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The Third Impact, The Innovator/Newtype Future, and Grace O’Connor’s Conspiracy: The Evils of Unification in (Real) Robot Anime

This post also serves as part of WRL’s episodic series of Macross Frontier; Episode 24 “True Beginnings.” The beginnings of the overarching narrative, at least from the point of view of the villainy of Grace, and the origin story of … Continue reading

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Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) Revisited: Better Than I Remember

While Neon Genesis Evangelion is easily one of my favorite shows in anime, I always was apologizing for it. I easily buy into the common idea of it being flawed, and having many problems. Part of my initial impression of … Continue reading

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Does Hideaki Anno Remember Love?

Hey guys. Remember me? I’d like to take you on a quick little journey. The time: A little more than fifteen years ago. The place: Hideaki Anno’s brain. And what a dark place it is. I’m not going to cite … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Episode Twos: Eureka SeveN and Neon Genesis Evangelion

[This post has plot discussion for the first 2 episodes, but considering them spoilers is debatable]. When an anime that I’m beginning to like does something consciously (as I perceive it) to remind me of another anime I like very … Continue reading

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RideBack and Peak Synchronization: End of Evangelion minus the Tang

The final battle, or I should say Rin’s performance in the finale of RideBack is a virtuous conceit. It’s a conceit because it had completely divorced itself from realism¹ in order to portray what would have been a brutal fight … Continue reading

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