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Moments of 2009: Do We Really Want Time Skips in Real Life? Toradora! Finale

I must say I’m a big fan of time skips. I love how Turn A Gundam used it in its epilogue, showing Loran with longer hair that somehow sold the image of his ‘maturing.’ I am thrilled at how Tengen … Continue reading

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These Mothers are Showing a Bit of Character: Happy Mothers’ Day!

There’s really a ‘We’ in We Remember Love, beyond the guest posts of bloggers you may already know of, this blog is a family and friends operation and for special occasions like today we all come together. Today we remember … Continue reading

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Anime for the Whole Family?!? Toradora!

Toradora! did something unexpected: it became wholesome family entertainment. Yes, watching anime with the family is possible, even if many or most watch (or prefer to watch) anime by themselves. I remember watching My Neighbor Totoro, and Millenium Actress – … Continue reading

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Something bugs me about the ‘intervention’ in Toradora!

Something’s not sitting well with me regarding the ‘intervention.’ No I’m not interested in evaluating the standing of Toradora! The show has become notable enough that bloggers and fans have laid out high expectations for it (including myself), that there … Continue reading

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Toradora: Slice of Life Frontier

We Remember Love has lavished attention on Toradora! I think it’s the anime that has gotten more attention here aside from Macross and Gundam. I’ve even been one of the few fans that have taken Kitamura seriously. In the most … Continue reading

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