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Heroism and the Corporation: Tiger & Bunny, Sacred SeveN & Dai-Guard (& Patlabor)

Two shows just completed: Tiger & Bunny, and Sacred SeveN – Sunrise Studio’s contributions to the hero sub-genre of anime. Both finales are let-downs, this is my sentiment. Overall however, both shows were both interesting and entertaining viewings over the … Continue reading

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Kotetsu Must Die: Tiger & Bunny 24

But he won’t. He won’t die because this show isn’t committed to heartbreak. It’s committed to good-natured fun. But he must die, because it would make for incredible awesomeness. I heard rumors that there’s a second season that’s green-lit. That’s … Continue reading

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What Sucked About Tiger & Bunny 23 (Yes, I MAD)

I don’t like superhero crossover comics, especially when the characters are two badasses who won’t get along, or even worse, are actually enemies. Why? What almost always happens is that there’s going to be some other supervillain involved and instead … Continue reading

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Moral Authenticity & The Hero (Tiger & Bunny 16)

It’s too early to be any conclusive, but I find it impossible not to talk about this episode of Tiger & Bunny. I’ve started rewatching it from the first episode, having convinced my wife who is a comic book hero … Continue reading

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Diary of An Anime Marathon: From Miyazaki to Tomino and A Few Others in Between (Tiger & Bunny, Hanasaku Iroha, Sacred 7, Beelzebub)

Recently I’ve gone through a very busy spell which involved a less than ideal work schedule that persists to this month. I’ve also played host to an otaku exchange student 21stcenturydigitalboy who stayed at my house for a month here … Continue reading

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