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The Second Season of Bakuman Delivered; A Third Season is Coming OH YEAAAHHHH

The first season of Bakuman blew chunks. It did, I won’t defend it. It was a disappointing borefest that failed to communicate the manly (if chauvinistic) awesomeness of the manga, with the beating heart of pure desire to make the … Continue reading

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Bakuman S2 Still Sucks But Episode 13 is Elite Tier

Yes, I may be the only viewer who deeply cares about this dumb show. We all have bad shows we like, and this is one of mine. What sets episode 12 apart is its sweet, humorous, and shounen love dodecahedron … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Bakuman Fanboy (Season 2, Episode 01!!!)

Bakuman is still my favorite ongoing manga. It somehow managed to stay fresh and interesting despite its by now long-ish run (around 2 years as a weekly serial). Its recent arcs bring forward something my friend and business partner discuss … Continue reading

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[The Only Bakuman Anime Blog Post You’ll Ever Want to Read] Over the last six months, Ashirogi Muto’s 4-koma FullMetal Panty & Stocking of the Rebellion: You Can (Not) Believe This put them consistently in the top five of Shounen … Continue reading

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Panty & Stocking 08 oops I mean, Ashirogi Muto Makes a 4-koma (The ONLY Post on Bakuman You’ll EVER Want to Read)

It’s past 11PM in the Ashirogi Muto studio. The two-part, non-genius mangaka who dare to be lucky have dismissed their staff but remain behind, still working on and discussing their creative passions. “Shujin, I’ve realized something,” Moritaka Mashiro, the illustrator … Continue reading

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