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My Life’s Work

…is to someday show this blog to my daughter and all her photos in it and embarrass her in front of her hipster friends. Yes, because we all go through life hanging out with people who think they’re so better … Continue reading

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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 12: After The Time Skip

It’s no secret that I mostly get to watch anime via fansubs. This year however, Bandai started streaming Mobile Suit Gundam AGE at no cost to the viewer, at least over here in Southeast Asia. This is a liberating experience. … Continue reading

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Gundam Wing Finale: A Trainwreck Done Right

The Deathscythe grabbed one of the cars in a decoy transport train by OZ and derailed it, flipping all the succeeding cars in the air in a massive wreck. This is a turning point of my attitude towards Mobile Report … Continue reading

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What I Inevitably Think About When I Watch Moé Anime

It can’t be helped.

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[C] The Money of Possibility And Soul Control – A Cult Classic In The Making

Wow….what can I say.  I just got finished watching the final episode a rather peculiar (to put it mildly) noitaminA show that styles itself by the rather bizarre name [C] The Money of Possibility and Soul Control. What that means … Continue reading

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