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Check-in Station: Muv-Luv eps1-7: and the point of this was?

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get to see a show that cuts through the mess and gives me the pure mecha action I want. Then I come across a new show, and think that I’ve gotten what I wanted. … Continue reading

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Check-in Station: Gundam AGE eps 1-15 (The worst dreams are the ones that give you what you want.)

I’ll eat a little crow on this one.  I did tweet that I was gonna enjoy “oldfag” hating on Gundam AGE before the series got started.  I figured that with the kiddie designs and some of the mecha designs I … Continue reading

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Check-in Station: Rinne no Lagrange eps1-3 (I’m really starting to hate this show.)

The groans!  The pain!  I suppose the end of this episode wasn’t bad, but for the most part I felt like the first 3 episodes of this series could have been rolled into two.  There was a lot of faffing … Continue reading

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Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (My boyfriend is a nimrod.)

I take a unique and special joy out of watching a classic and connecting with it.  It’s different now than how it was when I first watched pitifully, horrible quality fansubs (I’m talking about picture AND translation) over 10 years … Continue reading

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DonKangolJones’ New Year’s Anime Resolutions 2011

I honestly don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.  It’s bullsh*t for people that think they want to change, but honestly, mostly don’t have the actual willpower to do so.  I’m not here to worry about that real life stuff.  I’m … Continue reading

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