicated so much time, energy, and HEART into this blog.

    See You Cowboy, Someday, Somewhere!

  56. Crusader says:

    I heard you talking about retirement but as the days in October rolled by I was hoping you would have reconsidered. I understand life brings about changes in priorities and it’s good to see that your situation is on the upward trend. Your kid’s going to get older and hopefully the growing pains will be manageable. I hope you did everything you ever wanted to do and hopefully you will be spotted in other places. See you NBA playoff time Ghosty.

  57. Andaer says:

    Thank you, ghosty!

    About a year ago I discovered WRL by chance. It was the first anime blog I ever read and was amazed by the enormous insight, the serious criticism and the honest fanboying I found here – and at the beginning confused by the panels. Before WRL I only knew a German-speaking anime community where mecha was a mostly neglected side issue. Your blog brought me in touch with what I consider the crème-de-la-crème of robot fanboys. Although I was more lurking than participating I am thankful for that.
    In the past year I was coming to your blog most of the days and it greatly affected the way I am watching anime (for the better to be sure). Though I’ve never been in direct contact to you, through chat, skype or whatever, I’m bound to WRL which was enriching this eventually rather short time. WRL – you – teached me a lot and it’s concept reflects the way I regard my anime hobby. Be sure I’ll stalk your twittter and be happy to swollow every work you release wherever it will be.

    I know, this comment is more about myself as your reader and my time here than about your achievements. But one of the chief values of We Remember Love is that it is at the same time your personally blog as it is a community. Just for the sake of it, I want to mention my favourite moment in this community: Talking with Reid and Matt Wells about Mazinkaizer SKL, Conan, the Barbarian and Heavy fucking Metal in one of your best of 2011 posts.

    Thank you! I will always remember love for We Rembember Love!

  58. Andaer says:

    PS: I’m going to start watching SDF Macross for the first time in the next couple of days. Let this coincident be a reverence to you.

  59. TheBigN says:

    I might be a senior of yours, but since WRL came into being, I’ve thought of you at times as an inspiration, as a rival, as a comrade, as a (thankfully) nagging prescence (I’ll be writing again soon, I promise!), as a (sort of estranged?) friend, and as someone who’d still be blogging at least here after I definitively stopped. So seeing this, while not completely unexpected, is still a little sad to see. I’ll catch you wherever you go, of course, but WRL was always a nice homebase that I’d drop by and visit every so often. 🙂

  60. Maximillion Genius says:

    I always loved his blogs for mecchafetish

  61. sadakups says:

    I was offline for a few days and now I see this. 😦

    I know I said this before, but if there’s anything ghosty and WRL that I remember, those are the recommendations for what to watch and what to read. I ended up reading and watching stuff that normally I wouldn’t even care about. Honey and Clover, Toradora, Beck, Onani Master Kurosawa… just to name a few. Of course, all the mecha-related posts need mentioning – it’s a fresh take from the usual nerd raging that I read from forums and other blogs.

    So yeah, I’m thankful for this blog for such good stuff. Sad to see it end, but great things do come to an end eventually. Good luck on your future writing endeavors, man.

    PS: Good idea not to do a full write-up about AGE. That would have made your retirement of the site real bad if that turned out to be the last article. 🙂

  62. Didn’t even thought that you will quit writing posts on your awesome blog. Well, it has been time. Enjoyed your posts to the fullest, they were awesome and inspired me at a very large scale, just gonna miss all of them so much. I hope you have a great time ahead in the future and as an anime and manga fan I highly respect you as an anime blogger and the things you’ve expressed on this blog. Have a great time ahead. Farewell!

  63. tungwene says:

    I’m sad my first comment on WRL is to bid you goodbye. I’ve been following this blog since the Bakemonogatari recaps. I’m not a big mecha fan but I enjoyed the insightful things you had to say and your unique voice. I’m really going to miss this place. Thank you for all the wonderful articles you’ve shared with us over the course of these years.

  64. franzferdinand93 says:

    I’m going to miss this blog, you guys were great. I was kinda hoping you guys would stick for Eureka Seven ao final episodes but its all good.

  65. Bruno J. Global says:

    This blog started and ended a day before my birthday. I… I don’t know how to take this…

    But I do understand that this has to end, and you have to board the Megaroad towards a great journey.

  66. ces06 says:

    Aw man. It’s sad to see this place go after a year and more dropping by, but it’s been a really great run. I would’ve loved to see your and everybody else’s take on The Origin together along with future episodes of Unicorn.

    Thanks for presenting a level of discussion about anime, and especially mecha in awesome posts that I didn’t even realized I craved for until I started reading this blog. And to all the awesome people in the dicussions. Shoutouts to Reid and Matt Wells for being bros, going for Getter all the way in the Sai Mecha posts lol.

    There’s a lot of great posts with stuff that I like here and there, but I got to say your run on AGE, Bebop, the post on Char, and the series of posts of Unicorn are my favorites.

    And big thanks for making me remember love for Macross and a lot of other things. Watching Plus & Zero, revisiting 7 and Frontier, and finally watching the Frontier movies were really worthwhile things that I wouldn’t had gotten around to if not this blog.

    I wish could think of more things to say, but this is it. This is a great blog and you’re a great guy. Godspeed, we’ll always remember love for WRL! 😀

  67. Roghek says:

    I don’t like goodbyes, so I’ll only say this,
    You’ll be back, you don’t choose the blogsphere, the blogsphere chooses you,even if today is time to move on,there is always tomorrow.

    BTW I never sayd it but I always admired how you could post so regularly with your busy schedules, the blogger I couldn’t even aspire to be.

    And there is always twitter… always twitter

  68. asonta says:

    As a long time reader of this place, I will always love this blog. We Remember Love introduced me to look at things in an analytical and dare I say “scholary” way, and really challenged me to think about things a bit differently. It’s been such a fun adventure and I hope it didn’t have to end. But really, this will be missed.

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  70. Matt Wells says:

    Hey Mark. I just want to thank you. For everything. Thanks for having the patience to put up with my stupid inane fanboyish blatherings. Your thoughtful responses helped usher me from a full time lurker into a vocal commentor. Thanks for also putting up with me squating on the blog for ungodly periods of time, bitching on about how awesome Imagawa is.

    This blog and the not inconsiderable community it engendered was a port of call during a rather unpleasent time in my life, and I feel my mortal repose has been all the more enrichened for the experience. Thnaks for making me feel like my commentary was appreciated. Thanks for all the downright ludicrous amount of effort you put into some posts, which I still bring up for a good laugh every now and again.

    Thanks for the mentoring role (however unwittingly you played it) in my growth as an anime fan and in my evaluation of the fandom itself. Thanks for the oppertunity to meet happening cats like Reid and JoeQ. Thanks for being a person I can look up and to and think “I wanna be like that guy.” Thanks for getting me off my lazy ass and giving me the impetus to watch SDF Macross and a dozen other superb series.

    And thank you for giving me that crucial drive needed to actually put my opinions up for strangers to see and not give adman what they think so long as I’m content to speak my own mind. I may never reach the standards I hold you to, but you can bet it won’t be for lack of effort. I’m only sorry I never wrote anything I thought worthy of publishing here. Like you outlined in your Bakuman post, I see you asa rival of sorts, the Master I’ll never quite catch up to. So the die is cast: If I can be a blogger half as good as you I’ll be more than satisfied.

    I hope your retirement means you won’t be curtailing your hobbies altogether. I’d still love to jaw with you on Tetsujin 28 in the future, maybe introduce you to GaoGaiGar TV, as well as recommend even more titles for your groaning backlist (seriously, you should see Gun X Sword. Taniguchi made a damn fine Super Robot show there before Code Geass ruined his flawless track record).

    I hope to see you write again, even if it won’t be in this context. I wish you and your family the best that life and fortune can offer, you work for every single bit of it. Sayonara, but hopefully not Saraba-da. So long Shisshou. The East is Burning Red. (Boy, sure is weepy in here. Sorry for getting so fucking maudlin but I had as lot of stuff I wanted to say right the first time)

  71. rxsiu says:

    You will be missed; thank you for inciting thoughtful reflections in so many readers on so many awesome (and some not-so-awesome XD) series! This place will always be remebered. With love.

  72. Gorilla1 says:

    Never commented much but your blog was the one animeblog that I checked and read consistently. For the past 1 year and a half I no longer watch anime as fanatically as I did, but We Remember Love was one of the places on the internet which I frequently visited for reading quality texts about a hobby I enjoyed. I am glad I stumbled on your blog in 2009.
    Cheers from Greece.

  73. Xard says:

    It’s a long, long goodbye…

    It’s a sad thing to see the best anime blog I’ve ever read call it quit but I’d be lying if I wasn’t expecting for this ever since “Forever Young” and how infrequent your activity in the comment section became. Sadly I wasn’t posting much in last months because I didn’t watch AGE or the new Eureka anime but I still checked in often, almost daily.

    Thanks for all the great posts, interesting discussions and retarded arguments without which my life would’ve been a bit damper during these years. I think this blog will remain as something rightfully evaluated highly in anime blogosphere as time passes. Alongside with likes of 2DT WRL belongs to highest echelon of finished anime blogs.

    If anything I feel regretful over it would be our frequent collaboration ideas never coming through. The fault almost solely lies with me as I always ended up lacking time or mental focus needed to pull this or that article (not to mention that hugely overambitious Macross project once planned) through. I’m also sorry for never delivering on that translation I promised to do, turns out I wasn’t as able user of 4chanarchive as I thought I was. Still, if nothing else this sad turn of events at least gave me enough of a kick to finally start doing something about all this I should’ve done long time ago. So thanks for that (click my name and you get it) – count that as one more positive impact your job here has had.

    Well, I don’t know what else to say. I know you’ll be around on twitter and Google+ at least and hopefully we’ll end up stumbling over same blogs. This isn’t a virtual farewell after all. Keep the flag high and remember if you ever hear the call of space whale again there are more than few people waiting for your return! 🙂



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  75. Rakuen says:

    Thank you for the years of making me ponder, Ghost. I know that’s not fair because I haven’t been commenting for the longest time. That’s no excuse. Apologies from my end are also in order. I know you’ve always wanted to do that web comic, and I’m probably the first to jump from the train to tuck and roll. Also some thanks: for introducing Gunbuster to my life— the show eventually becoming my 2nd favorite mecha show right after Eva, and inspiring me to blog way back then— which was also short-lived because of some circumstances. I’d hate to see you off, but then again this is like how it feels when a very good, long series finally ends. You want to watch how their life would continue, but the producers just really want to leave that to your imagination.

    Finally, again, thank you and I’m sorry and goodbye. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again, somehow.

  76. Yi says:

    Oh wow… So many feelings to read this post.

    Ghost, while we don’t always have the same opinions or tastes, but the few interactions we have had I cherished and learned a lot from. This truly is one of the few blogs that I respect so much and that has had a profound impact on my own blogging, direcrly or indirectly. In fact, that I started to do guest blogging is a direct influence from something you wrote once. Your acknowledgments of some of my posts (Redline, Penguindrum, Usagi) too have not only boosted my confidence but helped to shape my style.

    It will be sad to see WRL end, but whatever happens, we will always have Utena.

    Cheers. ^ ^

  77. Lowlife187 says:

    I am sorry to see the end of WRL. I have been a die hard fan of Macross since I was a child and I have found your post here to be very much in line with my thoughts and feelings. I wish you good luck in your real life and with your family.

    And if I may give out a farewell greeting, DECULTURE!

  78. Justin says:

    Damn. Been busy enough that I never even took a step back to check out one of the first blogs that I had found when I started my own site.

    Admittedly, I haven’t been stopping by as often as I did when I started my own blog (and especially when school picked up), so this feels bittersweet, but maybe I should have seen this coming a while back. Even though you won’t be posting here anymore, I’ll still keep your blog up on my blogroll…because I can xD It’ll remind me to make time to read your archives…when I have time.

    Anyways, I guess I’ll just leave with these thoughts: Thanks for being one cool dude, thanks for taking the time to do that interview many moons ago, and I would say good luck to your Lakers, but you have D.Howard on your team (Nets Fan), so I can’t wish your team all the luck :p

  79. Faugn says:

    See you Space Cowboy, someday, somewhere.

  80. Tzu says:

    Thank you, this blog was always an inspiration. You did a great job that ceirtanly changed the anime blogosphere for the better.

  81. Metal says:

    I’m really sad that you guys left. I really like your blog posts. Will be missed and hopefully things work out for you.

  82. EvangM says:

    Sad to see this blog end, but I will keep my bookmark and come back to read the Gundam material again and again. Thanks for the excellent writing throughout the years!

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  84. it was nice while it lasted :C

  85. StarDruid says:

    WOW I was out of touch, came back to find the it was over. Thank You for all the post you made, no matter how many times I visited I always found them interesting. May you enjoy your family life.

  86. Garrod Ran says:

    I enjoyed it the whole time.

    I salute you, Kababayan, for doing such a marvelous job on this blog. I can connect with your moving on, since I also do fanfic and admin duties in a mecha community page.

    Hopefully, someone can take the helm and make this blog rolling on.

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  88. I feel impressed and sad your leaving this world of inspiration.. good bye dear friend.. i will always miss the friends i lost, im sad. MultiGamerClub.

  89. Val says:

    Many months on after the last post and this blog still remains one of the best anime blogs.

  90. sua ipad says:

    Oh man, It’s sad to see this place go after a year, but it’s been a really great run. I would’ve loved to see your and everybody else’s take on The Origin together along with future episodes of Unicorn.
    Thanks u!

  91. cdmcneil says:

    Thanks for the mecha memories, your blog will live on in this space I hope! Thank you!

  92. A Poem on ‘Love’, Please read and comment at:

    A Battle To Lose (Love!!!)

  93. Joey says:

    Love your blog, your posts on Macross were fantastic – and I just discovered them! I am at the same point in life of having to leave my childhood loves behind and going after things more “grounded in real life” both out of necessity and also well one can’t stop the fact that we are all going to age, get married, have careers, be responsible for other people and so on. It is sad that we can’t live in fantasy forever, but then we also can’t live in the past and refuse to grow up, there are many things to enjoy being married, having kids, working on real money things. Unfortunately we simply don’t have time to enjoy every single thing the world has to offer.

  94. Alyson says:

    Hiya! I am on the lookout for Anime and Manga bloggers which lead me to your blog. I couldn’t find your email here, can you please send me an email: alysonburston[at]live.com — It is regarding writing about Manga and Anime type of offer. This isn’t spam btw. Cheers.

  95. Mel-chan says:

    Awesome blog keep it up, check my anime girl blog: Animegirlcutehot.wordpress.com

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