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An administrator and regulator in the gaming industry; a doctor of jurisprudence with a masters in business; a Captain in the Philippine Army Reserve Corps. Judge Advocate General's Office; a mother and wife... just winging it through life.

A Space Vampire Shows a Bit of Character: Sivil from Macross 7

Sivil is first presented as some kind of mid-level boss (a term I got from my video game-loving husband). The ‘technical’ term for the space vampires of Macross 7 is Protodevlin, and among these space vampires Gigil has been the … Continue reading

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Toradora! Summers and the Power of Friendship: Moments in Anime 2008

This post is part of a 12-day series fondly remembering some of the best moments in anime this year. Participants include: lolikitsune, lelangir, Owen S, FuyuMaiden, IKnight, Zeroblade, Nazarielle, TheBigN, ETERNAL, Mike, A Day Without Me, digitalboy, Josh, otou-san, Culchann … Continue reading

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