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Moments of 2009: It Takes an Otaku (Onani Master Kurosawa Chapter 25)

This would’ve been a usual scene in Onani Master Kurosawa. What’s different here is Nagaoka (dude with the afro and the thick eyebrows) is for some reason having trouble asking Kurosawa to stretch with him. Also, this is different (for … Continue reading

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Moments of 2009: Did He or Didn’t He? (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0)

If you haven’t seen this show, STOP READING NOW. Maybe read this instead for an introduction to the series [->] St. Yuuki did indeed die, but the thing is we weren’t sure. The show suddenly became quite vague about it … Continue reading

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Moments of 2009: Without a Doubt, the Real Star of the Shin Mazinger Z is Revealed

There are two breakout characters in Shin Mazinger Z: Nishikori Tsubasa, and Baron Ashura. The former used to languish in obscurity in the manga Violence Jack, and the latter was the bad guy that Kabuto Koji used to beat up … Continue reading

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Moments of 2009: One Summer Night Senjougahara Gives the Sky Away (Bakemonogatari Non-Finale)

As a kid I was very much into astronomy, and the stars and constellations was very much my thing. Oh to be a grade-schooler oblivious of the rigors of astrophysics and its related mathematics! It was all romance then. I … Continue reading

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Moments in 2009: Bakuman Stays Strong, Very Strong

Bakuman is my favorite new manga, and is the only ongoing manga that I read regularly (scanlations for Vagabond, Nana, and Team Medical Dragon don’t update often or regularly enough; I collect tankoubon volumes for Vagabond and Nana). It’s a manga … Continue reading

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