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I Wasn’t Ready For Space Brothers

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m quite terrible at anticipating new shows. Even if I manage to read a preview post that I can tolerate, I generally forget most of what I read especially about shows that I didn’t know of … Continue reading

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The Complete & Ultimate Post on Aquarion EVOL Episode 1

Why does this franchise exist? Why? I am asking a serious question. Let’s put away the obvious reasons: make money, sell merchandise, etc. But surely, there are more efficient and less expensive ways to make a buck and sell toys … Continue reading

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Basara Nekki, the SPACE BARD OF PEACE, has been my favorite character in all anime for the past 3 years. This is unlikely to change, but Basara for all his annoying righteousness and callousness… is indeed righteous in the most … Continue reading

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I Welcome the New AGE of Gundam (Gundam AGE Episode 01)

We who have seen a lot of Gundam will never be surprised by what this show does in its first episode. We who have seen a lot of Gundam and love the franchise will not mind. Gundam AGE is wonderful … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Bakuman Fanboy (Season 2, Episode 01!!!)

Bakuman is still my favorite ongoing manga. It somehow managed to stay fresh and interesting despite its by now long-ish run (around 2 years as a weekly serial). Its recent arcs bring forward something my friend and business partner discuss … Continue reading

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