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No Longer Human: Love is a But Memory for Now

It’s caught up with me. I tried to do too much taking on NaNoWriMo and it took all my will to write. Not the ideas part, I’ll always like that. But the work part. I still have completed drafts, and … Continue reading

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Aoi Bungaku 03: Who’s Afraid of this Monster?

Fear is all about relationships, in that fear can describe a relationship: Ikari Shinji is afraid of his father. Kyon and the SOS-dan are afraid of Haruhi. The third episode of Aoi Bungaku, of the ‘No Longer Human/Disqualified as Human’ … Continue reading

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The Nature of Monstrosity: Aoi Bungaku (02: Monster)

Delicious. What a powerful first act that could have easily served as the introductory piece for the show. Aoi Bungaku treated us in the first episode with his ‘departure’ from humanity, and now it leads us to where he departed to: the ‘beingness’ … Continue reading

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Watch Aoi Bungaku Stuff So Much Failure in 24 Minutes and Be Won Over

Here comes the hype: FALL 2009 HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! Kimi ni Todoke may be refreshing amidst the sequels and one-trick fanservice programs. Letter Bee may be interesting in its small, charming way. Trapeze may be hit or miss. But this show, … Continue reading

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