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Analysis on media that explores ghostlightning’s idea of the guilty pleasure that is distinct from the high vs low culture valuation. It’s the kind we have when we enjoy something wrong.

Minko’s Bind: Hanasaku Iroha 21

I’ve detailed how the exploitation of Minko in Hanasaku Iroha can be exquisitely enjoyed in my previous post. The narrative however cockblocked me in the succeeding episode: all that buildup for a ridiculously painful ritual of adolescence was utterly dissipated … Continue reading

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The Joys of Watching Minko Suffer: Hanasaku Iroha 19

This is sadistic, therefore perverse, and I do feel guilt for it. No I don’t mean the cheap perversion of ogling the rich fanservice Hanasaku Iroha serves. I mean deriving utility and indulging fascination for the almost always thwarted and … Continue reading

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Kino no Tabi 07 “Entertainment: the Greatest Good”

Those who are about to die, the “gladiators,” for putting on what apparently was an unusually entertaining set of fights, was rewarded by the king. Now, how would a king reward those who were still about to die? What can … Continue reading

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Operation Valkyrie: the Gihren Zabi Assasination Plan (He’s Hitler, Get it?); Why Do Bad Guys Seem So Damn Cool? This is an Authentic Guilty Pleasure orz

Giren Zabi idolized Adolf Hitler, and patterned his Spacenoid (though he used the term Newtype) superiority ideology after Hitler’s own doctrine of Aryan racial superiority. The Principality of Zeon is depicted in romanticized WW2 German likenesses, most notably through their … Continue reading

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The Cancer that is Killing Anime (Characters)

I’m stuck at a particularly awesome episode of Planetes. Part of me doesn’t want to watch beyond this because I’m afraid it doesn’t become as good anymore. It’s happened to me while watching Overman King Gainer, episode 17 is beautiful … Continue reading

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