A Welcome For the First Time Visitor

First time here on We Remember Love? Welcome and have a great time reading. Here is a guide to particular blog posts in the archives that make for a representative slice of WRL. Click on the Images to visit the respective posts.

Sometimes I indulge myself in odd topics. This post is a good example, bringing together Haruhi, fresh off the notorious ‘Endless Eight’ arc, Judeo Christian religion, and Martin Heidegger on Boredom. The discussion got pretty big in the comments section.

This is a first impression post for a show I blogged episodically. The post itself, as is with most if not all of the posts here is not a ‘review.’ The blogging style is more an exploration of the subject work; most of the time in terms of characters, themes, and narratives. I personally stay away from reviews because I almost always endorse what show or manga I choose to write about, without ever assuming the role of a ‘guardian of good taste.’

For the site’s first anniversary, I took on what I thought would best commemorate the love it represents for the Macross franchise. It felt right to write about Macross: Do You Remember Love? in a way that I thought would be our pièce de résistance for Macross. It was unnerving that Kato Kazuhiko, the composer of the music of Oboete imasu ka? was found to have hanged himself within 24 hours of the publication of this post.

Here mechafetish demonstrates our predilection to dive into the deep end of being a fan of the stuff we like (ROBOTS!). Here you’ll find multimedia guides to the subject of bits and funnels in the world of Gundam.

I sometimes produce commentary on anime appreciation and critical practice. Above are two posts that illustrate two core ideas that inform how I enjoy my anime and manga hobby and lifestyle.

Not as often, though I wish it were more often, I shoot it up with the readers for some interactive fun. Here we objectively [snicker] compare all-time great 5-man Gundam teams in the tradition of the uneasy alliances in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Feeling lucky? Try beating everybody who jumped into the fray. READY? GO!

Even less often I write a deeply personal post whose theme is represented by a certain anime I particularly identify with. The above post preceded a wave of articles like it, all written like a journal where anime strongly represents some point in the lives of the people blogging them.

There are few things I wouldn’t do to pursue an editorial idea. Sometimes, I really have to enter the very universe of the subject anime itself, as I did here in Kamina City during the middle of the Anti-Spiral Moon Doom Clock crisis during the administration of Simon and Rossiu in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. There are many ethical concerns here in this post, least of which is what I was doing with Kinon…

You can also check out our more ambitious projects on our Specials page(s). You can use the drop down menu just under the header image of the site as well.

22 Responses to A Welcome For the First Time Visitor

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  3. shumbapumba says:

    Just stumbled across your blog – I’m new to aniblogging – and I’m glad there is a blog dedicated to Macross and similar anime. I have subscribed and look forward to having a better look around. I have just started my own blog and was wondering if you were interested in a link exchange? My blog takes a scholarly look at technology’s place in anime and Japanese culture. http://technoorient.wordpress.com/ I will get more images up soon to make it look a little more inviting, until then, i hope the content makes up for it… :/

    • Niiice blog. I left a bunch of comments LOL. I haven’t updated my blogroll in ages but I’ll be more than happy to add you.

      Images… are nice to look at, and if they can say a lot more in the service of your theses (as images saying thousands of words… at least in the case of anime blogs, are overrated) then you’ve won. They do break up text walls quite nicely, and they do service one of the fundamental reasons why people (or at least myself) like anime: the love for illustrations.

      • shumbapumba says:

        Thank you! I have added you, too. In terms of images, are there any copyright rules I need to be wary of? Or can I grab any old image of the net?

        • I’m almost certain that posting screen caps is some kind of violation. However, the spirit in which I post them is not evil. Even so, I watch fansubs, and the caps are from fansubs. So if that is a big concern for you, you may limit your images to DVD covers and what not (or ask permission from whomever is the appropriate person).

  4. So you like Macross and mecha, eh? I really should check out Macross again when I have the chance (I vaguely remember it from my younger days…).

    Thanks for commenting on my post, by the way. I’ll just leave it at that and you can check our my reply so as not to take up space here. ^_^ So far, I’m really liking your thoughtful, philosophical posts. Do you mind exchanging links?

  5. Hey ghostlightning, I’ve viewed your blog many times and I’ve to say, pretty good efforts in making “We Remember Love”, I’m surprized to see that you’re experience in anime and culture is way ahead than an average anime blogger. Even I’ve started a blog for anime and I’d be glad if you help me in giving some tips about anime blogging.

  6. Pem says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog while doing a habitual browse of Berserk related images via Google and I have to say this is one of my luckiest stumbles yet.
    Sadly too tired to write a longer more interesting comment right now, but I’ll definitely be following you. This post is particularly informative and I hope to work my way through some of your older ones – your Berserk review was a great pleasure to read and enlightening in many ways. I certainly look forward to reading more from you and maybe even discuss things someday.

    Keep up the great posts!

    • Thanks Pem!

      With luck the new Berserk project happens soon enough that I can blog about it. It’ll be nice to return to it (I’ve stalled reading right in the middle of the battle with the sea demons in that island).

  7. JLee says:

    I’m so glad that I have come across this blog. Sheryl brought me here.
    You just got yourself a regular reader :]

  8. nickioh says:

    Hey man!

    I got to this blog from a link, by a friend(Great-Boota, to be exact) and loved it instantly. Your analysis are great and I’m looking forward to anything you may post.

    If you have the time, I’d like you to check out my blog(and promote it, if you find interesting ^^)

    I does SRW games commentaries and review Mecha animes every now and then. Any impression are always welcome.

    Nice to be here, see ya!

  9. GoodbyeNavi says:

    I’ve been trawling aniblogs since I’m new to the scene and I have to say I am glad I have run across yours. I love mecha; though I haven’t blogged about it yet and apparently the show (Gurren Lagann) I seemed to like, no one else did; haha. I would love it if you checked out my blog and make your presence known there!


  10. rborg42 says:

    Interesting blog you have here I think I came across this place from Google….

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  12. erika says:

    I have come across this after finishing Narutaru and well I have to say and be honest with how intrigue I am with lots of discussions here and second hah, it’s hard for me to understand at times some of the responses.

    I guess I’m still not ready for this, but when time come I hope I’m able to come back here.

  13. Herodot (Ger) says:

    I just read some of your Cowboy Bebop stuff. Thank you so much! They are entertaining and enlightening at the same time. I will definitely check out some of your other posts as well.

  14. xsylveonx says:

    I have stumbled upon your blog from reddit. and here I am reading some of your posts and I have found out that you really love GUNDAMS. and you know, im sorry but. OMG! I really love them too! LOL These robots are overly amazing, right?

    I am also starting an Anime Blog about Anime News and Reviews. It is still new, but I hope it will get bigger and better just like your amazing blog 😀

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