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Patricide, Uxoricide, Fratricide, Sororicide: the Sad Family of the Yasuri (Katanagatari 07)

In this post, family infighting as a source of tragic drama. But first off, an amazing episode. If anything, Katanagatari continues to present novel ways of serving fetishes and taboos to its viewers. To me it’s as if the source … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why Katanagatari is Kind of Awesome

If the fifth episode was rather dull and felt cheap, this episode (six) fulfilled some of the expectations I had for the show as well as surprised me in good ways. I have not read the source material, but I … Continue reading

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A Cheap Contrast of Styles: Katanagatari 05

Katanagatari continues it’s narrative, offering twists on familiar tropes and stereotypes. It gives an impression that it is quite unpredictable, and yet feels very familiar (and consequently predictable as well). In this episode Shichika and Togame take on the Pirate-King … Continue reading

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You Made Me Hungry for Curry, but Served Me Sukiyaki Instead; It’s Kind of Awesome Really, But Still… RAEG! Katanagatari 04

I never saw that coming, and this I think is a good thing. Just when I thought that I got Katanagatari figured out, how linear the fetch quest seems – with the twist being the would-be final boss is actually … Continue reading

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Addiction and freedom and paradoxes in Katanagatari 03

Shichika kills Tsuruga Meisai and gives life back to the shrine. Shichika who is an inexperienced fighter (only 2 or 3 battles) solves his far more experienced opponent’s cunning trap through his own experience in making a mistake in setting … Continue reading

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