We Remember Love means we write about the good and the bad about the shows we’ve watched over the years of being an anime fan. More often than not we remember the good, because it’s not easy to remember terrible things. For us to remember such there must be a powerful connection to the shows we write about and that too is love.

And when we say “we write” it means you too. The articles here all aim to inspire discussion and participation. We really want you to become active readers. While there isn’t really anything wrong with lurking and (hopefully) enjoying the posts here, you do us a big favor by commenting, telling us what you think.

Do we ‘review’ anime? While we may recommend or endorse the shows we write about, we don’t really see ourselves as being ‘guardians of quality’ in our posts here. The kind of criticism we practice are more like explorations of certain elements in the shows we write about, discussing it and seeking your participation towards the celebration of memory.

I, ghostlightning run this site and do most of the writing but you will see many guest writers who I welcome to remember love with me. My very good friend mechafetish came up with the site name, and has and continues to collaborate with me on our more ambitious post ideas.

Many of the references, including the blog name are from the Macross franchise of anime. I first saw SDF Macross as a Philippine (english) dub in 1984. It was love at first sight. My taste in anime is diverse, but I do favor shows with robots. How did I end up becoming the otaku that I am? See here. For further investigation of my tastes in anime, see my anime list, and feel free to add me to your friend lists if you have an account.

What We Love

I’ve been writing in a number of anime blogs, here’s how to find my stuff:

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Ai oboete imasu ka?

Ai oboete imasu ka?

Super-Dimensional Cinderella Ranka-Chan is brought to us by the wondrous talents of Picchar!

A Welcome For the First Time Visitor

60 Responses to ghostlightning

  1. You are ‘a Macross lifer’ and you ‘think Nausicaa deserves an OAV series’. You are therefore on my feedreader as of now. Good luck with your blog; I look forward to more of your posts. ^_^

  2. ghostlightning says:

    Thank’s! Love from a badger is a novel and not unpleasant experience \(^_\^)

  3. TheBigN says:

    Good to see that you’ve stepped out of lurk mode and decided to have fun with blogging.

    “I dislike most characters from Gundam. However, I really like Domon.”

    By extension, does this mean that you like G Gundam more than other Gundam series? Granted, Domon is pretty awesome by himself. 😛

  4. ghostlightning says:

    My favorite Gundam is War in the Pocket (Oh God Bernie… BERNIE!!!), followed by Stardust Memory. I just can’t say I like the characters much. I’m 3 episodes into 08th MS Team and I’m enjoying 00 right now, and my friend is succeeding in getting me to re-watch Turn A which I gave up on after 9 episodes.

    Nice to meet you, The Big N!

  5. Someone has come out of the closet eh?

  6. interesting blog, very interesting. We should collaborate, we should.

  7. ghostlightning says:

    @ 21stcenturydigitalboy

    I’m game! What project do you have in mind? I posted a comment on your about page as well. That should give you my email address.

  8. lelangir says:

    Nice to see you’ve made a blog!

  9. ghostlightning says:

    Thanks lelangir! Bloggers like you, writing the posts you write made me feel like there’s a place for me. Seriously.

  10. ghostlightning says:

    @ picchar

    So sorry I wasn’t able to credit you sooner for the awesome drawing. I’m still quite whelmed by the idea that this is actually happening; that I’m having this exchange with all of you interesting people who love anime perhaps more than I do.

    You making that drawing just because I asked is quite humbling. When you reach my age, you kind of stop believing so much in the awesomeness of other people. Not their awesomeness in general, but how great they can be for you personally. Thank you, you honor me.

  11. picchar says:

    It’s ok and you’re welcome ^_^

    I was in the zone that night and churned around 3 drawings I completed my Oi, Hayaku entry, the Ranka drawing and a drawing for my bf. My bf is the only one who asks me for drawings these days.

    Back in high school I had a friend who would constantly bug me for drawings but she’s in the west coast of the U.S. now and I’m in the east coast of Canada XD

    I’m glad that you like it because there are a lot more artists who are way more talented than I am. I think my hits on Deviantart reflects it (_^_^)a

  12. Roland says:


    over 30? wow… hope your adrenaline for anime still lives up to 40. I admire you now, senpai.


    oh, btw, you have kids already? 😀


  13. ghostlightning says:

    Hehe, I’m an oldfag in the blogosphere. i-(o^)>

    As for kids… working on it (~_^)

  14. Sakura says:

    Well I join you on the old front, considering I’ll hit my 30’s next year 🙂

    I’ll also join you on the love of Macross. I’m not all that knowledgeable about all things Gundam but I do so love a cool mecha design.

    As a result Hubby has banned me from collecting Gundam figures since he knows I’d want them all. XD

    I’m also glad you decided to start up a blog, because you write so well!

  15. TotallyAnonymous says:

    yay! old peeps rules! XD

  16. ghostlightning says:

    @ Sakura

    Thank you! I’m sooo glad to meet someone around my age who likes some of the same things. Otou-san is another. I’m so glad I put out this blog because I’m meeting all you awesome people.

    I fail at resisting Gunpla.

    @ TotallyAnonymous

    How old are YOU?

  17. Sakura says:

    LOL considering there are so many young ones I’m happy to find fans of my own age too.

    I was on Skype with Otou-san the other night and was like, if you’re old then I’m in the same club!

    You’re right its nice meeting people with whom you can have nice intelligent discussion. ^-^ Or just friendly lighthearted banter.

  18. ghostlightning says:

    And you’re a Macross fan in the bargain! Ooh this is quite serendipitous. Check out otou-san’s Yakk Deculture site. With any luck, I’ll be contributing to that site as well. It’s such an awesome place to remember love.

  19. Sakura says:

    Awesome sauce, I love the Bridge Bunny trading cards.

    I’ll be looking forward to your contribution.

    We should all remember love 🙂

  20. lolikitsune says:

    *eyes MAL*

    Damn. Despite seeing more than twice as many individual titles as you, and seeing a much broader spread of anime overall, you’re not far behind me in pure time. I blame Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis, but man. 84 days with only 100 TV shows? Impressive, impressive.

    You also have a decent negative average score deviation. Nowhere near mine, but no one’s is. I applaud any and all hating.

    Unfortunately, your hatred is not strong enough to give us high compatibility. I’ve yet to meet anyone with an 80+% match. Sigh…

    Still searchin’,
    -dr. lolikit

  21. ghostlightning says:

    @ lolikitsune

    We are at the opposite poles of the spectrum: yours is hatred, mine is love. Though I do say that I can love shows I can rate as low as 7 on MAL, my love is the way it is.

    But I contend this: your hatred is love, just expressed in the way you do. I really didn’t know what to make of it the first few times I went there. It is a foolish notion to sanitize censor it.

    So into the blogroll you go, with love.

  22. lolikitsune says:

    Opposite poles of the spectrum? Are you by any chance mixing metaphors like an octopus waving its snakes in an alchemist’s factory?

  23. ghostlightning says:

    @ lolikit

    More than you ever know. You are the Roman Raymond Polanski to my Karol Józef Wojtyła.

  24. lolikitsune says:

    FUCK! You beat me. I concede.

  25. ghostlightning says:


  26. Funeral says:

    Great introduction and I can already see that there are great post to be read on this blog.

  27. rollchan says:

    “I saw Macross when I was a kid. Love at first sight.”

    must be Robotech… hehehe… I did watch that when I was 5yo. ABS2 aired that I think.

    also Patlabor. ahhh… mecha..! 😀

  28. ghostlightning says:

    @ rollchan

    Nope, it was Macross. When I saw Robotech much later I was bewildered at how Misa’s name turned into Lisa.

  29. Seraph says:


    Nice to meet you! I am Seraph. I had been reading your blog and it is amazing!! I have the interest to exchange the link with you. Just contact me and become a friend^^ Thanks!

    Merry Christmas^^
    Seraph Kwan

  30. I would link you to the FLCL post I wanted you to read, but I feel a more personal recommendation is in order.

    First things first, I’m pretty surprised that FLCL isn’t straight up your alley. It’s GAINAX, it’s full of spectacularly animated robot fights, and it’s got tons of visual stylization as well as a legendary soundtrack. It’s got a heartfelt story about growing up and is a very raw, emotional experience that’s also got many, many layers of subtlety going on beneath the surface.

    I think part of the problem is that you haven’t finished it. FLCL is not something that I’d recommend you watch in parts. The absolute best way to watch it is to plot yourself down and marathon it, which only takes about 2 1/2 hours anyway. It’s more than worth your time, and the streamlined experience will keep it’s momentum going. Even if you still don’t like it, FLCL is a show that can only really show you it’s stuff over it’s full run. It’s less a show that you watch a few episodes and can tell if you like it or not. You watch the whole thing to see if you like it or not, and then if you like it, you watch it again and try to find the things you missed (which my posts are meant to help with, being my thoughts as of my 8th or 9th rewatch.)

    Really, when it comes down to it, it’s just a show I would have expected you to like. It’s in otou-san’s top 5, and you and he seem to agree on most things, and most people who understand it have it as one of their favorites (only people I’ve known to dislike it thought it was just a random comedy show.) Plus, I thought you were a GAINAX fanboy or something. FLCL is the show that introduced me to GAINAX, and for me has always been second only to Evangelion in terms of GAINAX’s definition.

  31. I forgot to mention it also gets epic beyond all reason through the second half.

  32. I came across this here blog because after randomly typed ‘Bakemonogatari’ into Google for something to do, and I must say, I love lucky little surprises like this. Your blog is really amazing in a lot of ways, and as I begin to delve deeper into the world that is WordPress, i’ll be sure to remember this one.

    To clarify, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to blogging; that is, I’ve never done it before. I’ve come across WP several times, and this time around, I’ve finally decided to get involved with it, as I’ve always wanted to. So far, though, I have no idea whatsoever to do…

    As a slight favor in return for following your blog from here on out (not to sound rude, of course) but could you offer any tips for a young, fledgling blogger like myself? I really want to do what you do, more or less–give my thoughts on anime I watch. To add to my troubles, not only do I have no idea HOW to begin with my blog, but I’ve also just begun to dip my toe into the pool of anime, directed by two friends of mine who have been there, and truly done all that. *Sigh* I suppose I have to start somewhere, though; and if I manage to go through with this and get a blog up and running, I know I’ll find many more anime I love and more ways to express just how much I love them.

    Sorry to waste time with my rant, though. Really, any advice you can offer will be helpful, be it about anime or blogging.

    • I promise to get back to you, in the mean time these links may be of use (I wrote these posts, so I can take responsibility for the content should it suck): (Creativity and Laziness) (Lessons learned after one year of blogging)

      Give me some feedback after you’ve read these and maybe we could exchange email or chat.

      • My apologies for not responding sooner; I was suddenly struck with one of those diseases no god-fearing man should ever suffer from.

        Ignoring the fact that I’m not that much of a god-fearing man, of course.

        I actually went through and read both of those yesterday morning, and I plan to go through once more soon. ‘Creativity and Laziness’ is probably full of the biggest lessons I need to learn before I start blogging, given my procrastination problems. Accepting a certain amount of laziness and compromising when necessary, writing things out ahead of time (given that it’s not guaranteed I can watch anime every day, and still want to maintain an ‘every-other-day’ or ‘every-third-day’ blog.) and writing smaller posts to keep things alive, and, finally, the joyous wonders of trolling. Oh, and who can forget the necessity of creativity?

        And, of course, the second link is just full of ideas to ponder.

        I’m definitely up for that idea, though. Any preferred method of messaging?

      • Also, just to add a bit more credit to your claim that pictures really are important to page views…

        I just stumbled across your Bakemonogatari Mayoi Snail 3 post while searching for Hachikuji pictures. >.>

  33. skygrinder says:

    Have you ever thought of doing an analysis on Ergo Proxy?

  34. d3v says:

    Seeing as I’ve been reading your other stuff on THAT and actually live in the same country, I believe it’s time I said “hi.” Also, I’m pretty sure we’ve already met on the Macross World Forum as well.

    • Hello! If you’re in commuting distance to Megadeath Mall then you can’t be that far from where I live (Pasig). Follow the twitter accounts of many bloggers (incl Filipino anime fans); us Pinoys sometimes get together and it’s been fun the past few years.

  35. Helen says:

    hello, came upon this blog through your Tiger and Bunny post, just wanted to ask if you’ve ever watched Twelve Kingdoms?

  36. Jules Veloso says:

    Hi! I came upon this blog and thought of sharing with you some anime materials you may want to share your readers. May i ask your email address please? Thanks!


  37. CVPhased says:

    I really find it amusing when I find a fellow Filipino Mecha Junkie in the same vain as you are (thinks to myself “finally someone I can relate”). Your articles are really fun to read, though I’m a more general mecha junkie while you’re onto Macross – still, it’s a pleasure reading things coming from a person having the same culture as I am.

    So yeah, that’s my ‘Hi’, haha! And one more thing, if it’s alright with you, can we have a link exchange? I’ve just started a photoblog, ‘catalogue-ing’ my mecha collection into this site –> –> so yeah, that’s the embodiment of my mecha addiction, haha! Thanks in advance!

    • I like all sorts of robot anime, but yes I am really big on Macross. Glad to know you’ve enjoyed your visit here. I checked out your site and sure I’ll add it to WRL’s blogroll. I can’t really afford to collect toys and figures now that I have a family (and not enough display space to boot), but I always appreciate the merch. Thanks for visiting.

      • CVPhased says:

        Yeah… Recently though, I’ve been gearing towards the merch more than the fiction/media they appear in. Don’t know if it’s me getting tired of watching anime or something. Reading your write-ups makes me want to watch again, haha! 😀

  38. d3v says:

    Gift for you.

    The Wings of Goodbye Sheryl Nome Win 7 Desktop theme I made.

  39. Myst says:

    You have a wonderful and inspirational blog here and I look forward to reading more posts by you. Now, I feel a strong urge to go watch Macross… all of it.

  40. UltraEternalBlackout says:


    There’s every chance you won’t remember who I am, but a few years ago, you were the first person I came to about wanting to begin aniblogging–Digital Boy was the second. I ended up dropping the idea because I wasn’t in a position in life where I could really accomplish that.

    In the few years since though, I’ve really grown a lot, in anime, writing and life, and since I feel I’m finally able to put my all into it, I’m going to give it another shot. A good one, this time. I’ve got a new Diary of an Anime Lived post that I’m hoping DigitalBoy will host for me, to begin with, and I’m going to rack my brain trying to figure out how to really get my own blog started.

    Anyway, I just stopped in to say thanks for the bit of arse-kicking to get me started years ago. I haven’t been able to keep up with your blog as well as I’d like over time, but this is definitely all the more reason to do so religiously!

  41. JIm says:

    Hey dude,

    I thought you and your viewers might like this little video we made for our recent Metal Gear Rising mural in London, England.

    please feel free to share with anybody who will listen.

    all the best

  42. Virna says:

    Hi! I’m Virna from GMA7. How can I contact you privately? Just want to ask something about Voltes V. Pls email me. Thank you!

  43. Cynthia says:

    Hi! Been a long while since I heard from you about Gundam series and other things, when we chatted on your thread here:

    Anyway, my email that I check most often nowadays is so email me sometime. 🙂


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