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Themed (mostly) posts over each episode of Bakemonogatari

Authenticity, How Beatiful You Are (Bakemonogatari 12)

I find that the most striking epiphanies involve people coming clean. Senjougahara presented herself as one deep riddle, every time one feels that he reaches the bottom of the well of her character, there’s still more to her. She reveals … Continue reading

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Time To Walk Straight Into One Of The Most Popular Shows Of The Season (A Real Look At Bakemonogatari With Episode 02)

So How Many Sony Press Conference Jokes Have Been Made About This Show Anyway? Well it’s time to kick off the second part of my look at Bakemonogatari.  The first bit was of course supposed to be the kind of … Continue reading

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Time To Barrel Roll Into The Most Hyped Show Of The Season (I Finally Check Out Bakemonogatari)

This Is Your Brain On Drugs….Any Questions? Honestly I went ahead and gave this show a chance and so far it’s giving me a headache….well at least at first….and yet I still want to see more of it just the … Continue reading

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Bakemonogatari 11: You Are (Not) a Man

In the conclusion of Nadeko Snake, we learn more about Araragi than Nadeko herself. More and more Bakemonogatari shifts its narrative focus to tell the story of Araragi. Luckily for me, he is very interesting on a number of levels. … Continue reading

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Araragi Doesn’t Deserve Your Thanks: Bakemonogatari 10

Araragi says (to himself, but intended for Nadeko), I don’t have the right to be thanked. I tried to save the person who put the curse on you. This just bugs me. It bugs me a lot. Where does this … Continue reading

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