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Bee, Do, Have: Letter Bee 05

This episode I’ll focus on an operative dynamic in the narrative of Lag Seeing in his quest to become a Letter Bee. He seeks to become such a person, to wear the accouterments, to perform the functions, and then be happy … Continue reading

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Loving Someone Down: Letter Bee 04

I’m going to start with something that resembles a gripe that I started making after seeing episode three. The panty shot obliquus that had Lag getting a full flash commando view of a leaping loli upskirt is one thing, but … Continue reading

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Human Packages and a Fanservice Package in Letter Bee (episode 03)

This show has gotten me thinking about strangest of things; bothersome not in the sense that these things significantly affect my experience of anime as a whole, or even just this show, but a couple of things that are like … Continue reading

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The (Male) Fantasy in Letter Bee (02)

While there are a number of interesting things that happened in the second episode, I noticed something that stood out rather sharply in my mind; related to how I view this show to be a shounen fantasy series. Sure the … Continue reading

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Romance is in The Way of Feeling: Letter Bee (Light and Blue Night Fantasy & Episode 01)

When my wife and I started going out, we wrote letters to each other. We wrote long, clumsy, and indulgent letters in silly stationery (by silly I mean Slam Dunk, and Doraemon silly). We would only see each other once … Continue reading

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