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Sometimes it’s between two bloggers; sometimes it’s between a blogger and a fictional character. It’s a ghostlightning tradition!

Someone’s Showing a Bit of Character: Faye Valentine

“You know the first rule of combat? Shoot them before they shoot you.” Faye’s got the secret to surviving life figured out and it involves lying, cheating and stealing as much as you can from the other guy before he … Continue reading

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RideBack: Art, Politics, and Fanservice

lelangir and ghostlightning GATTAI! RideBack appears to be an intriguing show, a visually pretty juxtaposition of art and politics, with mecha.

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OH! My Goddess: Evildandy

Come to think about it, we need human enemies. Human enemies with human motivations still work best as antagonists because we, being humans, understand them. Grace, being a cyborg as well as a ‘trinity’ of sentience not unlike the Judeo-Christian God concept, is inhuman enough to be easily vilified. Continue reading

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We Remember Itazura na Kiss

It’s been suggested to me by my blogging overlords that Itazura na Kiss is relevant to my search for anime that deals with the ‘ever after’ part of love-story arcs. My wife and I marathoned Itazura na Kiss and we … Continue reading

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A Christmas Dialogue: R2

Continued from A Christmas Dialogue: R1. lelangir: We’ve said that religion is commodified and transformed into pop culture that is devoid of most religious value, and one way this happens is through anachronism, or really, the usurpation of anachronism.

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