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Kino no Tabi 03 Sometimes Travelers Turn into Poets

On the last night of the world, Kino will still be practicing her gunplay. I wonder if the narrative we’re seeing is a memoir written by either Kino herself, or by Hermes. I don’t see them bringing any writing implements, … Continue reading

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Kino no Tabi 02 The Horror of Being Human

Some stories stay with you, and I think this one will stay with me for a long time. Kino shoots rabbits with apparent cruelty. It isn’t actually cruel because she shoots them efficiently on the head. The episode takes on … Continue reading

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Kino no Tabi 01 Above All Luck is the Most Important

Ceteris Paribus, luck is the most important thing that we have. The prologue of this show, also titled “The Beautiful World” starts of with a heading “The World is Not Beautiful.” This implies that Kino would be a successful traveler, … Continue reading

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Kino no Tabi 00 The Tower Prison

Here is a different take on the Tower of Babel tradition and mythology. Kino enters a town that doesn’t seem to be interested in anything outside it. She can tell because there are no hotels or inns. There isn’t a … Continue reading

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