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Hanasaku Iroha 18 and It’s Okay to Be Who You Really Aren’t

Nako wanted to work for no other reason that to manifest the personality that she has at home into the public sphere. She’s been swimming since three years old and has found much solace in water and thus makes a … Continue reading

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Diary of An Anime Marathon: From Miyazaki to Tomino and A Few Others in Between (Tiger & Bunny, Hanasaku Iroha, Sacred 7, Beelzebub)

Recently I’ve gone through a very busy spell which involved a less than ideal work schedule that persists to this month. I’ve also played host to an otaku exchange student 21stcenturydigitalboy who stayed at my house for a month here … Continue reading

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What I Inevitably Think About When I Watch Moé Anime

It can’t be helped.

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Hanasaku Iroha 13 and The Rare Air This Show Reaches (Aria The Origination 07 & K-On!! 10)

This will be a short post as I am writing it under strict time constraints. I do feel strongly about this so I need to get this out. While Ano Hana turned into a melodramatic mess with its heavy-handed seriousness … Continue reading

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