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Hero of the Weak: Tiger and Bunny 08 (Also Why I Should Be Part of the Writing Team For This Show, Para-text Section)

I didn’t expect to be writing about this show this often, and so soon since my last post on it. This is even made more remarkable because I thought I had just read the best insight on Tiger and Bunny. … Continue reading

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Tiger & Bunny 06 Did Real Robot Anime Better Than Most in a Short Sequence

We’re fond of our categories, genres, and divisions as arbitrary as they sometimes get (perhaps because it is so that we like them so much). Thus we make distinctions between super robot shows and real robot shows, which leads me … Continue reading

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Tiger and Bunny is an Anime for Old Men that Kids Should Definitely Watch

It’s novel for anime, a spin on the Captain Amazing character from the Mystery Men (1999) film. I don’t love that film, though I found it novel and funny in places. So, there’s no nostalgia for me here. That said, … Continue reading

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