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When Inauthenticity is Fanservice, It’s a NICE MONOGATARI BRO (Nisemonogatari 06)

[Nisemonogatari 05] The  manipulations of this show lends to an amazing symmetry. No, I don’t want to talk any garbage about “trolling.” Here’s the manipulation: There are two value propositions in Nisemonogatari that on the surface at least, work at  … Continue reading

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If I Said There Was No Fanservice When Koyomi Wiped Down Karen’s Sweaty Illness in Nisemonogatari 05

I’d be a con man too. Nice monogatari bro. Don’t fool yourselves. It’s smut. Now that’s out of the way. It isn’t merely smut. It’s a sweet, tender moment of fraternal relations. If Bakemonogatari was all about love and friendship, … Continue reading

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Nisemonogatari 04: Wherein The Things I Will Not Write About Will Tell You About My Worst Nightmare About This Series Coming True

[Nisemonogatari 03] Hanekawa is powerful. She is a joy to watch. It is revealed how she dominated Senjougahara over the phone in the previous episode. She told her basically “Do as I say or I will ask Araragi to be … Continue reading

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Nisemonogatari Finally Begins at Episode 03, Karen Bee Part 3

[Nisemonogatari 02] Smut aside, the events in between the in medias res–like device the narrative uses to launch itself serve the following things: Remind us of, or re-present us with the characters of the narrative with some updates. Characterize the … Continue reading

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Nisemonogatari 02: Smut With a Heart of Gold *cough*

[Nisemonogatari 01] Since the first episode aired, I’ve rewatched all of Bakemonogatari. One of the things I noted about the structure is how Hitagi Crab is just two episodes… and Hanekawa Cat is 5. Hitagi Crab presented the whole premise, … Continue reading

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