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Themed (mostly) posts over each episode of Bakemonogatari

The Disappearance of Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari 09)

Something bothers me a bit when a piece gets too clever for its own good. Where the hell is Senjougahara? Why is Araragi spending so much time with other girls? So much so that Hanekawa can admonish him for it … Continue reading

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I don’t mind mindscrews, I really don’t; so just tighten it, deeper!

[SPOILERS WARNING: For Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (up to episode 08), and Bakemonogatari (up to episode 05)] Yeah I enjoyed The End of Evangelion, I even enjoyed the end of the TV series. I enjoyed Perfect Blue and Paprika. I enjoyed Akira, … Continue reading

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The Inauthenticity of Senjougahararagi: Bakemonogatari 08 (Suruga Monkey Arc Ends, Senjougahara Steals Show Again)

Bakemonogatari is the kind of show that makes me liveblog. Instead of spamming melative and twitter, I went directly to my draft of this post. I went to this method because there’s so much going on — an illusion of … Continue reading

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The Devil Made Me Do It: Bakemonogatari 07 (A Lesbian and a Devil Pretending to be a Monkey)

Bakemonogatari continues to be about authenticity and inauthenticity. Characters lie, and are untrue to themselves and to Araragi. But here is an interesting thing: Suruga Kanbaru finds out she has three wishes that will come true, but it will be … Continue reading

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Powerful Dialogue Sells the Show: Bakemonogatari 03 (Mayoi Snail 1) and Macross Frontier 03 (On Your Marks)

There are two kinds of dialogue that I consider excellent, and while some shows may only have one of each, both add considerable value to the experience of watching them. These are: Expositional, qualified by economy (no text dumps explaining … Continue reading

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