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We believe that the Gundam franchise can eventually produce the perfect robot anime.

Schenberg Was Dead, Zeon Was Dead, Ezelcant is Dying, But Their Post-Human Ideals Remain a Gundam Thing: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 39

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 38] No Patrick Zala? No. He’s no visionary. He’s just a butthurt hater. Zeon Zum Deikum proclaimed that from among the Spacenoids a new type of human will emerge, suited for the environment and context of … Continue reading

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Dead Girlfriends as Plot Devices: Yurin & Lu x The Asuno Boys Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 38

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 37] Today I speculate on the consequences of Kio’s puppy love affair with Lu while contrasting it with the similarly tragic and death-filled affair of Flit with Yurin when Flit was young like Kio. Yurin’s death … Continue reading

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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 37: Behind The Propaganda

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 36] Kio gets captured, ends up looking like Lord Ezelcant’s dead son Romy, and is treated like a guest in Vagan. Ezelcant lets Kio immerse himself in the Vagan context in the main colony (Second Moon), … Continue reading

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Lost Sons in Space: Happy Fathers Day Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 36 (Gundam Fathers Power Rankings)

[Mobile Suit Gundam 35] The Gundam Franchise is notable for its teenage pilots. This almost always means problems with the father. From the very first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam back in 1979, Amuro took issue with Tem Ray who … Continue reading

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Laplace’s Box? No, The Cursed Treasure is More Like The Black History: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 35

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 34] This was one hell of an episode. I’m going to get to the good stuff soon enough, but I need to get past some really annoying things first: The battle is terribly done. Now, I’m … Continue reading

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