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Introducing Myself to Muv Luv

[For something more detailed and yet introductory, check out this post by r042] @R042 @quattro_maeda it's kind of hard to go in cold to a show that's spin-off of a sequel of a sequel which is an AU spin-off of … Continue reading

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Power To The Dream! AKB0048 Episode 01

WHY? After much consideration (and wholly ignoring this stupid poll), I conclude that I am a fan of Kawamori Shoji. It doesn’t mean that I like anything he does by default – as even with Macross I have a deep-seated resentment … Continue reading

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Durarara Actually Lives Up to the Hype, Because it Copies Guy Ritchie

In an effort to find something new to watch out of my backlog, I’ve watched Durarara!!. And honestly, I knew little about the series going into this. Yes, I know there is hype surrounding it. Fortunately, I have not been spoiled on anything … Continue reading

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You Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted To My Drool – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 1

With spring comes renewed energy. New love is often associated with spring. My wife and I met in April. And this spring anime season has brought with it three love stories. And by no means are they typical love; Zombies, … Continue reading

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A Benevolent Spiral: How Media Prepares Me to Appreciate Anime, No Matter Unrelated; and Yeah, ZETMAN.

The last thing I want to suggest is that there is some kind of “required viewing” in order to appreciate particular anime, perhaps the notable classics. No, I don’t believe such exist as necessary requirements. I do believe however, that … Continue reading

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