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Where subjects are compared like apples and oranges, only far less fruitier.

The Fantasy of Light & Fluffy: K-On! In Contrast With Gundam (& Cowboy Bebop) [No Spoilers]

I usually go for the kind of fantasy where the problems that afflict the world are inauthentically complex, like war. I say the complexity isn’t authentic because the resolution is often clean: peace, love, and song are the magic stuff; … Continue reading

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I Never Got To Take You To The Beach (The Fine Art of Character Death in Mecha Anime)

[This is a guest post by r042 from the awesome Ideas Without End blog. It should be obvious that this essay is riddled with dead bodies (read: spoilers). You’ve been warned!] Killing off a character for dramatic purposes is a … Continue reading

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Finding Wisdom in The Drama of The 2012 Anime Blog Tournament

[Voting manipulation accusation drama in a first round battle (match 23)] It is quite rare for an anime to speak to me as if directly, as a person. So much of what I like are outright flights of fantasy: fighting … Continue reading

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Robot Fighting, a Retrospective: From Brawling to Mass Destruction and Back

I’ve recently started watching Tetsujin 28 Go (2004), an incredible TV anime done with the same spirit and gravitas as was the OVA Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still (1991), both by Yasuhiro Imagawa based on Yokohama Mitsuteru’s … Continue reading

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Humanity in Mardock Scramble

ghostlightning: Allow me to introduce Joe Animated, who wrote this post. He has more kids than I do, but I have more blog posts than he has. We both have to start somewhere, so please welcome him and his first … Continue reading

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